Best Bicycle Pedals – 2021 Round-up Review

| Last Updated: January 24, 2022

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Cycling is the easiest and simplest way to reach your destination without wasting valuable time. Day by day the numbers of bicycle users are increasing rapidly because of its beneficial sides. Since bicycles are taking place in our daily communication as a commuter, therefore, we should think about the proper uses of the bicycle with comfort. The best bicycle pedals are one of the other important parts of a bicycle which can extend the efficiency and make your ride easy and comfortable.

Those people who are using the bicycle as a daily commuter or who are using mountain bikes or road bikes, they must think about their comfort and the bike pedals allow them to get the desired effect with great comfort. The bike pedals can change your thinking about the comforts while you are riding a bike.

Comparison of the Best Bicycle Pedals




Shimano SPD Dual Platform Bike Pedals

Shimano PD-A530 SPD Dual Platform Bike Pedal,Silver

Best Overall

Shimano SPD Clipless Pedals

Shimano PD-M520L MTB Sport Pedals with Cleats


Shimano PD-M324 Pedals (Clipless / Clip)

SHIMANO Clipless Pedals SPD Pedal E-PDM324

Best for the Money

RaceFace Chester Bike Pedals (Mountain Bike)

RaceFace PD16CHEBLU Pedals

Shimano PD-M647 Bike Clipless Pedals

SHIMANO PD-M647 Clipless Pedal with Outer Cage

XLC Aluminum 9/16 MTB Pedals

XLC Alum MTB Pedals, 9/16'

Shimano PD-M530 Mountain Bike Pedals

SHIMANO PD-M530 Mountain Pedals

Imrider Polyamide Bike Pedals

Imrider Bike Pedals Nylon 9/16 Inch for BMX Road MTB Bicycle

Schwinn Universal Bicycle Pedals

Schwinn SW76173-4 Universal Pedal (1/2 x 9/16-Inch)

Meetlocks Bike Pedals with Injected Magnesium Alloy Body

Smartdoors Lightweight Aluminum Alloy 9/16' Mountain Bike Pedals High-Strength Non-Slip Bicycle Pedals Surface for Road BMX MTB Fixie Bikes

VP Bicycle Pedals (VP-Vice)

VP Bike Pedals for MTB BMX Bicycle, 9/16-Inch Spindle, Aluminum Platform with Replaceable Anti-slip Pins

Bonmixc Bicycle Pedals (Mountain Bike Pedals)

BONMIXC Bicycle Pedals, 9/16' Sealed Bearing Clipless Metal Lightweight Flat Mountain Bike Pedals Red

How to Choose Bicycle Pedals for Daily Use

Here we have highlighted some key features which are the most significant as well as essential: though famous brands offer the best products most of the time, it doesn’t mean that the others aren’t you just need to test the competency features.


Good bike pedals should be lightweight, it increases the pedaling capability.


Design is the most important topic in this matter. Beautiful design attracts people and forced to think about it.


Actually, this is the most significant part which should never negotiable. The main structure of a bike pedal depends on materials which make it durable and long lasting. There are different types of materials like magnesium alloy, aluminum alloy, polyamide, super hard plastic etc.

Durability and Flexibility 

Before purchasing the bike pedals you should confirm about the durability and flexibility. You should testify the gripping ability and hopping the pedals.

Easy Maintenance 

People should avoid the bicycle pedals those aren’t easy to maintain.


If you find the bikes pedals with reflectors then it could be better, reflector help whether riding the bikes at night or any low light conditions.


There are different kinds of special bike pedals like mountain bikes, road bikes etc. Special bike pedals come with some special features for those specific bicycles, therefore before buying the pedals you have to confirm what is your requirements.


Nowadays, you can see the huge price variations among the popular brands. It doesn’t mean that the expensive pedals are the best, you just need to compare the prices according to features.

Quick Take - Best Bicycle Pedals

Skip the review - here's a snapshot of the best bicycle pedals:

  1. Shimano SPD Dual Platform Bike Pedals
  2. Shimano SPD Clipless Pedals
  3. Shimano PD-M324 Pedals (Clipless / Clip)

Review of the Best Bicycle Pedals

Here are some of the most reliable Bicycle Pedals you can get your hands on in the market. We’ve categorized them so you can find the one that suits your needs best. Let’s take a look. 

Shimano PD-A530 SPD Dual Platform Bike Pedal,Silver

Shimano is one of the most reliable and trustable names in the bicycle world. This Shimano bicycle pedal has a sturdy structure with the dual platform. Versatile using capability and the lightweight materials make these pedals more effective. Most of the pedals come with either a one-sided design (like road bikes pedals) or a two-sided (like mountain bikes pedals) interface, in this bike pedals, you will get both of them.

While you need to ride for a long way the SPD cleat on one side assists you to keep your feet stable. The dual platform is another significant side of this bike pedal which enhances the comforts during biking even you can move on with your regular shoes.

Highlighted Features:

  • The strong structure which ensures the longevity
  •  Inexpensive, durable and high quality made of materials
  •  This lightweight bike pedal weighs only 383-grams
  •  Shimano includes SPD cleat on this pedals for longer rides
  •  The dual platform allows you to hop on with your regular shoes
  •  The platform is an ovalized and oversized with an aluminum plate
  •  The spindle with steel pedal
  •   Easily adjustable float
  •   Quick entry and release capabilities

Shimano PD-M520L MTB Sport Pedals with Cleats

This Shimano bike pedals offer some extraordinary features that’s why you get better performance and efficiency while you are on or off the bike. SPD clipless bike pedals make pedaling more easy and stylish. Shimano has included the unified power transform system and makes this pedal innovative by removing the toe-clips.

This integrated bike pedal gives you better control with great efficiency and makes it more stable and durable also. The SPD technology increases the power to the pedals and assists you to reach the required efforts.

Highlighted Features:

  • Ultramodern MUD-SHEDDING design and spiffy materials
  • Lightweight around 380g (Pair), durable, and flexible
  • A unified power transfer system
  • The SPD system allows the better quality
  • Great performance with variation
  • Power boosting capability makes the ride smooth and easy
  • Better control with massive efficiency
  • Easily adjustable entry and releasing compatibility

SHIMANO Clipless Pedals SPD Pedal E-PDM324

If you are looking for something special at a reasonable price then this Shimano PF-M324 bike pedal may be the right choice. Actually, this bike pedals are the great combination of the clip and clipless pedals. These bike pedals are perfect for the multipurpose uses. Shimano PD-M324 is also SPD featured with specific clip interface on its one side of the pedals as well as the other side of the pedal is well-featured by sturdy platform for the further using with the street shoes.

The full body of this bike pedals have been built from aluminum with barrel finishing thus makes it shiny and durable internally. This bike pedal also has a cleat retention adjuster which includes a pair of two blot cleats. Swapping stainless steel and aluminum for any other materials makes the pedals pair superbly strong as well as long lasting with more efficiency.

Highlighted Features:

  • Beautiful combined design
  • Massive strong materials (Aluminum and Stainless steel) increase the efficiency and longevity
  • The SPD cleat ensure the controlling to the pedals
  • Easy entry and releasing compatibility
  • Lightweight (pedals (pair) weigh 1.17 pounds in total)
  • Lightly adjustable float
  • Ideal spindle diameter holds the attachment and ensures the safety

RaceFace PD16CHEBLU Pedals

Simplicity means smart and the best, while tackles come in a guileless model with full of attractive features then others could not be comparable. RaceFace has introduced us with this simply gorgeous and excellently featured bike pedals. However, the design isn’t the main facts; we believe in compatibility, high-quality efficiency, and durability and in all those purpose RaceFace has proved these criteria as well.

The firm nylon composite is the main material of this pedal which makes it very strong and unbreakable: the chromemoly is made of stainless steel and helps to keep the pedal steady. The constructed nylon body of this bike pedal easily washable and there are removable pins which are very useful while you need to remove the pedals. This RaceFace Chester flat pedal weighs around 340 grams only.

Highlighted Features:

  • Simple in design and lightweight (around 340 grams)
  • The large platform helps to pass the energy and make the ride easy
  • The eight-hex pin system for the stellar grip and traction
  • Strong nylon constructed body with steel chromemoly
  • Removable pins to less the hassle
  • Easy to install and release
  • Great compatibility with any mountain bikes
  • Specially designed for mountain bikes
  • Durable, effective and offers great performance
  • Multiple color choice option

SHIMANO PD-M647 Clipless Pedal with Outer Cage

Shimano has constructed numerous high-quality bike pedals with good features. The Shimano XT PD-M8040 bike pedal is another great creation at a reasonable price. This flat tail pedals come with two body sizes which is called different Q-factor. The S/M size is in dimension 100mm x 105mm which fits for 36-43 shoes and the M/L size is in dimension 110mm x 115mm which fits for 43-48 shoes.

You will find two stainless steel pins which come in two different sizes: long and short. These pins will assist you while you need to attach or release the pedal to the bike. An easy controlling system with super flexibility makes this bike pedals more stable and durable with high efficiency. The optimized flat platforms of these bike pedals ensure the proper impact of giving energy.

Highlighted Features:

  • Lightweight ( S/M weighs 469 grams and M/L weighs 514 grams only ) and inexpensive
  • Sturdy making materials which ensure the durability and longevity
  • Different sizes options
  • Strong unit size platform makes the ride easy and better
  • 10 pins on each side with the optimized flat platform
  • Superb performance and compatible almost every bike

XLC Alum MTB Pedals, 9/16'

Mountain bike riders always need full control over the bikes, which make their ride more adventurous and enjoyable. Whether you are a mountain bike rider then you might agree that this is not an ordinary one, it is special: that’s why the maintenance has to be more focused and specific.

The XLC alloy MTB pedal is specially made for mountain bikes for raising the adeptness as well as assuring a safe ride. Aluminum is the raw material which makes this bike pedals heavy duty, durable and lightweight.  Actually, these are sealed bearing pedals with a smart design.  XLC has included the reflectors in this bike pedals for a better visibility when you are riding the bike in dark terrains.

Highlighted Features:

  • High-quality making materials (aluminum) ensure the great performance
  • Superbly compatible with any kinds of mountain bike
  • The universal size which easily fits the bikes
  • The removable reflectors increase the viewing capability
  • These pedals can be used with any toe clips and straps
  • 9/16 inch chromemoly spindles with sealed bearing
  • These XLC pedals are SPD compatible also
  • Lightweight (weighs only 355 grams per pair), effective and durable
  • Inexpensive and easily installable (removable also)

SHIMANO PD-M530 Mountain Pedals

This Shimano bike pedals offer users the great performance and superb longevity within an inexpensive price. The mini flat platform keeps your feet stable and helps to pass the energy while biking. This integrated pedals lighter and versatile than other full platform mountain bike pedals. Easily adjustable installing and quick release tension settings have made it effective and reliable. The spindle chromemoly with a low maintenance sealed bearing capable to provide a clipless powerful mechanism with a massive performance.

These user-friendly mountain bike pedals capable to fulfill the desires with its compatibility. When we ride in the rough mountain trails, it becomes a challenge to keep the feet in the right position that’s why we could not able to serve the required power for paddling. But in this case, these bike pedals can absorb the extra powers and keep your feet stable and ensure the safe ride.

Highlighted Features:

  • Least expensive and sturdy structure
  • Reliable, durable and compatible
  • The mini flat platform helps to hop the pedals and holds your feet at a right position
  • Lightweight (only 455 grams) and premium quality materials
  • Capable to absorb the extra power during biking
  • User-friendly and adjustable tension flexibility
  • Easy to clip on or off

Imrider Bike Pedals Nylon 9/16 Inch for BMX Road MTB Bicycle

Day by day people become more finicky, whenever we go to the market to get something, at first we look forward to verities. We like variation, its human being; no one can deny this. In these days we need anything with smart looks and attractive features. Imrider has made their name in this bicycling industry through their wonderful creations. This polyamide bike pedal is another present from Imrider.

The Imrider bike pedals are made of high-quality polyamide body with metal which includes a different mechanism for better performance. Sturdy spindle with spiffy chromemoly helps to produce strong grips to the bicycle pedals and avoid any kinds of unexpected detachments. Full strong platform with antiskid nail surface and strong grasp make the ride comfortable and safe. These pedals have the abrasion resistance and corrosion resistance functions.

Highlighted Features:

  • High-quality lightweight materials: polyamide
  • Hard spindle and chromemoly help for a strong connection
  • Antiskid nail surface
  • Big spiffy platform ensures the pedaling efficiency
  • Abrasion and corrosion resistance system
  • 8 pins on each side of these bike pedals and 2 more pins
  • Compatible sizes: 125mm X 108mm X 18mm
  • Universal usability: suitable for BMX, cruisers bicycle, kid’s bikes, road bikes, mountain bikes, women’s bikes, city bicycle, etc
  • Easy to install and uninstall

Schwinn SW76173-4 Universal Pedal (1/2 x 9/16-Inch)

Schwinn is a popular name in bicycle history; they are famous for producing bicycles and its components. However, you wish to purchase the famously branded bike pedal at a reasonable price then nothing is better than these.  These pedals fit almost all types and models of bike. The half inch universal pedals come with 9/16 inch pedal adaptor which is easily adjustable.

You can see the reflectors which are built in and helps to enlarge the visibility when you ride the bike at night or in any low light conditions. Strong durable composite body with good-looking design adds some extra impact.  These flat bike pedals with the platform give better grip and pedaling capability.

Highlighted Features:

  • Reasonable price with better update features
  • Universal fittings for any types of bikes
  • Strong built-in composite enhances the efficiency
  • Stainless steels chromemoly provide better comfort during pedaling
  • Half inch pedal with 9/16 inches pedals adaptor ensure the universal fittings for all types of bicycle cranks
  • Reflectors are CPSC approved which increases the visibility in low light conditions
  • Excellent rotational flexibility

Smartdoors Lightweight Aluminum Alloy 9/16' Mountain Bike Pedals High-Strength Non-Slip Bicycle Pedals Surface for Road BMX MTB Fixie Bikes

The solid and sturdy mechanisms can provide better performances with long lasting durability. If we have to purchase something like bike pedals or any other bike accessories, we always have the intention, to find something which can be the best. Meetlocks have the fame for making the durable biking accessories at a reasonable price. This Meetlocks magnesium alloy bike pedals offer you the best making materials with lots of features. Lightweight high-quality built-in materials much lighter and stronger than other aluminum alloy bike pedals.

The concave platform is another attraction of this bike pedal which is specially designed for a long tour (could be your daily communication) and capable to provide you the highest comfort with the desired efficiency. This shiny bike pedal has an amazing antiskid design with a good pedaling compatibility. The massive strong, DU sealed bearings may unlock the riding smoothness and ensure the freedom of adventurous biking.

Highlighted Features:

  • Solid magnesium alloy injected body increases the strength
  • High-quality built-in materials
  • Super shiny looking and smartly designed by Meetlocks
  • Lightweight (weighs only 196 grams)
  • More durable, lighter, and stronger than aluminum alloy bike pedals
  • Concave platform with the measurement 4’’x4’’ which helps to make the riding easy, smooth, and comfortable
  • Great pedaling efficiency with special skid resistance design
  • The reflectors enhance viewing capability and replaceable pins help to the maintenance
  • DU sealed bearing for the smooth rolling and superb flexibility
  • Meetlocks offer the longevity and axle durability in these bike pedals
  • Spiffy chromemoly assists to hold the pedals and offering stability, comfort and better grips
  • Universal compatibility with all types of bicycles

VP Bike Pedals for MTB BMX Bicycle, 9/16-Inch Spindle, Aluminum Platform with Replaceable Anti-slip Pins

Biking versatility with better efficiency can unlock the unseen the world of adventure. Whenever we ride bicycles as a daily commuter (or it could be anyone’s hobby), we just need to ensure our comfort with safety rather than anything. Therefore, we cannot deny the importance of bike pedals; it has a significant role to generate the riding variations. These VP bicycle pedals are more versatile with great manufacturer advantages which switch the verity of your riding style. Superbly compatible with almost every type of bicycle: no need to think about the fittings.

The durable CNC machined aluminum materials comprise the lightweight structure as well as deliver the perfect efficiency. The low profile platform ensures strong grips and makes the pedaling easy. If you searching bike pedals which has great longevity with better efficiency and superbly engineered, then these bike pedals are the perfect choice for thou.

Highlighted Features:

  • Beautifully designed and better construction
  • Lightweight (weighs only 406 grams per pair) and reasonable price
  • Sturdy building materials (aluminum)
  • Superior gripe allows to comfortable pedaling
  • Durable, flexible, and compatible
  • Capable to give the riding variation
  • Multiple colors option
  • Low flat platform with 12 pins per side
  • Titanium axle kit
  • Easy to install or uninstall

BONMIXC Bicycle Pedals, 9/16' Sealed Bearing Clipless Metal Lightweight Flat Mountain Bike Pedals Red

Bonmixc isn’t famous for its sturdy creation, it has also the fame of producing accessories different from and different makes it special and acceptable. This Bonmixc bike pedal is a universal 9/16 inches CrMo steel bike pedal also contains a steel spindle. Four sealed bearing intelligently designed which helps to protect the pedals from water and dust that’s why these pedals can hold their efficiency for a long run.

Lightweight aluminum alloy has been used for the maximum strength and making the pedals lighter.  Antiskid pins help to prevent the unfortunate slipping and let you enjoy the riding with full of fun. While you are riding through a rough terrain or even riding on a rugged mountain road these bike pedals can absorb the impact of the external forces and give you the adventurous ride.

Highlighted Features:

  • Unique triangular design with super strong structure
  • Lightweight (weighs only 0.37 lb) and ultra-thin
  • High-quality aluminum alloy making materials
  • Durable, stable, and super flexible
  • Four sealed bearing with standard 9/16 inches CrMo steel spindle
  • Antiskid protection: replaceable skid, waterproof and anti-dust protect
  • An international thread which is suitable for mountain bikes, road bikes, BMX bikes, folding bikes, urban bikes, travel bikes, cyclocross bikes, fixed gear bikes, unicycles, scooters, e-bike etc.

Types of Bicycle Pedals

Before starting our main review we would like to introduce you to numerous types of bike pedals: There are several types of bike pedals for different types of bicycles; they have the differences in size, shape, efficiency etc.  We have included some ideas below about different types of bike pedals that might be conductive and assist you to pick up the right bike pedals for you.

Flat Pedals or Bike Pedals With Flat Platform

Probably this is the most common type of bicycle pedals with the flat platform. These types of bike pedals easily fit almost every kind of bicycle. The platform helps to keep the pedals stable and gives the support while you are pedaling the bike. These pedals can be used with nearly every shoe except for clip-less shoes.

The lightweight flat bike pedals are made of sturdy materials with strong bearings that extend its longevity and superbly flexible. If you are searching for the light bike pedals with the best performance then this platform bike pedals could be the right choice.

Touring Pedals

Touring bike pedal is well known for its extra power delivery ability and its sturdy structure. These bikes pedals are specially designed for rough biking like racing, mountain biking etc. Whenever you are riding through a rugged trail there produces some kinds of extra forces which can dominate your riding freedom and also can be a reason for any unfortunate conditions.

That’s why people are using these bike pedals; it can make your ride smooth and comfortable by ensuring the high-quality efficiency. Those people who have to ride the bike for a long way or who are looking for long lasting sturdy bike pedals, this bike pedals is best for you.

Clipless Bike Pedals

To make your journey comfortable and easier, the clipless pedal is nonpareil. Most of the bike lover who is riding the bike as a passion or as a daily commuter is using clipless bike pedal for it effective outcomes. Clipless pedals allow controlling the bike while you are riding fast or riding through a rough terrain. Theses bicycle pedals absorb the unnecessary bounces and help you to adjust your feet at the right position.

Why Are the Bicycle Pedals So Important?

No matter what types of bicycle you are riding, whether you want to experience the best pedaling competency for keeping the ride smooth and comfortable then there is no alternative except high-quality bicycle pedals. In the market, virtual or physical, there are thousands of bicycle pedals with numerous features. It’s really difficult to find out the perfect cycle pedals for you if you have not the proper ideas.


Always importance should be considered and importance could not be measured: after purchasing the best bike for your daily communications or recreations it is too important to think about bike’s pedals. Pedaling is the first step which can improve your riding experiences with its efficiency and variety. Nowadays bike lovers like mountain bikers, city bikers, road bikers and so on are realizing the worth of this.


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