Best Bicycle Phone (Mount) Holders – Buyer’s Guide 2021

| Last Updated: January 23, 2022

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Nowadays smartphones and gadgets are making our life easier, smartphones are becoming more versatile than before. We cannot spend a day without smartphones, the uses of smartphones are not limited only calling, texting or even taking selfies. Update smart features make it more valuable and reliable.  During riding a bike the smartphones can be a very useful device for navigation. The best bike phone holder is an efficient gadget for the cyclist, it can diminish your extra hassles and makes your ride joyful.

If you are starting to search the best bike phone mount on the internet you can see thousands of brands offering their bike mounts to you. A person who has no knowledge about the good phone mount it is hard to understand what will be perfect for him. In this article, we are showing you Ten Best Bicycle Phone Holders that could be very helpful to make your choice right.

Comparison of the Best Bicycle Phone (Mount) Holders

  • Able to securely fit almost any cellphone model
  • Premium plastic grip has a silicone net for better security
  • Makes use of a large handle bar clamp
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  • Rubber grip is tough and non-slip
  • Offers simple and easy installation and use
  • Can rotate up to 360 degrees for convenience
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  • Best for the Money
  • Equipped with silicone butterfly bands for better grip
  • Grip diameters can be adjusted to fit phone better
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  • Can be adjusted to fit different handlebar sizes
  • Included silicone net is durable and strong
  • Material is able to stretch up to four times its own size
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  • Gives access to the phone's entire screen
  • Rotates 360 degrees to allow convenient use
  • Three butterfly bands are available in different colors
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  • Strap is made of stretchy silicone to attach easily
  • Designed to allow easy phone access while giving good grip
  • Able to fit onto most common handlebars
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  • Manufactured from strong and durable ABS plastic and silicone
  • No assembly needed and installs in seconds
  • Rubber clips helps absorb hits and bumps
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How to Choose a Phone Holder

Bike phone mount is a very conductive gadget for bike riders who want to make their ride more comfortable and enjoyable. The size of it may be wee but the implication is limitless, it easily mounts the phone and unleashes the full accessibility that’s why we can listening music, using the camera, GPS navigation and so on.

During vacation or leisure time we have many plans to enjoy these wonderful moments and this time is a great choice for anyone who likes to ride a bike and wants to enjoy beautiful sunlight on the outside. Riding a bike to taking a long trip to the countryside is the most enjoyable moments; fresh air and the sweet sunshine on your skin can give you the feeling of paradise.

We can easily capture these wonderful moments on our phone during vacations or tours. So having a bicycle phone holder or a bike mount on your bike becomes important. At present cyclists are using smartphones to track their locations, finding their exact routes, exact distance or even listing to music.

A perfect phone mount or a phone holder can enable your phone handier while you are riding a bike. Without an ideal bike phone mount, your phone can be subjected to physical damage due to the impact of rough terrain. Most of the bike phone holders are specially designed to enhance your riding compatibility with full of comfort.

Nowadays it’s important to carry phones all the time and people cannot deny it. Even when we are riding a bicycle, motorcycle and other vehicles we need to attach with a phone for the different purpose. Therefore without bike phone holders riding may be incomplete.

There are so many brands in the market or online shops where you can easily purchase the bike phone mount, different brands offer their products with different features and prices. If you haven’t the general ideas then it could be the waste of money. Here we’ve highlighted some key points that will assist you to pick the right one:

Making Materials

It’s the main part of a bike phone mount which enhances the durability and ensures the safety of your device. At present most of the bike phone holder’s main frame is made of sturdy plastic: Plastic reduces extra weight and makes it handier.


The best bike phone holder should be compatible with most of the devices.


It’s up to choice: you may see thousands of designs; just pick what you like most.

Roam Premium Bike Phone Mount


Cradle has a vital role in a bike phone mount; it’s the part which has to hold the mount properly. It should be strong enough and flexible otherwise it won’t give you the exact efficiency.


The clamp should be universal, tight and smooth internally that’s why it grabs the device tightly and avoids the unwanted falling out. Universal means, cradles should be capable to hold the device which sizes between 3.5 inches to 4.2 inches in width or more.


Some of the phone mounts are using bands to hold the phones at the stable position and increase the protection. In the market, we found different types of bike phone mount’s bands like rubber, silicone and so on. The band should be elastic, thicker than normal and easily wrap-able.

360 Degrees Rotational Capability

360 rotational capabilities make a bike phone holder more versatile and flexible. This can enlarge your viewing during riding the bike.

Review of the Best Bicycle Phone (Mount) Holders

Let's take a look at this year's top picks:

Best Overall:
Roam Universal Premium Bike Phone Holder

Roam Universal Bike Phone Mount for Motorcycle - Bike Handlebars, Adjustable, Fits All iPhone's, 12, 11, X, iPhone 8, 8 Plus, All Samsung Galaxy Phones, S21, S20, S10, Holds Any Phone Up to 3.5' Wide


  • Multi-purpose uses
  • Can fit any smartphones
  • Sturdy structure and beautiful looks
  • Maximum protective bike phone mount
  • The largest clamp which is easily adjustable
  • Super strong premium plastic grip with a silicon net
  • High-quality premium hard plastic material enhance its efficiency and usability
  • The handlebar compatibility is amazing and adjustable to sizes from 7/8 inches to 1-1/4 in diameters


  • This bike phone mount does not fit with the (crotch rockets) clip-on style handlebars

Roam is a top-rated manufacturer company who is popular for making their outstanding bike accessories. This high-quality bike phone mount is very well featured and it is easily adjustable to any smartphone.  This bike phone mount fit to any smartphones up to 3.5 inches wide which is quite enough.

If you are using iPhone 6s or 6s Plus, iPhone 7/7 Plus or even iPhone X, Samsung Galaxy S7/ S7 Plus, OnePlus 3/3T/5/5T or even OnePlus 6, HTC or any other smartphones that have an extra-large screen this bike phone mount is a perfect choice.

The size of this phone mount is perfectly adjustable to bicycle and motorcycle which handlebar sizes from 7/8 -1-1/4 inches in diameter, you can see all the fitting guidelines in the description. One of the best things about this phone mount is its secure gripe and its largest clamp.

These two points of contact ensure you the highest security of your device while you are riding. It has a premium hard plastic grip with long-lasting silicon net which can secure each corner of your device tightly to the bike mount. The Co-Pilot has the largest handlebar clamp and it helps to fit and size the handlebar.

TaoTronics Bike Phone Holder

TaoTronics Bike Phone Mount Bicycle Holder, Universal Cradle Clamp for iOS Android Smartphone, Boating GPS, Other Devices, with One-button Released, 360 Degrees Rotatable


  • Largest viewing angle
  • Color Bands: Black and Orange
  • Inexpensive and smartly designed
  • Easy to install and remove: just need a screwdriver
  • imple pushing button helps to remove your device quickly
  • Non-slip rubber grip cradles help to hold your device tightly
  • Can fit almost every handlebar which is 18-40mm in diameters
  • 360 rotatable holder: you can rotate this bike phone mount by 360 degrees
  • Safe and compatible: very much compatible with different sized phones with wide 3.5 inches to 5.5 inches


  • One click release button could be better
  • The clamp is super tight and definitely secure your device but you should be careful when you are going to attach

This ultra-tech TaoTronics bike phone holder offers you the great safety for your smartphones while you ride the bike. The non-slip rubber grip cradles of this bike phone holder can easily protect your smartphones. Therefore your device will completely secure while you are riding through a rough terrain or mountain biking. These smooth grips guard your phone against accidentally falls or any unfortunate situations and ensure you a tension free comfort ride.

Installing process of this bike phone mount is all about just screwing: just screw the flipper to hold the device firmly and if you wish to remove the bike phone mount just unscrew the flipper. So it is very easy to install this phone holder on your bike without the help of others or any kind of heavy tools, you just need a screwdriver.

This bicycle phone mount is superbly compatible with most of the updated devices. It is wide exactly 1.97-3.94 inches. It is perfectly adjustable to your device and can ensure you the maximum protection so you can relax.

TaoTronics phone mount has extreme flexibility. It is rotatable by 360 degree which allows you the best viewing angle on your bicycle handlebars which could be the ranging from 18-40mm (0.71-1.57 inches) in diameter. You will find a pushing button which helps to release your smartphone instantly.

Best for the Money:
Ipow Universal Bike Phone Mount

Bike Mount, IPOW Universal Cell Phone Bicycle Rack Handlebar & Motorcycle Holder Cradle Compatible with iPhone 12/11 Pro Max/X/XR/XS MAX/8/7 Plus, Samsung Galaxy S10/S10e/S9, Nexus, HTC, LG


  • Cheap in price and durable
  • Colors: Black and Red (Hard plastic)
  • Wide clamp to hold the device correctly
  • Can be used as a motorbike’s phone mount
  • Super strong structure and wonderfully designed
  • Compatible with most of the updated smartphones
  • 360 degrees rotational capability with the different angles
  • Five different installations with 3 setting and 2 piece rubber
  • Interchangeable two silicone butterfly bands to hold the device strongly
  • Vibration reducing strategy: soft rubber lines which can also perform as anti-scratches on the phone screen


  • Plastic looks cheap compared to the performance
  • We noticed that this bike phone mount is not suitable for narrow handlebars

Ipow universal bike phone mount is one of the top-rated bike phones mount for its amazing features and long-lasting efficiency. This bike phone holder has two strong silicone butterfly bands which can be interchangeable and grip your phone to protect. The protective grip holds your device tightly with the phone mount and prevents unfortunate fall out of the bike.

Ipow Universal bike phone holder’s compatibility is really amazing; it fits together most of the branded devices with the 2.3-3.5 inches wide clamp. This wide clamp can easily hold your phone like iPhone (X/8/8Plus/7/7Plus/6Plus/6s/5s/5c/4s), Samsung Galaxy (S6/s5/s4/s3/s2, Note 5/4/3/2), HTC, OnePlus and other smartphones.

Ipow includes soft rubber lines for the clamp which can reduce the extra unwanted vibration, as well as these, can avoid the surfaces scratches off your phone. There are three setting and two pieces rubber which can be at least five different installation diameters and the maximum diameter is 1.33 inches.

The 360-degree rotational flexibility allows you the largest viewing capability and gives you a free hand riding. It is very easy to install the bike phone mount on your phone and you can also remove this mount without any harassment.

4. Roam Universal Bike Phone Mount for Motorcycle and Bicycle

Roam Universal Bike Phone Mount for Motorcycle - Bike Handlebars, Adjustable - Green - Fits All iPhones, 12, 11, X, iPhone 8, 8 Plus, All Samsung Galaxy, S21, S20, S10, Holds Any Phone Up to 3.5' Wide


  • Easy to install and adjus
  • Lightweight and beautiful design
  • Super flexibility with the large clamp
  • Durable materials and versatile fittings
  • Fit for any bicycle and motorcycle handlebars
  • Extremely strong: premium hard plastic material
  • Six points of gripe ensure the maximum safety of the device
  • Premium hard plastic gripe saves your device from falling out
  • This Roam bike phone mount is specially designed for small and large phones


  • This bike phone mount is not suitable for clip-on style handlebars

Roam universal protective bike phone mount fit for every branded smartphone up to 3.5 inches wide screens. If you are using iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, OnePlus, HTC or any other phone then this bike phone holder is suitable for you. On the demand for smartphone users, companies are offering smartphones with larger and wide screens and this universal phone mount is perfect for upcoming phones also.

This bike phone holder is easily adjustable to any handlebars which size 7/8 inches to 1-1/4 inches in diameters, it allows fitting this mount for your bicycle or motorcycle. Highly secured gripe can mount your device perfectly to the handlebar and the largest clamp can hold the phone and save it for any unfortunate conditions. The super sturdy gripe is made of premium hard plastic with a silicone net which always holding every single corner of the phone tightly.

The premium hard plastic makes this phone mount more strong, durable and superbly flexible and the silicone net enhances the efficiency with the highest user satisfaction.

5. Mongoora Bike Phone Holder

Mongoora Bike & Motorcycle Phone Mount w/ 3 Bands (Black, Red, Green) Cell Phone Holder for Bicycle Handlebar Easy to Install Bike Accessories


  • Best navigation compatibility
  • Beautiful cutting-edge design
  • Best in quality at an inexpensive price
  • Color choosing option: Black, Red, and Green
  • Perfectly fit any smartphones up to 3.7 inches width
  • Three durable silicone bands provide extra protection
  • 360 degrees rotating ability makes the phone more accessible
  • Easily installable to any motorcycle and bicycle handlebars which 0.9” to 1.3” in diameters


  • Clamp seems too small
  • Rotational issue: should be improved

Mongoora is a popular bike accessory manufacturer company. This cutting-edge universal bike phone mount is one of the good products of Mongoora. Careful design and protective structure fit any smartphones perfectly those devices up to 3.7 inches of width. This bike mount fits motorcycle and bicycle handlebars which are 0.9 inches to 1.3 inches in diameters.

This bike phone holder is a perfect combination of the highest quality metal and plastic materials which increases the strength. Mongoora includes three special durable silicone bands in this phone mount which can provide extra protection for your device against any unfortunate fall or loss.

360 degrees rotating ability enhances your riding experiences and allows you having the full access to your entire phone screen, button and mic jack. There are three color silicone butterfly bands so that you have the ability to choose the color and store others for the backup.

6. Nite Ize – Cell Phone Handlebar Mount – HandleBand

Nite Ize HandleBand Universal Smartphone Bike Handlebar Mount, Clear


  • Easy to install
  • Convenient bottle opener
  • Universal fittings almost any devices
  • Simple, versatile and streamlined design
  • Easily removable handle band with full protection
  • Split strap technology to upgrade your riding experience
  • Can be attached in either horizontal or vertical on the handlebar
  • Sturdy, lightweight, and made with expandable silicone base at its core
  • Multi-purpose usability: including hiking, riding the bicycle, jogging strollers and shopping carts


  • Though the design is simple and effective it could be better
  • The silicone strap is extremely tight, sometimes it could be a reason for hampering

Simple design with best quality material makes strong, Nite Ize smartphone mount is one of the most popular for its simple design. This universal bike phone mount easily fits almost every smartphones. Nite Ize bike phone holder can be used with or without phone case or back cover or any other phone protector covers.

You can attach this bike phone mount on your bike handlebars easily. This installation process is very simple and convenient that keeps your phone safe and gives you a tension free ride. Without removing the handle bands from the bar you can attach and remove the phone when you need without wasting time.

Nite Ize added split strap technology which enhances your visibility during riding the bike and allows the mount more accessible. The best part of this bike phone mount is that you haven’t think about the phone’s sizes or what is the handlebars diameters. This phone mount fits every phone and can be attached with any handlebar (sports bikes also).

Nite Ize phone mount has the aluminum-based piece functions which can perform as a convenient bottle opener. You can wrap this silicone bands and give any size that you need exactly.

7. Widras Prime Bike Phone Holder with Universal Cradle Clamp

Widras Phone Bike Mount and Motorcycle Cell Phone Holder 2nd Generation for iPhone 11 X XS 8 7 7s 6 6s Plus Samsung Galaxy S10+ S9 S8 S7 Note Any Smartphone GPS Mountain Road Bicycle Handlebar Cradle


  • Outstanding design with sturdy structure
  • Massive strong strap for securing the phone
  • Extremely compatible for most of the devices
  • Easily adjustable rubber bands enhance the safety
  • Comes with different color elastic bands: Blue and Black
  • Premium quality durable materials: ABS plastic and silicone
  • Rotational flexibility gives you the larger views and helps to navigation
  • Full accessibility to listing music, screening, buttons, GPS navigation and so on
  • Multi-purpose using: running, hiking, riding a bicycle or motorcycle, stroller, at the gym and store etc.
  • Rubber clips with silicone grips hold the phone tightly and keep safe the device from unwanted falling out


  • This bike phone mount does not fit sports motorcycles with the clips on your bike’s handlebars

Widars prime bike phone holders is a magnificent combination of beautiful design, sturdy structure, and great performance. This inexpensive bike phone holder is made of premium quality materials which make this stronger and protective. Premium quality durable ABS plastic and silicone is the raw materials of this phone mount. This unique bike mount may be a better choice for the safety of your smartphones during biking.

To keep your phone safe from the impact of the rough terrain, Widras used an ultra-strong strap which can be worked as a bump absorbing system. These high secured systems perfectly mount your phone at the exact position and give you the efficiency for navigation and it also can protect the handlebars from scratches.

This universal bike phone mount fits almost every smartphones up to 3.5 inches width. Popular models phones like iPhone 7 / 7 Plus / 6 / 6s / 5 / 4 even iPhone X, Samsung  Galaxy S7/ S7 Edge / S6 Edge / S6 / S5 / S4 , OnePlus,  Nexus, LG, Motorola, HTC and phones can easily fit in this size.

Fast installation process makes this bike phone more versatile without any extra assembling hassles. You can attach this bike phone mount within 45 seconds and you haven’t needed any assembly.  Just open the box and attach the mount to your bike’s handlebar, it’s done.

8. TeamObsidian Premium Bike Phone Holder with Universal Cradle

Premium Bike Phone Mount Made of Durable Non-Slip Silicone. Mobile Cellphone Holder / Universal Cradle for All Bicycle Handlebars and 99% of Smartphones: iPhone 8, 7, 6, 5, Samsung Series and More


  • Easy to install within seconds
  • Lifetime manufacturer warranty
  • Superbly compatible with any devices
  • Amazing slim design and well featured
  • Mounting the phone very fast and quick release also
  • Multi-purpose usability in outdoors and indoors also
  • Different sizes for different phones: Size L and Size M
  • Durable silicone bands hold phones tightly and secure the devices
  • Silicone bands only hold the edges and give you the full accessibility


  • We found it a little slippery and doesn’t grip the handlebars very well, so you have to be careful in this matter

TeamObsdian is a trustable name in the field of bicycle accessories for their unique design and the great performance of their products. This bike phone holder is another wonderful creation of TeamObsidian. Silicone-based bike holders have some specialty with numerous compatibility. The silicone bands hold the edges of your phone and give you the full accessibility thus you can easily scroll or tap for the navigation.

TeamObsidian offers you different sizes and probably this is the best part of this bike phone mount.

Size ‘L’: suitable for those smartphone whose screen sizes between 5 to 6.2 inches. So, iPhone X, 8Plus, 7Plus, 6Plus, 6S Plus___ Samsung Galaxy S9, S8+, S8, S7 Edge, J7, Note ,C9 Pro___OnePlus 4 / 5 / 5T / 6 and upcoming 6 T___Google Pixel, 2, XL ___Huawei P10 Pro, P10, P9, P9 Lite, Matte 10, 10 Pro, Matte 9, Nexus 6P___LG V30, V20, G6, G5, G4, Stylus, Stylo___Motorola Moto, X, Z Force___HTC U11  can easily fit in this bike phone mount.

Size ‘M’: suitable for the android phones which come with screen sizes between 4 to 5.2 inches like  iPhone 8, 7, 6, 6S, 5, 5S, 5SE, 5C, 4S___Samsung Galaxy S7, S6, S5, J5, J3, A5___ Google Pixel 1, Pixel 2___Motorola Droid Turbo can easily fit in this size

This bike phone mount can be performed as easy on and quick release mode. It may attach and detach within 40 seconds. We can mount this bike phone holder on the bike handlebars or the stem and carry hone everywhere. This multi-purpose bike phone mount can be used outdoor (on the mountain, road, scooter, motorcycle, street bike etc.) and indoor (stationary, exercise, spin bike). This phone holder is also perfect even for the trainer, stroller, wheelchair or the shopping cart!)

9. Visnfa Anti-Shake Bike Phone Mount

visnfa Bike Phone Mount Anti Shake and Stable Cradle Clamp with 360° Rotation Bicycle Phone Mount/Bike Accessories/Bike Phone Holder for iPhone Android GPS Other Devices Between 3.5 to 6.5 inches


  • Sturdy and fully secured
  • 360 free rotational capability
  • Easy to install without any tools
  • Suitable for different sizes handlebars
  • Unique four-corner design with nylon materials
  • Compatible for any phones which sizes between 3.5 to 6.5 inches
  • Four-corner design holds the device stable and reduces the shake
  • Automatic locking system helps to lock and prevent the occurrence of loose
  • Multi-purpose uses like road bikes, mountain bikes, motorcycles, children’s bicycles, strollers, treadmills, etc.


  • The four-corner design must be appreciable but they have work little more

Visnfa isn’t so famous but it is making the place with their durable, unique and outstanding designs. This Visnfa bike phone holder is a good quality product at an inexpensive price. The clamp of this phone mount has 4 support corners that ensure the attachment of the phone and the protection. This unique four-corner fixed design can mount the device securely in any road condition and avoid the dropping probabilities.

Highly secured automatic locking technology makes this bike mount more protective and keep your device safe. You can easily install this bike phone mount on the handlebar without any tools within seconds, you just need to locate and lock the nut.

This bike phone mount fits almost every smartphones in the market which sizes between 3.5 to 6.5 inches. 360 degrees rotational flexibility enhances the angle adjustment for a comfortable ride. This phone mount is suitable for different size handlebars which size between 22mm to 33mm in diameters.

10. ArcEnCiel Waterproof Cell Phone Holder with Bike Frame Bag

ArcEnCiel Bike Front Storage Bag Cycling Top Tube Phone Bag Frame Handlebar Tool Bicycle Bag Zipper Waterproof Touch Screen Cellphone Mount


  • Anti-slip leather protection
  • Upgraded to 3 in 1 bike frame bag
  • Durable, effective, and good design
  • Easy installation without hampering
  • Reflective coating for extra protection
  • Strong anti-tear polyester and EVA fabric
  • Better accessibility and great performance
  • Quick release capability: Velcro strap design
  • Large capacity for the storage your daily things
  • This bike phone mount easily fits any handlebars
  • Perfect for any phones which sizes less than 5.7 inches
  • Waterproof with clear detachable transparent PVC window pouch


  • The handlebar bag seems big unnecessarily
  • This bike phone mount is suitable for those smartphones which have less than 5.7 inches screen

ArcEnCiel bike phone mount is offering you their best product with some extraordinary features. This bike phone holder and its bag are fully waterproof which is made of anti-tear polyester and EVA fabric. The water resisting protection for the handlebar bag keeps your thing safe and avoids the unwanted harassment.

The window pouch is clearly detachable and transparent which is easily detachable and super sticky. Any smartphones with less than 5.7 inches screen can perform better during riding a bike like listing music, phone calls, GPS navigation etc.

This durable frame bag of this bike phone holder is actually upgraded 3 in 1 frame bag with 3 openings for the best access to the phone jacks. The frame bag has a large capacity for the storage of your daily needs like power banks, sunglasses, suns cream, purse, keys and so on.

This bike phone mount has Velcro strap design for quick release and easy installation and the anti-slip leather in the bottom increases the protections for your devices. The reflective coating enhances your safety while you are riding in the dark.


Here we have tried to gather some important tips hopefully, these will help you. If you want to purchase the best bike phone holder then you should memorize these notes.


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