Best Folding Bikes of 2020 – Complete Round-up

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In the earlier days folding bikes weren’t as popular as now. People have started to love this transportation on two wheels for its efficiency and comfort. In this informative article, we will introduce you with the best folding bikes which obviously featured ultimate high tech functions and premium quality materials as well as of course which comes at affordable price.

While you are thinking about an easy and comfort mode of transportation then the folding bikes can be the best convenient way. If you are living on an urban site, look around you can see it everywhere. A perfect folding bike with a good folding mechanism can be used as a daily commuter.

Nowadays almost every world-famous bicycle manufactured brands are dealing with this folding bikes. Every individual company is trying to manufacture ultimate folding bikes with update technologies. Day by day folding bikes are becoming a reliable commuter. If you are thinking about purchasing a perfect folding bike for you, try this article. Maybe it helps you to make the right choice.

This review will focus on the folding bike’s features, specifications, pros, and cons etc.

Comparison of the Best Folding Bikes

  • Equipped with 7-speeds with shifter
  • Offers additional storage with solid rear rack
  • Able to pack up to be very small and easy to store
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  • Made from really light aluminum alloy
  • Equipped with adjustable stem to accomadate tall and short riders
  • V-style brakes for effective and safe braking
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  • Best for the Money
  • Collapses to very small size for easy storage
  • USB charging port allows charging of devices during use
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Review of the of the Best Folding Bikes

Schwinn Loop Adult Folding Bike, 20-inch Wheels, Rear Carry Rack, Black


  • Linear pull brakes
  • Nylon carrying bag
  • Sure stopping alloy
  • Easy to adjustment
  • Easy to fold and unfold
  • Lightweight, only 31 pounds
  • Simple, inexpensive, and sturdy
  • Low stand over frame for easy on and off
  • 7-speed drivetrain enough for any terrain
  • 20-inch small wheels for easy transportation
  • The seat is adjustable according to rider’s highest


  • No shock absorbers
  • No way to adjust the handlebars

Schwinn is a world-famous manufacturer brand for their outstanding work. From the early age till now they tried to serve people by their best products. They have made a strong position with their amazing service.

Schwinn 20-Inch Loop Folding Bike is an outstanding folding bike for city commuters. The super strong mechanism makes this folding bike different from other bikes. This simple and inexpensive folding bike offers you all the great features.

Here all the details are given below:


Schwinn has manufactured this 20-inch loop folding bike with many updated features. These features make this folding bike more accessible and comfortable. This Schwinn 20-inch Loop folding bike is very popular among those folding bike communities and to those peoples who are looking for an expensive bike. This bike is known for being a relatively inexpensive but a quality bike

  • 20-inch Loop: This Schwinn 20-inch Loop Folding Bike is an ideal folding bike for city commuters. When the bike is folded up it measures 30”x32”x11” so you can keep it in very little space in your apartment or office.
  • Stand & Frame: In this bike, the low standover frame is the perfect way for getting on and off of the bike. This 7 speeds drivetrain is enough for most terrain.
  • Brakes: Folding bike’s stopping power depends on its braking system, it proofs the folding bike’s performance. This Schwinn folding bike has sure alloy linear pull brakes, full fenders, and a solid rear cargo rack.
  • Nylon Carrying Bag: The Schwinn 20-inch Loop folding bike includes a nylon storage case for easy carrying and safe storage while riding.
  • Bike Seat and Handlebar: The bike-seat can be adjusted up and down according to the riders. The handlebar if static and comfortable. The handlebar is made of sturdy steel.

The performance of this Loop Folding Bike is amazing. The gears are smooth enough and the frame is durable and has a solid feel of comfort even though it is one of the least expensive folding bikes in the market.


  1. Question: Does the bike fold enough during traveling on an airline as checked baggage?

Answer: We think officially it exceeds the maximum airline’s bag dimensions. But outcomes with a bag and yes.

  1. Question: Does the bike roll when it is folded?

Answer: No, the bike does roll when it is folded.

  1. Question: What is the maximum weight the bike can hold?

Answer: The maximum weight is around 230lbs.

  1. Question: Is the bike easily assembled?

Answer: Yes, it is.

  1. Question: Does this bike has a kickstand?

Answer: Yes, beefy and sturdy.

Overall we think this folding bike is one of the best pickings if you compare its performance with other bikes. This Schwinn 20-inch Loop Folding Bike is our top on our list because it has everything you would want in a folding bike and this is the best folding bike under $200This fantastic little bike will fulfil your desire as a daily commuter and give you a comfortable ride.

EuroMini Via 26lb Folding Bike-Lightweight Aluminum Frame Genuine Shimano 7-Speed 20' Folding Bike with Fenders (Sky Blue)


  • Double wall rims
  • Easy to fold up and carry
  • EuroMini ergonomic saddle
  • Maximum weight capacity: 240 lbs
  • Kenda ultra-light multi-terrain tires
  • Shimano11-32T 8-speed cassette gears
  • Shimano Revo 8-speed grip-style shifter
  • Genuine Shimano Altus 8-speed derailleur
  • Solid, stable, and lightweight aluminum alloy
  • Magnet Catcher to hole folded bike together
  • Strong kickstand, reflectors, and a water bottle mounts
  • Highly adjustable stem, comfortable seat with Vinyl cover


  • Only one front chainring
  • Pedals seem a little flimsy
  • There are no fenders, no rack

In the world of the folding bike, EuroMini has made a milestone for producing lightweight folding bikes. For this reason, in our  Folding Bikes Reviews article, we select this amazing featured folding bikes. In this EuroMini ZiZZO Urbano Genuine Shimano 8-speed Folding Bike, they introduced us to ultimate features and more speed.

The features and specifications are given below:


  • Frame: Super strong and shiny aluminum frame (20″ 6160 Aluminum Alloy) makes this folding bike sturdy.
  • Brakes: 110mm V-style super brakes give you the easiest super breaking system with compatible aluminum bike fork.
  • Handlebar: The 6° Sweep Black 54cm; 25.4mm handlebars are easily moveable and adjustable.
  • Rims: The rims of this EuroMini Urbano folding bikes are made of 20-inch aluminum with double wall 28H.
  • Tires: The ‘Kenda Kommuter’ tires have been used in this EuroMini folding bikes. ThisKenda ultra-light multi-terrain tires are perfect for the smooth and safe ride.
  • Crankset: The 170mm Crank arm is black anodized with aluminum chain-ring cover.
  • Shift Levers: Shimano Revo 8-speed grip shifter is the best choice for this EuroMini folding bike.
  • Rear Derailleur: The Shimano Altus 8-speed rear derailleur has used for the maximum strength.
  • Cassette: Shimano11-32T 8-Speed Cassette Gears have also used for this 20-inch folding bike.
  • Chain: The KMC Z72 chain is strong enough for this amazing Shimano 8-speed folding bike.
  • Brake Levers: The ProMax origin aluminum brake lever increases the durability of this bike.
  • Grips: XH-G51 PVC Grip.
  • Saddle: EuroMini ergonomic saddle is one of the good features of this folding bikes.
  • Seat Post: 580mm black aluminum seat post and the seat is adjustable according to the rider’s height. You get a Vinyl seat cover with this folding bike.
  • Pedals: 9/16-inch aluminum/plastic folding pedals.
  • Headset: 1/8-inch Cartridge aluminum alloy.
  • Other: Strong kickstand, reflectors, and a water bottle mounts come with this EuroMini folding bike.

These durable features make this EuroMini Folding Bike sturdy and long-lasting. Those people want to get some extra or special something this folding bike is actually made for them.


  1. Question: Is it possible to change the seat to a comfortable padded seat?

Answer: Yes, you can change this folding bike’s seat to your desired one.

  1. Question: Does this folding bike have stainless rear gears?

Answer: Shimano HG-31 11-32T 8-SP cassette with Zinc Phosphate sliver colour finishing.

  1. Question: Where are the bikes made?

Answer: Well, actually the bikes are designed in California and manufactured in China.

  1. Question: Does this bike actually weight 24-25 pounds?

Answer: Yes, this folding bike’s actual weight is 24.5 lbs.

Overall this lightweight EuroMini Folding Bike is ideal for a daily commuter and for outdoors. This EuroMini rides just like road bikes and in some ways, we prefer it for riding around the city because of the fatter tires and the easy shifting and it has eight speeds, which is plenty. It’s a sturdy, nice-looking folding bike that is lots of fun to ride with great comfort.

Swagtron Cycle Pro Folding Electric Bike, Pedal Free and App Enabled, 18 mph E Bike with USB Port to Charge on The Go (White)


  • Handlebar display
  • 10 MPH & 10 MILE range
  • Collapses for easy storage
  • The eco-friendly SwagCycle
  • Fast charger within 2.5 hours
  • 36v battery & a 250-watt motor
  • A micro built-in USB charging port
  • It’s lightweight, low cost, slow, well built
  • Sturdy aluminum frame & easily fits in trunks of all sizes


  • Back tire valve little difficult to attach the pump
  • Sometimes it seems hard to pump air into the front tire

When we are talking about the best folding bikes then we can’t end our review without talking about a folding electric bike or E-Bike. Nowadays technology is showing a miracle in every sector of our life including the transportation system and even a bike. Before folding bikes were a miracle of technology and now an E-Bike is much more.

Folding bikes with electrical technology and outstanding features are becoming precious day by day. SWAGTRON is a popular manufacturer company who produce these amazing Folding E-Bike.

All the amazing features are given below:


  • The battery is the most important and valuable part of an E-Bike. In this motorized folding bike uses a 36v battery and a 250-watt motor that charges within 2.5 hours.
  • Though it is a Folding E-Bike the folding mechanism cannot be ignorable. This SWAGTRON folding electric bike uses an aerospace max grade aluminum frame and easily fits in trunks of all sizes.
  • Handlebars is also a very important part of a Folding E-Bike, you have to maintain many things with the handlebar. You have to check battery life, turn on and off the headlight, honk the bike’s horn, accelerate the bike, and brake all from the handlebars.
  • The charger and the charging port of an E-Bike are always should be compatible with the specific. The micro USB charging port of this folding E-Bike enables you to fully charge your devices while you ride.
  • This eco-friendly SwagBike is 100% electric and also emissions free. It can save both your wallet and nature.
  • Feel the fresh wind in your face and hair, and this awesome SwagBike below your feet as you and your friends ride SWAGTRON folding electric bike on adventures all through the city, whether it be through bike paths, parks, or city sidewalks and it’s really amazing.

Whether you are a young and adventure seeker, college student or a commuting adult, the SWAGTRON Folding Electric Bike combines the best of both worlds.


1. Question: Maximum weight limit?

Answer: It’s around 264 lbs.

2. Question: Are the replacement parts available if needed?

Answer: Yes, but they offer replacement chargers! That is it.

3. Question: Is the electric system waterproof?

Answer: The SWAGTRON folding electric bike is IP54 which means it is dustproof and water resistant (also called splash resistant).

4. Question: Does this holding bikes have tail lights?

Answer: Yes, the E-Bike has a tail light and blinkers for lights and signals.

This SWAGTRON Folding Electric Bike is designed for the modern commuter and comes equipped with a micro built-in USB outlet to charge your electronic devices. So you always have the required energy wherever you want to go. The Folding Electric Bike can help you navigate through traffic, cut down on your commute, and save you money as well, all while being eco-friendly.

EuroMini ZiZZO Campo 28lb Lightweight Aluminum Frame Shimano 7-Speed Folding Bike 20-Inch (Yellow)


  • 48T steel chainring
  • Folds up in seconds
  • Ergonomic rubber grip
  • Inexpensive, affordable
  • Sturdy aluminum frame
  • Easy to adjust and carry
  • Wanda multi-terrain tires
  • Smooth 7-speed grip shifter
  • Adjustable seat and handlebar
  • Very lightweight around 28.5 lb
  • Strong V-style brakes(hard enough)
  • 6° backsweep Black 54cm handlebar
  • Genuine Shimano 7-speed components


  • Sometimes shifter can jam if you don’t clean it
  • Sometimes gear ratio can be little uncomforting

EuroMini is a USA based bike manufacturer company and famous for producing lightweight best folding bikes. This EuroMini ZiZZo lightweight folding bike is specially designed bike which can be suitable for all riders not only for the special one.

This 7-speed Shimano folding bike has many popular features with great efficiency. This amazing featured bike is suitable for almost every height’s people. This ZiZZO campo folding bike is one of the most stable while fast bikes in the market.

This well-designed folding bike is also well featured. Here the details:


The EuroMini Zizzo Campo folding is a great bike at this great price. This ZiZZO lightweight aluminum framed bike can give you the desired speeds, efficiency and many more:

  • Frame: The lightweight aluminum frame (20″ 6160 Aluminum Alloy) which make this folding bike super study internally and makes the bike durable.
  • Handlebar: Handlebar is very important: if you don’t feel easy with this then it can be turned into a pain. In this ZiZO folding bike, EuroMini has used 6° backsweep Black 54cm handlebar which consists of 25.4mm bars. The handlebar can be easily moved and helps you for a smooth ride.
  • Rims: These 20-inch rims are also made of Aluminum 28H and black anodized.
  • Tires: The Wanda 20×2.0″ off-road multi-terrain tire has made this bike extra comfortable. Wanda off-road tires protect the internal tubes and reduce extra hassles.
  • Crankset: The crankset is made of strong steel and black coloured. The crankset is actually 170mm Crank Arm.
  • Chainring: The EuroMIni folding bike has 48T steel chainring which strongly holds the chaining mechanism.
  • Shift Levers: Shimano Revo 7-speed grip shifter has used in this ZiZZO folding bike.
  • Rear Derailleur: Rear derailleur is Shimano Tourney 7-speed.
  • Freewheel: Freewheel is 14-28T 7-speed.
  • Chain: The chain is an important part of a folding bike. Chaining mechanism increases the bikes performance. In this EuroMini folding bike KMC Z50, 7-speed chain has been used and this makes the folding bike superb.
  • Brakes: Breaking system cannot be negotiable, in a folding it should be perfect and sturdy. The aluminum alloy V-Style brakes with a compatible fork make its breaking system super.
  • Brake Levers: Break levers is alloy brake levers.
  • Grips: For your comfort, ergonomic rubber grip has been used in this Campo Lightweight folding bike.
  • Saddle: EuroMini ergonomic saddle is amazing.
  • Seat Post and Paddle: The 580mm Black Aluminum seat post with 9/16″ Steel/plastic paddles.
  • Headset: 1/8″ FP-H860D Iron headset is perfect for this EuroMini 7-speed Shimano folding bike.
  • Others: This amazing Lightweight folding bike includes a strong kickstand, reflectors, and a water bottle mounts.

This excellently featured ZiZZO folding bike surely can be the right choice for a bike lover who wants to use a perfect folding bike as a daily commuter.


  1. Question: It is possible to install a folding pedal in this bike model?

Answer: Yes, you can replace this bike’s pedals with standard 9/16th bolt sized pedals.

  1. Question: Is the seat size enough for anyone and comfortable?

Answer: It varies on the people’s choice. If you don’t like the default seat then you can replace with your desired one.

  1. Question: What is the maximum weight suitable for this bike?

Answer: The maximum weight supported is 240 lbs.

  1. Question: What is the actual folding dimension of this bike?

Answer: The Folded size is: H-25″ L-28.5″ W-12.5. Weight: 28.5 lb (Lightweight)


All in all, this EuroMini Campo 7-speed Shimano folding bike absolutely an amazing choice for bike-lovers. This small super sturdy folding bike is widely expectable for its great performance and efficiency.

Murtisol Folding Bike 20’’ Hybrid Bicycle Reinforced Frame Commuter Bike with 6 Speeds Derailleur, Durable Frame, Adjustable Seat,Black


  • Hi-ten folding frame
  • Heavy-duty kickstand
  • Quality alloy riser bar
  • Double alloy wall rims
  • Hi-tech thickening tires
  • Power steel V-style brake
  • Ultra-light material design
  • Power SFT-30 6SPD grip shifter
  • Adjustable seat and handlebars


  • No suspension
  • There is a little issue with pedals

Sometimes the service doesn’t depend on the brand or company. Murtisol maybe not famous as other manufacturer but they always deal with customers satisfaction compare to others. This Orkan 20-inch Folding Mountain Bike is a great bike for mountain bike lovers as well as it can be used as a city commuter.

Mountain Bikes are always special from others for its design, manufacture components etc. This Murtisol Foldable MTB is designed perfectly with its MTB mechanism. The perfect mountain bike can be a combo pack of many things. It depends on your personal riding style, tastes, budget, and local trails. This stylish ultra-modern Orkan MTB can be the right choice within your budget.

Here is the full specification:


  • Strong material design: ORKAN offer the bike reinforced the hi-ten folding frame. This heavy-duty folding frame makes the bike sturdy and the handlebars are ultra-light material design. Easy to stowed with bikes handlebars away.
  • Speed drivetrain: In this Orkan Foldable MTB, they use Shimano 6-speed drivetrain for the perfect speed in the multi-terrain.
  • Brake style: The power steel V-style brake assure you the 100% safety and a stable journey.
  • Kickstand: The solid strong kickstand used in this folding MTB.
  • Tires: The hi-tech thickening tires protect the tubes from the internal attacks and give you a comfortable ride.
  • Grip shifter: In this folding bike the power SFT-30 6SPD grip shifter has been used.
  • Rims: The rims are black coloured and double alloy wall rims which make the folding bike durable and long-life useable.
  • Adjustable Seat and handlebars: Adjustable seat has used in this MTB for any heights of people and the handlebars are easily movable for taking a smooth and comfort direction.


Finally, we hope that we have been able to give you all the required information when you set out to purchase the best folding bike of choice. In this best folding bike reviews, we have tried to deliver all the necessary information that you need before purchasing buying a perfect folding bike. Sometimes you may not have enough money to afford an expensive folding bike that’s why here we have tried to review those folding bikes which are inexpensive according to their performance.