Best Cannonddale Bike Helmets – 2021 Buyer’s Guide

| Last Updated: January 23, 2022

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Head protection is obviously the first priority when it comes to helmets. There are many different types of Cannondale bike helmet, and the price is reasonable that will help keep your head protected. In this article, we will try to give you enough information about the five outstanding “Cannondale bike helmets”, which can be the right choice for you for your highest safety.

Comparison of the Best Cannondale Bicycle Helmets

  • Unique inner pads allows very comfortable fit
  • Removable visor for more versatility
  • Moisture wicking material keeps you cool
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  • EPS foam helps to keep helmet light and comfy
  • Allows for height adjustment in 3 options
  • Flow-through vents allows improved airflow
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  • Best for the Money
  • Unique multi-molding polycarbonate for durability
  • Keeps head cool with moisture-wicking material
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  • Offers enhanced ventilation and safety
  • Inner molding is durable and comfortable
  • Vents helps to keep your head cool at all times
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The Cannondale Bicycle Corporation is an American bicycle manufacturer that supplies bicycles and its accessories. The company was founded in 1970 by Joe Montgomery and Murdock MacGregor. Nowadays the company does more than just design and produce bikes like the Cannondale Bike Helmet. Today, Cannondale manufacturer offers bike apparel and accessories just as innovative as the bikes that built their reputation worldwide.

“Cannondale Bike Helmet” is one of the most popular creations of Cannondale Bicycle Corporation for its outstanding design and flexibility. Cannondale bike helmet has stuck with its traditional look rather than following the current trend of weird and fabulous aero designs.

Review of the Best Cannondale Bicycle Helmets

Time to dive into our review:

Best Overall:
Cannondale Quick Bicycle Helmet

The helmet is designed beautifully and seems well made. It has quite a bit of vent and keeps your noggin cool when biking. It has a superb knob for enlarging or compressing the size of the helmet, meaning that it can accommodate heads with many shapes and sizes. You can compare It with the Cannondale Teramo helmet for those who have one of those.

The instruction manual is just perfect for you and gives you all you need to set your helmet right for riding your bike. The Cannondale bike helmet graphics are not glaring. Someone might like it, some might not. Overall, this Cannondale bike helmet is an excellent helmet for the price and feels just as sturdy as more expensive helmets.

Technical Details:

Brand: Cannondale Bike Helmet
Weight: 1.5 pounds
Colour: Black/Blue, Black/Grey, Green, White, Cabernet.
Size: Medium, Large, X-Large
Dimension: 13.6 x 9.2 x 7.6 inches
Model No: CU4004LG06
Manufacturer Part No: CU4004LG06

Cannondale Cypher Bicycle Helmet

Cannondale 2017 Cypher Bicycle Helmet

The helmet is a great combination of comfort and lightweight. The helmet has a good quality look and feels and most of all, molds to the head such that it’s transparent when riding. The helmet comes with an extra bag for carrying purposes with its beautiful look. The back strap keeps the helmet snug and adds stability in event of the mishap. The price is less than comparable to any online retailers as well.

Cypher Bicycle Helmet fit much better than the competitions. It has 30 flow-through vents which control comfort by maximizing airflow through the helmet. In this special Cannondale Bike Helmet, Peak Protection technology uses dual-density EPS foam to reduce weight less than others. The 3-position height adjustment allows just-right placement of the Ergo-fit EVA occipital pad.

Technical Details:

Brand: Cannondale Bike Helmet
Colour: Matte Black/Green, Black/Green, Black, Black/Pink, Black/Red, Black Turquoise, Black/Blue, Black/Yellow, White Lime, White/Silver
Size: S/M, Medium, Large, LG-XLG, SM-MD

Best for the Money:
Cannondale Radius Bicycle Helmet

Cannondale 2015 Radius Bicycle Helmet - CU4003 (Black/Pink - S)

This fantastic strong Cannondale Bike Helmet comes with its great features. Its multi-molding Polycarbonate shell technology bonds the outer shell with the EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) shell for a one-piece. The 22 Flow Through vents controls comfort by maintaining the airflow through the helmet.

This strong Cannondale Bike Helmet contains heat sealed moisture wicking pads that keep the sweat under control. The system compact micro dial fit w/ Ergo-fit EVA occipital pad offers you a perfect fit. It has a removable visor you can clean it when you need.

Technical Details:

Brand: Cannondale Bike Helmet
Colour: Black/Green, Black/Pink, Black/Gray, Black/Blue, Red, White/Silver
Size: Small and Large.

4. Cannondale CAAD Road Bicycle Helmet

Cannondale CAAD MIPS Equipped Road Bicycle Helmet (Blue with White - Small/Medium)

This helmet’s SI alloy exoskeleton cage reinforcements reinforces critical vent bridges for the best in class head safety. The 20 large flow-through vents control comfort by maintaining airflow through the bike helmet.

It also contains Multi-Mold Polycarbonate shell technology bonds the outer shell with the EPS shell for the one-piece.

Technical Details:

Brand: Cannondale
Colour: Black/Green, Black, Graphite/Red, Matte Gun Metal, White/Blue, White/Silver
Size: Small and X-Large

5. Cannondale Teramo Bicycle Helmet

Cannondale 2014 Teramo Bicycle Helmet, Black/Purple - S/M

The 23 Flow Through vents controls comfort by maintaining the airflow during bike riding through the helmet. It has Peak Protection technology uses dual-density EPS foam to reduce weight thus you don’t feel irritated. This bike helmets heat-sealed moisture wicking pads keeps the sweat under control to give you comfort while biking.

The comfortable light weight of this beautiful helmet webbing with cam-lock dividers offers secure adjustment and all-day wearability. The system Integrated micro dial fit w/ Ergo-fit EVA occipital pad. Offers a perfect fit that gives you a proper comfortable riding. This high tech bike helmet with its marvellous looking give you the highest performance.

Technical Details:

Brand: Cannondale
Colour: Black/White, Black, Black/Pink, Black/Red, Black/Purple, Black/Blue, Black/Yellow, White/Teal, White/Silver
Size: S/M, Medium, Large, LG-XLG, SM-MD


Stay safe during riding or your favourite mountain biking adventure, or riding in the park with a bike helmet. The most important factors when you choose a helmet, they are fit, comfort and durability and you should not compromise. Enjoy your riding with safety and stay healthy. 


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