Pros and Cons of Cycling – Informational Guide

| Last Updated: February 23, 2021

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Are you riding the bike regularly? Is biking your favourite workout, then you are the lucky one! Cycling is the easiest and comfortable transportation mode for all. Many famous men had chosen cycling for its numerous benefits. Cycling benefits and disadvantages are more than express, you may describe thousands of benefits but that couldn’t enough.

There are plenty of cycling groups around the world who organize cycling events. The main motive of these organizations enlightens the people for cycling and acknowledges themselves about the benefits of cycling.

For being physically enthusiastic and energetic, we need to exercise regularly for burning extra calories and fats. In these busy days, we haven’t much time to go to the gym, and our body doesn't allow us after working a whole day.

We are entering a very calculative world gradually, where every single second can be worthy and everyone wants to get the chance. But what is about our health consciousness, if we ignore our health-awareness then everything will be worthless.

4 Best Cycling Benefits and Disadvantages

Cycling can be the best and effective solution of this labyrinth. Cycling has tremendous health as well as financial advantages. Many of us become surprised to hear that cycling is great for our body work and it could be an amazing way of transportation.

Actually, they haven’t proper ideas, when we describe everything to them step by step they just say “wow”. Discover the benefits of bicycling for our brain, body and money; it’s quite beneficial, fun, and exciting.

Riding a bicycle during the vacation with your family and friends could be the way of building a strong connection with them. What do you do for experiencing adventures and challenges, try cycling like mountain biking, believe us it is enough enhancing your adventurous knowledge better than anything.

For a perfectly healthy heart, cycling could be an effective exercise that helps to improve your cardiovascular health. Bicycling could be very benignant for the joints of your body.

It doesn’t matter what’s the purpose of your cycling, you may travel or choose cycling as a playing mode, and it has several health benefits. Cycling helps to improve your various body systems and provides great body immunity, including your muscular and cardiovascular systems.

Definitely, it has a positive impact on your overall health and even it can reduce the chance of developing various diseases in your body. When it comes to our health, in general, cycling has several benefits and disadvantages, directly or indirectly. We will describe more in detail below, but here is a video summary if you like to digest your information visually.

1. Cycling is Good For Your Heart

Recent statistics show that about 610,000 peoples are dying because of heart disease every year and it is growing fast. According to WHO(website) (World Health Organization), CVDs are the main cause of death around the world, many people die annually from these CVDs than any other diseases.

Approximately, more than 17.9 million people had died from CVDs in 2016 and it’s representing 31 percent of all worldwide deaths. Most of these deaths, about 85 percent are the cause of heart failure and stock.

The statistics are quite shocking and we all are in this risk. Cycling can free you from these unfortunate circumstances. Try to pedalling around 6-10 hours in a week regularly; it will work like magic on the cardiovascular, respiratory and circulatory systems.

2. Cycling Burns Calories

It is true that we need calories for our working strength but when we gather many calories in our body, it could be harmful. We consume foods with a lot of calories and sometimes we haven’t ideas what we need to eat for being healthy. Extra calories have a dangerous impact on your body if you don’t take any steps reducing extra calories.

In our scheduling life we haven’t time to think all of this but it necessary. After gaining more calories than we need, it is essential to reduce in required quantity. Cycling can be the right selections for this if you haven’t times for exercise, try to biking around half an hour every day.

It’s hard to imagine a number that could satisfy you, it depends on your weight and exertion level cycling which will help for losing your extra fat by burning off between 75-670 extra calories in a half-hour session. Average, an 80 kg or 176 lb. a cyclist uses approximately 640 calories per hour at a moderate effort.

Calories Burned During Different Workouts For Men

Weights, Men ⇒

132 lbs

155 lbs

187 lbs

209 lbs

Cycling less than 16.1 km/h

120 kcal / 501 kJ

143 kcal / 597 kJ

177 kcal / 741 kJ

200 kcal / 836 kJ

Cycling, 16.1-19.2 km/h

180 kcal / 751 kJ

214 kcal / 895 kJ

266 kcal / 1111 kJ

300 kcal / 1255 kJ

Cycling, 19.3-22.4 km/h

239 kcal / 1002 kJ

285 kcal / 1194 kJ

354 kcal / 1481 kJ

400 kcal / 1673 kJ

Cycling, 22.2-25.6 km/h

299 kcal / 1252 kJ

357 kcal / 1492 kJ

443 kcal / 1851 kJ

500 kcal / 2091 kJ

Cycling, 25.7-30.6 km/h, racing not drafting

359 kcal / 1503 kJ

428 kcal / 1790 kJ

531 kcal / 2222 kJ

600 kcal / 2509 kJ

Calories Burned During Different Workouts For Women

Weights, Women ⇒

132 lbs

155 lbs

187 lbs

209 lbs

Cycling less than 16.1 km/h

234 kcal / 978 kJ

250 kcal / 1045 kJ

274 kcal / 1145 kJ

293 kcal / 1225 kJ

Cycling, 16.1-19.2 km/h

351 kcal / 1468 kJ

375 kcal / 1568 kJ

411 kcal / 1718 kJ

434 kcal / 1818 kJ

Cycling, 19.3-22.4 km/h

468 kcal / 1957 kJ

500 kcal / 2090 kJ

547 kcal / 2290 kJ

579 kcal / 2424 kJ

Cycling, 22.2-25.6 km/h

468 kcal / 1957 kJ

500 kcal / 2090 kJ

547 kcal / 2290 kJ

579 kcal / 2424 kJ

Cycling, 25.7-30.6 km/h,Racing Not Drafting

702 kcal / 2935 kJ

749 kcal / 3135 kJ

821 kcal / 3435 kJ

869 kcal / 3635 kJ

3. Cycling Helps to Sound Sleep

Sleeping disorders are common nowadays, according to the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, more than forty million people in the US are suffering from chronic long term sleeping disorders each year and its growing fast as well as also an additional twenty million people experience occasional sleeping problems.

In Australia, more than ninety percent of Australians are suffering from the long term sleeping disorder which is a crucial situation, with thirty percent who are experiencing different types of sleeping disorder.

Working stress, anxieties and over thinking to impact us negatively, as a result, we lose control of our body. Moreover, sitting in front of a computer for a while and keeping eyes on your mobile screen may be another reason for a sleeping disorder.

But cycling can provide you with better help with lots of healthy benefits. If you ride a bike regularly, it impacts on your entire body helps to burn calories and makes you tired physically. So, try cycling at least half an hour before going to bed every day and you can see the difference. It’s a proven method.

4. Cycling is the Best Way For Growing Muscles

Cycling also helps you to develop and strengthen muscles everywhere in your body. It is not just about your legs. This is a combined activity of the whole body, and some of the effects may be great. Moreover, it is well known that each sport has a significant muscular impact on your body.

According to the science, the primary muscles or motor muscles play the main role when there is a need to increase speed or strength during pedalling the cycle. Cycling helps to develop these muscles in the hips and legs of cyclists and provide adequate strength. The legs rotate from 80 to 100 repetitions per minute during the cycling and produce the required energy and speed.

Another Health Benefits of Cycling

  • Cycling acts like a tonic for your mental health. It helps to reduce depressions, anxieties and stresses through its enjoyable riding moments.

  • Cycling is can be the best exercise for diabetic patients as well as it is very beneficial for different types of bone injuries and arthritis.

  • Cancer, the most dangerous word in this modern age. Most of the time it’s cure-less but we can reduce its chance. Exercise keeps you far away from cancer; statistics show that most of the cancer patients were unwilling to regular exercise. If you choose cycling as your daily exercise, it will save you from colon cancer, breast cancer and also reduce the chance of bowel cancer.

  • Nowadays, obesity is a common issue and sufferers are mostly adult. More than 32.2 percent men and 35.5 women in the USA are suffering from overweight and these percentages are growing rapidly. Cycling could be the easiest solution to burn your extra body fat.

  • Cycling helps to reduce the possibility of suffering problems in the spine or hernia.

Financial and Other Benefits of Cycling

Have you ever think why you really like this pedalling actually, have you ever think that maybe you should be thankful to your bicycle for an effective financial support. Let us enlighten you:

  • Selecting the cycle as your daily transport help to feel the freedom, you don’t need to depend on public transport.

  • Investing an amount at a time to purchase a bike for your daily communication is the best decision which could serve you for the next some years.

  • You haven’t need to burn any fuels like other vehicles and that’s really a positive side of cycling which is nature friendly.

  • If you are using a cycle as a regular vehicle then you know how it saves your valuable times.

  • Occasional cycling tours with Friends and family could be the best way of social interactions.

  • Cycling could be the best leisure for senior citizens.

Disadvantages of Cycling

Cycling may cause of your health permanent injuries. Over the year numerous professional cyclist and those who are using the bike as a daily commuter have been facing unfortunate accidents.

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