How Many Calories Does Cycling Burn? – Informational Guide

| Last Updated: February 23, 2021

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“How many calories did I burn” while cycling is a common question and it is essential to have the proper idea about it for every cyclist and even for occasional riders! Peoples are smarter than prior days and have become very much calculative in every sector of their daily routine for leading a healthy life. Cycling burns calories and it could be the perfect choice for burning your extra calories and fat.

But what should be the right way? How can be cycling more effective and helps to reduce your unused calories and energies? How can you make cycling is an easy and simple exercise to keep you fit and fresh, here we will talk about everything.

Before starting anything we would like to define what is calory actually and why it’s too exigent to reduce your extra calories. Here we will try to clear this concept, stay with us.

What Are Calories Exactly?

When health-conscious people talk about calories in their foods, what do they trying to mean actually and why it’s so important maintaining the sufficient amount of calories in the body? They can be defined calories in different ways but the purpose is same, the proper nutrition and a healthy life.

There are two definitions of calories: the first one can be defined in scientifically. On the other hand, the shorter definition of calories could be suitable for those people who think that the first one is complicated.

If we have to define calories in a sentence it would be like “the calories are the units of measurement which is specifically energy, the main source of your stamina which provides working strength.”

Scientifically, the definition of calories would be defined as “the calorie is a particular amount of heat which increases your temperature of a unit of water from zero degrees Celsius to one degree.” Seems complicated, isn’t it? Just remember the first definition if this feels messy. When you find something written like “it contains 100 calories” on the food wrapper, it means how much energy your body could get from eating or drinking it.

Calories have a strong impact on your body; more calories may be the causes of an uncertain condition like cardiac arrest and other imbalanced complexities, we get calories from our daily foods and the calories what we consume from the animal it just works like a magic.

More precisely, both the total number of calories you are consuming daily through foods and the source of these calories (from animals or vegetable or plants) can impact your body as well as health.

Cycling Burns Calories Fast and Helps You to Reduce Belly-fat Also!

The real story behind cycling could be burning your extra fat and calories. In cycling, there are several ways to burn fat and extra calories. Different activities and exercises have a different impact on your body.  Swimming is the best exercise and it can be the best way to reduce calories, we all know that but everyone hasn’t this opportunity really and you can’t deny it.

Cycling is something like that it is just perfect for all, for everyone. No one can find out a single reason that he or she should avoid cycling if he or she is physically fit. In cycling there are no special requirements, you need just a bike that’s it. If you are not physically challenged and you have the potential for leading a healthy life then it’s the easiest and simplest way to burn your extra fat and calories.

During biking when you use your muscles for pedalling or controlling the bike, they start using the oxygen what you take during breathe in and ensure the supply to the whole body through blood. As a result, your body starts to convert fats and carbohydrate, and sometimes proteins into adenosine triphosphate, or ATP. This is the main molecule that your body needs to supply required energy to cells.

Are Calories Bad or Good for Your Health?

Basically, calories aren’t bad for your health; your body needs calories for supplying the strength of work. Calories keep your body worm and energetic. On the other hand, if you start consuming many calories and haven’t any intention for balancing according to your health, as a result, you will gain overweight.

Almost every food and drinks in our daily food-list contain calories, some of them are full of calories and others could be low in amount. So we must have the knowledge which of them are perfect for us and which we should ignore. If an overweight person hasn’t any idea and consumes the high-calorie foods, it could be more dangerous than our thoughts.

Here the List of High-Calorie Foods

  • Pasta is full of calories approximately 390 calories per serving, cooked.
  • Whole-fat Greek Yogurt fulfil with 310 calories per cup.
  • White rice has more than 240 calories per cup, cooked.
  • Eggnog is like a calorie depot, it contains 223 calories per cup.
  • Sweetened condensed milk is the source of sweet and calorie with 220 calories per half cup.
  • Instant breakfast drink mix like milk fruit shakes give you 220 calories approx.
  • Mixed nuts have more, seems 200 calories for a quarter cup.
  • Baked beans contain 190 calories per half cup approx.
  • Avocado contains around 180 calories per half.
  • Whole-wheat bagel comes with 150 calories per half.
  • Protein shakes looks like calorie shakes with 140 calories.
  • Granola cereal has also more around 135 calories per serving.
  • Cereal bars have almost 130 calories per bar.
  • Raisins and other dried fruit with dried calories 130 calories per serving.
  • Cheese has more than 115 calories per unit slice.
  • Protein powder to add to milk extra 110 calories.
  • Butter contains 102 calories per tablespoon.
  • Mayonnaise comprises 95 calories per tablespoon easily.
  • Eggs have 78 calories each.
  • Gravy mix contains 65 calories per serving.
  • Dark chocolate contains almost 63 calories per square.
  • Cream cheese contains around 50 calories per tablespoon.
  • Hummus serves 25 calories per tablespoon.
  • Sour cream tests so yummy and 23 calories per tablespoon.

Least Calorie Foods

  • Apple- One cup or 125 grams apple slices provides 57 calories.
  • Arugula- One-half cup or 10 grams of arugula serves only 03 calories.
  • Asparagus- One cup or 134 grams of asparagus contains only 27 calories and is rich in vitamin K.
  • Beets- Per cup or 136 grams contain only 59 calories.
  • Broccoli- One cup or 91 grams of broccoli contains only 31 calories.
  • Broth- about 240 ml it usually contains 7–12 calories.
  • Brussels- Per cup or 88 grams contains 38 calories.
  • Cabbage- Per cup or 89 grams contains 22 calories.
  • Carrots- A one-cup serving or 128 grams of carrots has around 53 calories.
  • Cauliflower- One cup or 100 grams of cauliflower serves 25 calories.
  • Celery- One cup or 110 grams has 18 calories only.
  • Cucumbers- One-half cup (52 grams) only has 8 calories.
  • Fennel- One cup or 87 grams of raw fennel can provide 27 calories.
  • Garlic- One clove or 3 grams of garlic contains only 5 calories.
  • Grapefruit- Half a grapefruit or 123 grams serves 52 calories.
  • Iceberg Lettuce- One cup or 72grams provides 10 calories.
  • Jicama- One cup or 120 grams provides 46 calories with vitamin C.
  • Kale- 67 grams contains 34 calories.
  • Lemon-Limes- One cup about 67 grams contains 34 calories.
  • White Mushrooms- contains with 15 calories per cup or 70 grams.
  • Radishes- serve 19 calories per 116 grams.
  • Strawberries- provide 50 calories per one cup or 152 grams.
  • Watercress- per cup serves only 4 calories.
  • Zucchini- Per cup or 124 grams contains only 18 calories.
  • Coffee, Water, Tea- Black coffee has only 2 calories per cup, herbal tea and carbonated water have almost zero calories.

How Many Calories Do You Burn During Cycling With a Chart!

It’s hard to imagine a number that could satisfy you, it depends on your weight and exertion level cycling which will help for losing your extra fat by burning off between 75-670 extra calories in a half-hour session. Average, an 80 kg or 176 lb. a cyclist uses approximately 640 calories per hour at a moderate effort.

Calories Burned During Different Workouts

We can show numerous charts which could be awful and messy to you. Here we are presenting two charts for men and women respectively on a common basis.

“Burning Calories While Cycling” Chart For Men

Weights, Men ⇒

132 lbs

155 lbs

187 lbs

209 lbs

Cycling less than 16.1 km/h

120 kcal / 501 kJ

143 kcal / 597 kJ

177 kcal / 741 kJ

200 kcal / 836 kJ

Cycling, 16.1-19.2 km/h

180 kcal / 751 kJ

214 kcal / 895 kJ

266 kcal / 1111 kJ

300 kcal / 1255 kJ

Cycling, 19.3-22.4 km/h

239 kcal / 1002 kJ

285 kcal / 1194 kJ

354 kcal / 1481 kJ

400 kcal / 1673 kJ

Cycling, 22.2-25.6 km/h

299 kcal / 1252 kJ

357 kcal / 1492 kJ

443 kcal / 1851 kJ

500 kcal / 2091 kJ

Cycling, 25.7-30.6 km/h, racing not drafting

359 kcal / 1503 kJ

428 kcal / 1790 kJ

531 kcal / 2222 kJ

600 kcal / 2509 kJ

“Burning Calories While Cycling” Chart For Women

Weights, Women ⇒

132 lbs

155 lbs

187 lbs

209 lbs

Cycling less than 16.1 km/h

234 kcal / 978 kJ

250 kcal / 1045 kJ

274 kcal / 1145 kJ

293 kcal / 1225 kJ

Cycling, 16.1-19.2 km/h

351 kcal / 1468 kJ

375 kcal / 1568 kJ

411 kcal / 1718 kJ

434 kcal / 1818 kJ

Cycling, 19.3-22.4 km/h

468 kcal / 1957 kJ

500 kcal / 2090 kJ

547 kcal / 2290 kJ

579 kcal / 2424 kJ

Cycling, 22.2-25.6 km/h

468 kcal / 1957 kJ

500 kcal / 2090 kJ

547 kcal / 2290 kJ

579 kcal / 2424 kJ

Cycling, 25.7-30.6 km/h,Racing Not Drafting

702 kcal / 2935 kJ

749 kcal / 3135 kJ

821 kcal / 3435 kJ

869 kcal / 3635 kJ

The active commuting system improves our transportation and also beneficial to health. If you are a regular cyclist and use your bike as daily transportation then you can reduce your extra fats by burning calories. Nowadays most peoples choose walking and cycling as a fitness factor if we can maintain our fitness we can reduce health care costs as well.

While cycling we use a lot of calories and it has an amazing impact on our body like the levels of obesity, high blood pressure, heart and kidney disease and types 2 diabetics. It has a significant role to make our roads safer by reducing the unnecessary number of cars on the street.

Almost 98.5% of regional road accidents around the world occur between gasoline vehicles isn’t it terrible. Cycling burns calories, it’s a proven method; no one can deny this. Therefore, try pedaling regularly, make this the best way of the physical workout. Be safe and sound and fit.

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