Best Foldable Bicycle Bags – 2021 Guide

| Last Updated: January 24, 2022

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Do you own a folding bike but find it difficult to carry around? Getting the right folding bicycle bag would be the best solution to your problem.

Storing your folding bike in a bag will allow you to carry it around anywhere you want.

To help you choose the best product, we bring you a detailed buying guide on the best foldable bicycle bag. We have compiled a list of the best foldable bags available and described their features and attributes in detail. So, read on to know more about them.

Comparison of the Best Foldable Bicycle Bags

  • Make from waterproof materials to keep bike dry
  • With straps attached, you can easily carry it on your bag
  • Can also be used as a picnic blanket when fully spread
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  • Very easy closing and opening option with quick zipper
  • Water-resistant fabric to keep inside of bag dry
  • Adjustable strap to fit on most people's backs
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  • Suitable to use with even the larger bikes
  • Remove handles and front wheel then fit bike in the bag
  • Strong shoulder straps will carry heavy weight
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  • Designed for folding bikes of up to 20 inches wheels
  • Adjustable strap included to easily carry on back
  • Quickly and easy opening and closing with zipper
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What is a Foldable Bicycle Bag?

A folding bicycle bag stores a folding bike. A folding bike has a foldable structure and mechanism that collapses and folds the vehicle into a smaller, compact shape. It is easy to open and fold and can be taken anywhere. However, some places restrict the use of folding bikes such as banks, libraries, or restaurants.

To overcome such restrictions, you may simply use a foldable bicycle bag to cover your bike. Having your bike in a carry bag will make it appear as luggage, allowing you to carry it anywhere you want. These bags are made with different materials with different qualities, such as resistance to water.

You can take your bike anywhere with CamGo 20 Inch Folding Bike Bag.

What Should I Look For When Buying a Foldable Bicycle Bag?

There are a plethora of foldable bicycle bags on the market that offer various features and specifications. You should be aware of the key aspects of a product that can help you make the right purchase. Below is a list of features that you must keep in mind while buying a foldable bicycle bag:


You must consider the material of the foldable bicycle bag. Ensure that it is made from a durable material that can resist harsh weather conditions.

To get the best out of your product, opt for nylon or polyester bags. They are resistant to water and offer high durability. Further, both materials can resist harsh weather conditions, which makes them ideal for use.

Moreover, you will find bags that offer quality padding on the inside. This ensures the bike stays safe from scratches. Thus, consider a model having a well-padded interior.

Easy to Carry

These bags should be compact and easy to wear so that they can be transported easily. Many models come with a shoulder strap, which is ideal in terms of portability.

Also, bags featuring two pockets for accessories, along with strong shoulder straps will make carrying your bike more convenient. Consequently, you can carry it on cars, trains, and subways.

Some products' lightweight and compact nature enable you to easily carry and store the case when not in use. Therefore, when selecting a unit, do consider the ease of use as it will go a long way while traveling.

Multi-Functional Design

Bags suitable for multiple purposes are preferable. You would find models that act as a travel bag, storage bag, and picnic bag. It makes them ideal for use.

Also, there are multiple carrying options such as top or side hand grips that make carrying easy. A bag offering multiple carrying options makes moving around with a folding bike comfortable.

Aophire 26 Inch Folding Bike Bag

Review of the Best Foldable Bicycle Bags

Here are some detailed reviews of the best foldable bicycle bags on the market. So, let's take a look at them so that you find the most suitable unit for yourself.

Best Overall:
CamGo 20 Inch Folding Bike Bag

CamGo 20 Inch Folding Bike Bag - Waterproof Bicycle Travel Case Outdoors Bike Transport Bag for Cars Train Air Travel


  • Made of durable high-intensity nylon
  • Multi-purpose with lowest zipper design
  • Features a shoulder strap that allows easy carrying
  • Lightweight bag that can be easily carried on car and train trips
  • Covered with high-density webbing that increases the strength of the bag


  • Might not be suitable for air travel

What Recent Buyers Report

People who recently bought this product were satisfied with its features and overall performance. The compact design of this unit is easy to use as it comes with an adjustable shoulder strap. Moreover, users found the nylon material bag highly durable. It is an ideal storage bag for bikes, particularly for people who travel frequently.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The CamGo 20 Inch Folding Bike Bag is one of the best models on the market as it offers all the vital features, allowing it to deliver superior performance. The nylon constructed bag is robust and water-resistant.

The lightweight model comes with a shoulder strap that makes it easy to carry around. It features a multi-functional handle that can be used as a shoulder strap or a strap to attach the bag to handlebars when not in use.

Moreover, it comes wrapped with high-density webbing, which enhances the strength to carry the burden in a harsh environment for long periods. The small bags that come along can be used to store other bike tools or accessories.

Besides, it features a multi-purpose lowest zipper design, which makes loading and unloading of the bike convenient. When the zipper is completely unzipped, you can use it as a picnic mat as well.

Bottom Line

All in all, the CamGo bag is ideal for taking your bike in the car or on trains. The durable and lightweight model can be carried easily with a shoulder strap. So, with all the crucial features, there is no reason not to get this amazing model.

Columba 26 Inch Folding Bike Bag

Columba 26 inch Folding Bike Bag


  • Water-resistant fabric ensures durability
  • Features a zipper that makes loading easy
  • Suitable for traveling and storage purposes
  • Easy to carry with an adjustable shoulder strap
  • Spacious enough to accommodate a 26-inch wheel folding bike


  • Does not have a handlebar quick-release

What Recent Buyers Report

Those who purchased the product found it spacious enough to fit in a folding bike. It is suitable for other storage purposes as well. Moreover, the sturdy zipper makes the opening and closing easy. With an adjustable shoulder strap, users could carry the bike wherever they wanted to.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This model offers plenty of storage capacity and is designed to accommodate folding bikes with 26-inch wheels. The sturdy zipper makes the opening and closing of the bag easy. 

Furthermore, you can easily carry it on your shoulder with an adjustable strap. The bag is well-made with a waterproof fabric, so it will protect your bike in harsh weather, too. 

Besides, you can take your folding bike in this bag on trains and cars. The spacious bag can be used for other storage purposes as well. 

Bottom Line

To conclude, the Columba 26 Inch Folding Bike Bag is well-made with high-quality materials. The lightweight bag can be carried easily with an adjustable shoulder strap. Also, you can easily load your bike thanks to the sturdy zippers.

Honorable Mention:
Aophire 26 Inch Folding Bike Bag

Aophire Folding Bike Bag Thick Bicycle Carry Bag,Bike Transport Case for Transport,Air Travel,Shipping (26 inch


  • Made of robust polyester material
  • Folding bike easily loads into the bag
  • Suitable to carry on cars, trains, airplane, and subways
  • Multipurpose; can also act as a heavy-duty storage bag 
  • Features shoulder straps that make it easy to carry around


  • No padding inside may cause damage to the bike

What Recent Buyers Report

Buyers of this product loved the sturdy and durable material used in its construction. They were able to use the bag conveniently as it comes with strong adjustable straps.

Also, loading the bike in it was relatively easy and fit perfectly. Since it does not provide a cushion on the inside, people suggested bubble-wrapping the bike while traveling by air.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The Aophire 26 inch folding bike bag is an ideal option for carrying a 26 to 27.5-inch bike anywhere you want. Simply disassemble the handlebar and front wheel of the bike and place the entire bicycle into the bag.

Moreover, the unit is well-constructed with strong 1680D polyester material, which allows it to resist the harshest weather conditions. It can be carried easily with strong shoulder straps.

Also, when not in use, you can fold and keep it in the buggy bag that comes with it. You can attach the buggy bag to the handlebars of the bike. With this bike bag, you can carry your bike on cars, airplanes, subways, and trains. You can also use it as a storage bag for other purposes, such as moving your house.

Bottom Line

In a nutshell, this travel bag is ideal for those who travel frequently and need to take their bike on trains, cars, airplanes, etc. It is durable and easy to use. You can easily load your bike into it and carry it anywhere you want.

4. Columba 20 inch Folding Bike Bag

Columba 20 inch Folding Bike Bag


  • Rip-resistant nylon construction
  • Ideal for 20-inch wheel folding bikes
  • Durable fabric offers water-resistance
  • Suitable for carrying in the car or on train
  • Sturdy zipper allows easy opening and closing of the bag


  • Does not fit on to the bike rack when folded

What Recent Buyers Report

Recent buyers of the product were satisfied with its overall performance. It fits the bike well and is easy to carry with a shoulder strap. Further, the zippers were satisfactory, offering smooth use of the product. Also, users were content with the robust quality of the bag, offering water-resistance.

Why it Stands Out to Us

Are you looking for a folding bike bag that is pocket-friendly yet offers essential features? The Columba 20 inch Folding Bike Bag would be the right pick for you. It is designed for a 20-inch wheel folding bike.

The ripstop nylon material offers high durability and water-resistance. Also, it can withstand harsh weather conditions. Moreover, this bag comes with an adjustable shoulder strap, which adds convenience in carrying it anywhere. The bike fits right into it with the strong zippers.

Also, you can conveniently transport your folding bike in this robust bag wherever you please. So, at such a reasonable price, you would want to consider this high-quality product.

Bottom Line

To sum up, Columba 20 inch Folding Bike Bag comes with all the essential features at an affordable price. It is well-made, easy to carry, water-resistant, and ideal for a 20-inch wheel folding bike. Having all these features, you should consider this product.

5. THRLEGBIRD Folding Bicycle Bag

THRLEGBIRD Folding Bicycle Bag, Row Bag, Fits 14 to 20 Inches, Comes with a Dedicated Case for Cars, Airplanes, Air Transportation, Convenient, Durable, Large Storage Bag, Black


  • Comes at a reasonable price
  • Compatible with bikes of up to 20 inches
  • Polyester construction with a waterproof lining
  • Has a large capacity to store anything other than a bicycle
  • Securely take your bike to public transport like buses and trains


  • Does not come with a shoulder strap

What Recent Buyers Report

The THRLEGBIRD Folding Bicycle Bag is an affordable model offering superior quality and performance. Users expressed content over its durable and sturdy material. Moreover, the lightweight bag is reported to be easy to fold and unfold with two sturdy zippers on both ends.

Why it Stands Out to Us

If you are on a tight budget, then the THRLEGBIRD Folding Bicycle Bag is an enticing option. It offers ample storage capacity that can be used for other things as well. The polyester material can resist harsh weather conditions. It has a waterproof lining that makes it water-resistant.

Furthermore, with this, you can easily bring your bicycle on public transport such as on buses and trains. The lightweight bag is easy to fold and unfold with two zippers at both ends.

You can also keep your folding bike in the bag safe from dust, dirt, and pet hair. So, with all these amazing features at such an affordable price, you would want to consider this product.

Bottom Line

To sum up, this model is ideal for those who are looking for something that is pocket-friendly. The durable polyester material bag is weather and water-resistant. Besides, its lightweight design allows you to easily carry your folding bicycle on trains and buses.

Advantages of Investing in a Quality Foldable Bicycle Bag

The compactness of folding bikes makes such units ideal for those who prefer taking their bikes around. However, to enhance the ease of carrying your folding bicycle, you must opt for a carry bag.

A bag allows you to securely carry your bike everywhere you want. It comes with various benefits that you do not want to miss out on. Therefore, investing in a quality foldable bicycle bag would be a wise decision. Some prominent benefits include:

Protection Against Harsh Weather

People who own a folding bicycle are ones who plan on moving around often. Places with harsh weather conditions may affect your bike's color and cause a rusty exterior.

A foldable bicycle bag prevents a bike from dirt, dust, water, and other such elements. The bags are made of durable and robust material that protects the bike from harmful external factors.

Moreover, some models offer padding inside, which keeps the bike safe from scratches. Usually, it is observed that during air travel, bikes are damaged due to rough handling. The padding on the interior part of the bag will prevent any such damages.

Consequently, it will keep your folding bike safe, securing your investment in the long run.

Ensures Security

Carrying your folding bike stored in a bag is much securer and easier. Foldable bicycle bags feature adjustable shoulder straps that allow you to carry your bike like a backpack.

Also, having your bike with you at all times reduces the chances of it being stolen. And carrying your bike with a bag is much more convenient than without it. A bag offers multiple carrying options like the top or side handgrip. With these carrying options, you can carry it as you please.

Easy to Transport

Can you imagine taking your bike to restaurants, banks, or libraries? It can only be possible if you have a foldable bicycle bag since it offers proper storage for your folding bike that can be taken anywhere.

All the products on our list are suitable for taking your bike on public transport such as on trains, subways, buses, and airplanes. Even if you are traveling, you do not have to think twice about carrying your bike. With a suitable foldable bicycle bag, you can make cycling a practical option every day.

When Would a Foldable Bicycle Bag Come in Handy?

Foldable bicycle bags are used for several purposes. You will find plenty of multi-functional bags that offer storage space for other stuff as well. So, let's take a look at some of its uses:

Storage Solution

Many models offer plenty of storage capacity, which makes them suitable for storing other stuff as well. Furthermore, some models come with an extra bag as well, which is useful for storing other bicycle accessories. This adds convenience to carrying your bike along.

For Air Travel

A bicycle stored in a foldable bag can be comfortably carried when traveling by air. Checking in your folding bicycle stored in a folding bike bag will cost you less in the luggage fee. Therefore, during air travel, a foldable bike bag will certainly come in handy.

THRLEGBIRD Folding Bicycle Bag

Everyday Commuting

These bags come in handy for people who commute daily on their bicycles. You will find models offering features that make carrying the burden easy.

Most models offer adjustable shoulder straps that allow you to use it as a backpack.

Also, it not only carries your bike but can store other items if you want to. Thus, for commuting purposes, a foldable bicycle bag can prove to be very useful.

What Do I Need to Know Before Buying?

To help you with your buying decision, below are a few factors that you must bear in mind:


Before selecting any kind of bag for your bike, you should consider its size. You must measure the dimensions of your bike when folded. Once you know the dimensions, only then decide what you want to buy.

Having an incorrect size will be a waste. It would not fit your bike well, causing discomfort while carrying it. Moreover, look for a bag that can be easily placed onto a bike rack when not in use. Oversized bags cannot be easily stored when not in use.


You will find folding bike bags within different price ranges, depending on their features and specifications. Before you purchase a product, be sure of how much you are willing to spend on the product.

Bear in mind the key aspects that you would want in your bike in the set budget. The product you choose must offer maximum protection to your bike, or else it would not serve the purpose.

Bag Usage

Identify the purpose you need the bag for. Many people require them for everyday commuting. They use the bag for storing other items such as bike accessories, gloves, clothes, etc. The bag serves as a storage solution for them.

Meanwhile, some people require a bag for traveling in the car or on the train. Therefore, depending upon your usage, you must choose a specific model based on the features and construction.


Selecting the right foldable bicycle bag would be easy if you follow the above information. After walking through our list of the best foldable bicycle bags, you must have a fair idea about the kind of product you require. You cannot go wrong with the purchase if you bear in mind the key features that include construction, ease of use, and bike safety. Make sure to choose wisely!


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