Best Folding Bike Pedals of 2021 – Ultimate Round-up

| Last Updated: January 24, 2022

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Bike pedals are important when riding a bike, but they tend to get in the way when transporting or storing, often getting caught on things. The solution to this is folding bike pedals. 

If you are considering these, here is all the information you need to decide if they’re for you, along with some of the best models on the market today.

Comparison of the Best Folding Bike Pedals

  • Has a rugged nylon fiber surface for better footing and grip
  • Quite easy to install on bike
  • Sealed bearing to prevent dust penetration
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  • Comes with an anti-slip cleat design
  • High- aluminum materials used to be more durable
  • Will easily install on most types of bikes
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  • Best for the Money
  • Tooth design to prevent slipping and grip easily
  • The resin material is corrosion-resistant to last longer
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  • Made from high strength aluminum alloy for durability
  • Sealed bearing to prevent penetration of dust and water
  • Standard thread design for easy installation
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  • Sealed bearing to prevent penetration of dust and water
  • Standard thread design for easy installation
  • Made from high strength aluminum alloy for durability
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What Are Folding Bike Pedals? 

Folding bike pedals are merely pedals on a bike that can be easily folded to save space and allow for easy portability. You can use them for your daily commutes and also for riding competitions. They are usually used with folding bikes, and together, both of them allow for greater comfort and convenience.

These pedals are made with very durable material. Commonly, materials like polycarbonate, nylon, and polycarbonate are used to reinforce the overall structure and design. Moreover, some companies make use of aluminum alloys, plastic, or magnesium to make these.  

Fooker MTB Pedals

How Do Folding Bike Pedals Work?

Pedals are one of the most important parts of a bike, and it is sufficient to say that a good model will create the most impact on your daily commute or your performance. The pedal is the place where you place your foot, and then you apply pressure so you can move the bike forward. These not only rotate but also turn your bike at corners. 

There is a single pedal on each side and what makes them unique is that they can be folded after usage. This not only allows for easier storage of the unit but also makes portability easier. These not only give the bike more power but also allow cyclists to have a stronger grasp. They also work alongside a number of other accessories to help provide overall smooth performance. 

What Makes Folding Bike Pedals Great? 

There is a reason why so many people opt for folding bike pedals. They aren't only very durable but also allow for greater efficiency. Moreover, they come in a variety of designs and weights. Here is what makes these models so great:

Ease of Usage

The main reason why people are drawn to these pedals is that they get to enjoy more ease of usage with them. They can be both removed and reinstalled anytime, which makes their portability easy. Moreover, the process of folding them hardly takes any time.


Unlike many other pedals in the market, you can easily use these folding units with a variety of bikes. This includes mountain bikes, road bikes, and even bikes used for competitive sports. This diversity comes in handy when you want to use the same pedals for your commutes and for recreational purposes.

Less Weight

Most models that you see in the market are relatively lighter than normal pedals. This is why many people like using foldable pedals instead of traditional ones. Moreover, this lightweight feature does not come at the cost of durability. These pedals are equally durable and come in handy during the toughest of conditions. 


If you are looking to enhance the efficiency of your bikes, you don’t have to buy a completely new model. You can simply make use of a foldable design. These come in handy when you want greater abrasion and corrosion resistance from your pedals.

Review of the Best Folding Bike Pedals

If you are looking for the best possible folding bike pedals, you have surely come to the right place. This section not only describes the properties of the best units but also offers a quick overview of the pros and cons associated with each.

Best Overall:
Fooker MTB Pedals

FOOKER MTB Pedals Mountain Bike Pedals 3 Bearing Non-Slip Lightweight Nylon Fiber Bicycle Platform Pedals for BMX MTB 9/16'


  • Anti-skid nails on each side enhance safety
  • Offers resistance against abrasion and corrosion
  • Simplistic yet smooth design allows for easy installation
  • Can be used with a variety of bike models, thus ensuring high diversity 
  • Rugged nylon fiber construction provides pedals with unmatched strength


  • Relatively expensive 

What Recent Buyers Report

Everyone likes to ride bikes, whether it is for recreational purposes or daily work commuting. It is hence very important for buyers to get a good comfortable grip. And this is exactly what they got when they invested in this Fooker model. They fell in love with the diversity that is offered. This, they said, was further enhanced by the anti-skid nails that enhanced security.

Why it Stands Out to Us

One of the best things about this model is its design, which is carefully crafted to provide users with the utmost comfort. You will be amazed by just how strong and durable the pedals feel under the foot. Rugged nylon fiber is used for the surface, and high strength Cr-Mo spindle is used in the making of the pedals. All this allows for greater resistance against shock and water.

Another added benefit of investing in this model is that you get to enjoy high corrosion resistance. The pedals are also abrasion-free, which adds to the list of why you should invest in this model. Lastly, the brand has incorporated a sealed bearing design that not only protects spindles from exposure to water but also prevents the unit from making a lot of noise.

Bottom Line

For many people who love to ride, these pedals have proved to be the best out there. You should only get them if you are looking to spend slightly more for your comfort. These pedals can be used with almost any bike, including unicycles, track bikes, folding bikes, and road bikes. The best thing about them is that they will provide the same level of comfort and safety regardless of the bike you use them with.

MZYRH Ultra Strong Mountain Bike Pedals

MZYRH Mountain Bike Pedals, Ultra Strong Colorful CNC Machined 9/16' Cycling Sealed 3 Bearing Pedals


  • Suitable for competitive racing games 
  • Anti-skid nails allow for greater efficiency after installation
  • Sealed bearings are lubricated and hence provide a smooth ride
  • Aluminum alloy allows for extra durability and enhances comfort
  • Anti-skid pins cleat the overall design and make the pedals better for long-term usage


  • Slightly heavier than some other models

What Recent Buyers Report

A smooth body is integral for any good pedals, but buyers like not only the exterior of this unit but also its affordability. Buyers love that they can easily install these pedals without wasting a lot of their time and energy. Moreover, they love the design because it can be used with a variety of bikes. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

There is a reason why this model is so high up on our list. For starters, it uses the toughest and most durable materials in its construction hence leaving no room for error. The exterior is very smooth, and the laminated sealed bearing further adds to the model's appeal. There is also an anti-slip cleat design that allows for a much stronger grasp on the bike.

These features not only add to your safety but also make these pedals suitable for both children and adults. Moreover, you will like the ergonomic design that is enhanced by the use of strong aluminum alloys. All this allows for greater efficiency and ensures buyers get their money's worth.

Bottom Line

These pedals are relatively cheap and don’t compromise any integral features like durability and efficiency. The former is provided by sealed bearings, and the latter is provided by a good grip. Efficiency is also enhanced with the use of anti-skid nails that makes riding a bike very easy. So if you are looking to enhance your commuting experience without spending too much money, this is the model for you.

Best for the Money:
zonkie Mountain Bicycle Resin Pedals

ZONKIE Bicycle Pedals, Bike Pedals, Plastic MTB Pedals, 9/16 Inch


  • Provides a good warranty
  • Suitable for all kinds of mountain, folding, and road bikes
  • Lightweight material allows for a lighter and smoother grip
  • Offers complete wear and corrosion resistance for longevity
  • Made with a resin material that adds to the durability of the design


  • Less diversity in thread size

What Recent Buyers Report

Buyers were extremely thrilled when these pedals first hit the market. They were already in love with the brand's excellent reputation, so they knew that these pedals were going to be amazing too. This model did not only fulfill expectations but exceeded them. Buyers have praised the diversity that they get with these bike pedals. They can easily use these pedals with mountain, folding, and road bikes.

Why it Stands Out to Us

Before you say that the perfect design doesn’t exist, stop and reconsider. This model is not only very affordable but also comes with an ergonomic design that lets you remain very comfortable throughout your journey. There is a non-slip design that allows you to enhance the grip of your feet on the pedal and hence not feel tired after a long journey.

Another feature that stands out is the excellent ball bearings. These aren't only extremely water-resistant but are also very durable. You will hence get to enjoy excellent longevity. Resin is also used, which makes the whole unit appear very comfortable and lightweight.

Bottom Line

Resin is wear and corrosion-resistant; hence, it is no wonder that the brand chose to incorporate that into its pedals. But this is not the only reason the pedals stand out. They are also very durable and provide better resistance to corrosion. On top of that, they are very lightweight and hence don’t add significantly to the weight of the bike.

4. BONMIXC Aluminum Mountain Bicycle Pedals

BONMIXC Bike Pedals 9/16' Metal Bicycle Pedals Sealed Bearing Aluminum Alloy Mountain Bike Pedals Flat


  • Features an oxidizing process that prevents any abrasions
  • Don't scratch easily and hence retain structure for a longer time
  • Stainless steel bolts are replaceable and provide strength to the design
  • Non-slip platforms will protect you when you are riding at faster speeds
  • Wide platforms will enhance comfort and provide you with a stronger grip


  • You might need some time before you get used to them

What Recent Buyers Report

Nearly all buyers praise the quality of the pedals and compliment the unique features associated with them. The best features, according to buyers, are the stainless steel bolts and the wider platforms. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

Riders who want to appear cool but also want to remain safe throughout their journey will love using these pedals. They not only come with a very attractive exterior, but the design is just what you need for easy commuting. There is a 100% Cr-Mo spindle that is coupled with 9/16 threading. This not only makes the model resistant to water but also makes the design dustproof. 

On top of that, the model works very well on any kind of trail. The use of aluminum further adds strength to the design, and the alloy platforms provide the pedals with unmatched durability. Moreover, the wide platforms add to your comfort and let you enjoy your riding experience. 

Bottom Line

If you fear that your pedals will wear off easily and will end up with a lot of scratches, then you need to look at this model. The stainless steel bolts provide an enhanced grip that comes in handy in instances where you fear your safety. The oxidizing process protects the exterior and prevents any abrasions from forming.

5. BONMIXC Ultralight Weight Mountain Bike Pedals

BONMIXC Mountain Bike Pedals 9/16' Alloy Lightweight MTB Pedals Sealed Bearing Flat Road Pedals


  • Wide platforms enhance your comfort
  • A very thin body that minimizes the overall weight
  • Use of stainless steel and anti-skid pins will provide excellent grip
  • Triangular design offers more durability and adds to your comfort
  • Sturdy structure that uses 100% of Cr-Mo spindle with extra strength


  • Can break under very high pressure

What Recent Buyers Report

This is one of those models that have unanimous support from most recent buyers. They love the ergonomics of the design. This, they say, allows the pedals to be used on a variety of different roads and surfaces. They have also loved the sturdy structure that allows for more longevity. All this helps retain the quality of the pedals for the longest time.

Why it Stands Out to Us

If you are looking to ride efficiently on any road, you need to consider these folding bike pedals. They come with a sealed bearing made with very high-end construction material. These folding pedals are also extremely lightweight and very thin, thus allowing for easy portability. Moreover, they have a sturdy structure. 

The unique triangular design, coupled with the excellent CNC technology, not only strengthens the bike pedals but also allows for more overall stability. So if you are looking to ride on rugged mountains or sloppy roads, you can rest assured that these pedals will come through.

Bottom Line

We have kept one of our best models for the last. This unique unit comes with wide platforms that enhance your comfort and further add finesse to the design. They also offer a much better grip, which is often missing from models within the same price range. So if you are looking to enjoy the comfort of a unique design without having to pay a lot of money, then this is the perfect model for you.

Types of Folding Bike Pedals 

When it comes to folding bike pedals, there are a number of options that you can choose from. Most of these models come with good adjustability and hence come in handy on and off the road. 

Clipless or Clip-in Pedals

These are one of the most common types in the market and hence enjoy a lot of popularity. They require cleats that are attached to your shoe. This further snaps into the pedal. These pedals offer a lot of diversity, and there are a lot of options for you to choose from.


This is one of the most popular designs among clipless pedals. As the name suggests, the pedals allow the feet to pivot in a horizontal plane. This not only allows your feet to grasp tightly on to the pedals but also gives you ample room to relax your knees. This helps avoid strain and injury and ensures you remain safe during your daily commuting. Riders that have sensitive knees should opt for this model. 


Another type of folding pedals is cleats and features a unique design. The cleat carefully protrudes from the shoe and engages on one side only. This saves the weight of a binding mechanism. 

Cleats are often made from resin and feature a very large surface area. This not only gives you a clear contact area but also provides you with the needed stiffness to enhance your efficiency. Using these pedals may seem a bit hard at fast, but you will get the hang of them with practice. 

BONMIXC Ultralight Weight Mountain Bike Pedals

Safety Considerations for Folding Bike Pedals

Despite what many people believe, folding bike pedals are one of the safest options on the market. These are extremely strong and durable and allow for greater efficiency on the road. Here are some safety considerations that you need to look out for. 

Concerns About Weaker Joints

Since these pedals are mostly used with folding bikes, many people automatically assume that they lack durability and strength, although that’s not the case at all. People think that folding bikes come with weak joints and hinges and hence don't come with a rigid structure. 

However, you will find a plethora of bike manufacturers, and subsequently, the pedals undergo a lot of testing. This enhances its quality. 

On Bumpy Roads

A major concern of people using folding bike pedals is that they don’t offer as much stability as traditional bikes on bumpy roads. Road irregularities tend to make things difficult as you will be required to put all your weight in the forward direction. Since these pedals are lightweight and often smaller in size, you may find yourself in a very uncomfortable position. The best thing to do then is to keep your grip and avoid leaning in the forward direction. 


There’s nothing as important as maintenance. A clean bike pedal will not only enhance safety but will also make your experience more fun. There are a couple of things that you can do to enhance safety. You can make sure that you properly maintain the pedals and regularly clean them to retain the quality.

Pros and Cons of Folding Bike Pedals

For buyers to make the most accurate decision, they must be aware of everything related to bike pedals, the benefits they provide, and the drawbacks they come with. This section will help you with that. 


When it comes to these units, the pros outweigh the cons. Here are all the reasons why you should consider folding pedals:

Make Bikes Slimmer

One of the best things about these folding pedals is that they make the overall bike appear slimmer than it is.

This allows for easy storage and portability. You can fold the bike pedals easily and place them in the back of the car.

Aerodynamic Design

zonkie Mountain Bicycle Resin Pedals

Another excellent advantage of getting pedals is that they have a very aerodynamic design. This comes in handy when you want to increase your speed during your daily commute or when you are racing with your friends. Moreover, the design is universal, which means that you can use the same pedals with a variety of bikes.

Enhances Safety

You will enhance your security when you invest in these pedals. They offer greater resistance against abrasion and corrosion and will not easily tear off. Moreover, they are made with either nylon or plastic and hence offer amazing durability.


Like with most models, there are also some drawbacks when it comes to using these pedals. Here are some of them.

Demand Caution on Slippery Roads

These pedals are relatively lighter than your traditional pedals, and hence you need to practice extra caution when you are using them on slippery roads. 

Lacks Good Warranty

A major issue with a lot of models is that they don’t offer a very good warranty. However, if you properly maintain and clean them, you can prolong their life. 

How to Use Folding Bike Pedal

Folding pedals are integral for providing good portability for your bikes. Their usage is very simple, and you only need to remember a few steps before you proceed. Here is how you use a folding bike pedal for the best results.

  1. For starters, you need to keep a 15mm installation wrench. 

  2. Pedals come in right and left threading. On the right pedal, it installs in a clockwise direction, and on the left side, it installs in an anti-clockwise direction.

  3. You can assess whether it is the right pedal or the left one by looking at the imprint on the unit’s axle. There will be either an R or an L written there.

  4. Pre-grease the threads with either a spray bottle or some oil to lubricate it. This will make the installation process easier.

  5. Place the right pedal into the right crank arm. You need to put the axle front in the middle and then turn it in a clockwise direction.

  6. Then use the 15 mm wrench to secure it properly.

  7. Use the leverage from the wrench and give the pedal a good amount of torque. But this shouldn’t be too much because you don’t want to make it difficult to remove the pedal when needed. 

  8. Close the alloy pedals by pushing them in from the outside and turn the body as you go.

  9. When you want to return the pedal to its original size, you simply rotate it.

  10. If you are installing detachable pedals, you will have to put the axle of the pedal inside the couplings that are pre-installed.

If you are unsure of any point, simply watch the video given below. 


Bike riding is definitely one of the most enjoyable activities out there, and hence we recommend that you buy only the best possible pedals for it. You might think that traditional pedals will be more efficient, but this is only because you haven’t yet tried folding bike pedals. One look at the excellent features offered by them will ease your mind.

The models we have included above are certainly some of the best ones in the market. They are durable and very safe. The major distinctions are around the costs, warranties, and some other minor features that you might be interested in. So if you are looking to enhance your bike riding experience, we recommend you transition from traditional pedals to these. 

People Also Ask

Riders are one of the most enthusiastic people out there, and they show their love and passion for bikes by asking a plethora of questions on the internet. We have answered the most common ones for you so you can find the best possible model for yourself. 

Is There a Noticeable Effect (Speed) While Using Folding Pedals With Bigger Flat?

Flat pedals feature a very simplistic design that doesn’t come with any bindings. They often come with some kind of non-slippery design that is enhanced by metal pins on top. These provide a good grip and prevent your feet from sliding around. In turn, these pedals help enhance speed. This is because the rider feels more secure in his position and hence rides fearlessly. 

Are Folding Pedals Detachable?

Folding pedals don’t need to be detached every time you want to store your bikes; however, it is possible to detach them. You simply have to disengage the axle of the pedal from the crank and allow it to release quickly. 

BONMIXC Aluminum Mountain Bicycle Pedals

Are Folding Bike Pedals the Same as Foldable Bike Pedals?

These two words are often used interchangeably; however, there are some slight differences between the two. A foldable bike pedal can be removed from the crank. They can break, however, because they carry bearings. You also may have to take them for repair. On the other hand, folding pedals are easily foldable and hence allow you to enjoy portability.

Do I Have to Remove the Pedals When Folding My Bike?

You don't have to remove the pedals when folding your bike, and that is exactly why they have gained so much popularity over recent years. However, if you want to remove them, you easily can. If you haven’t done that in a while, you may have to apply a small amount of spray of penetrating fluid to lubricate them.

How Long Do Folding Bike Pedals Last?

This depends on the model and brand you choose. Some excellent models in the market offer a good warranty; however, some lack this feature. On average, folding pedals can last around 10 to 15 years easily. However, the duration can be enhanced if you properly maintain and take care of the unit. 

Are Folding Bike Pedals Safe?

Many people think that since folding bike pedals are relatively lightweight, they aren't as flexible or as durable as traditional models, but that is really not the case. These pedals are made with high-strength materials, such as resin, and hence offer amazing durability. Not only that, but they have also undergone testing procedures to ensure greater safety.


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