Best Garage Bike Racks (2021) – Top Picks

| Last Updated: January 23, 2022

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When it comes to bike storage at home or garage, the struggle is real. A garage bike rack is probably the best way for convenient storage and proper maintenance of your bikes.

Since there are plenty of options available, picking the right bike rack for your needs can be overwhelming. Well, we have done research on your part and narrowed it down to a list of the best garage bike racks currently trending on the market.

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Comparison of the Best Bike Racks for Garage

  • Can easily hold up to 40 lbs
  • Durable and sturdy aluminum construction
  • Comes with limited lifetime warranty
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  • Each set can easily hold up to 55 lbs
  • Quickly and simply store 2 bicycles in seconds
  • Extra-large hooks are rubber coated for protection
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  • Sturdy and stable design will last for years
  • Easy installation thanks to clear step-by-step guide
  • Long ceiling brackets with excellent vertical support
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  • Ceiling mounted rack can hold up to 4 bikes
  • Made with 100% rust-proof, recyclable materials
  • Glader gives you easy access to each bicycle
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  • Protective rubber coated hooks prevent scratches
  • Very easy to install and use on rafter or joist
  • Allows you to easily lift up to 100 lbs
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  • Quick, effortless, and easy push-in design
  • Three holding points make it very stable
  • Portable and foldable unit is very durable
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What Size Bike Rack Do I Need?

The market is flooding with bike racks of various designs and sizes. In order to determine the right size for your bikes, you have to consider various factors like available space, ceiling height, and the number of bikes. Similarly, you must decide whether you want to hang the bikes vertically or horizontally. 

For horizontal placement, measure the height of the bike and for vertical placement, note its length. Once you have the exact measurement, look for the size of the rack accordingly. Make sure it is not too high or too low and bears enough weight capacity for the number of bikes you want it to hold. 

How Do I Choose a Garage Bike Rack?

Choosing the right garage bike rack can be cumbersome, especially when there are a plethora of options available. Here are some of the prominent features that must never be overlooked while making a purchase.

Sturdy Build

What’s the point of investing in a rack if it is not durable? A garage bike rack should be made from heavy-duty steel so it can withstand the weight of bikes and does not collapse after some time. Similarly, go for non-rusting materials for a valued purchase.

User-Friendly Design

Bike racks feature various designs and depending on the space available, you can opt for any of them. If you have more than one bike, you should go for a model that can easily accommodate them all. Similarly, the mechanism should be user-friendly so you can access the bike with ease.

Weight Capacity

A well-built rack comes with a remarkable weight capacity. It can hold up to four bikes without any issue. Such racks should be a priority, especially if you own a garage.


There is no need to spend huge bucks on a simple rack. You are recommended to go for a high-end product that falls within your budget and fully suits your needs. 

Review of the Best Bike Racks for Garage

Bike racks are probably the best way to get a clutter-free garage. Moreover, they can help in keeping the bikes steady during repair and maintenance. So, with this thought in mind, let’s go through some of the finest options to make an ideal purchase. 

Best Overall:
Ibera Horizontal Bicycle Bike Wall Hanger

Ibera Horizontal Bicycle Bike Wall Hanger, Bike Hook Holder Storage Rack for Indoor Storage, 45 Degree Adjustable Angle to Keep Your Bike Level


  • User-friendly design and quick installation
  • ABS arms keep the bike in a secured position
  • Adjustable hanger beam length for various applications 
  • Backed by a limited lifetime warranty for peace of mind
  • Durable aluminum construction makes it highly reliable


  • Must be mounted on a solid wall
  • Plastic adjusters might break easily

What Recent Buyers Report

With a pleasant appearance and robust build, this bike rack has become quite popular among customers. Users find it very easy to use and helpful in keeping the bike off the floor during the repair session. The installation is just a breeze, plus there is no complaint of any damage to the bike's paint.

Why it Stands Out to Us

Designed to accommodate one bike, the Ibera bike wall hanger can hold up to 39.6 pounds. It features a solid aluminum body that tends to withstand a lot of abuse. The ABS arms are padded to prevent scratches on your bike.

When it comes to installation, you can do it yourself without seeking any professional help. The adjustable beam length makes it compatible with a range of conventional bike frames. It keeps your bike in a convenient position above the ground without any risk. Moreover, it is space-efficient and comes with a limited lifetime warranty to mark reliability.  

Bottom Line

An exceptional bike rack with superior features, this model is a must-have. Your bike is not only taken care of with this rack, but it also saves you a lot of space in the garage. Moreover, it ensures optimum stability for each bike.  

Great Working Tools Bike Hoists

Great Working Tools Bike Hoists Set of 2, Hanging Ladder Lifts - Garage Ceiling Mount 55 lb Capacity Heavy Duty Hooks and Pulleys - Convenient Bicycle or Ladder Storage Hangers


  • Quick and easy to install
  • Sturdy build and a user-friendly design
  • Easily accommodates two bikes at a time
  • Impressive weight capacity makes it versatile
  • Extra-large hooks for secure storage of your vehicle


  • Should only be operated by adults
  • Accessories included in the package are merely subpar

What Recent Buyers Report

Users are extremely satisfied with the performance of this bike hanger. They praise both the quality and the design. According to them, its outstanding weight capacity makes it a suitable accessory in the garage. It is capable of taking care of two bikes at a time and, therefore, saves you a lot of space. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

If it wasn’t for the cord, this Great Working Tools bike hanger would have definitely topped the list. Crafted from steel, the hanger features a weight capacity of 55 pounds. It is specially designed to accommodate two bikes while keeping them stable. 

With extra-large hooks, the hanger safely holds your bike and does not allow it to fall off. The installation is pretty much simple. Apart from bikes, this hanger is ideally recommended for storing extension ladders when not in use. All the hooks and straps are coated with anti-scratch rubber to prevent any damage to your bike. Finally, it comes with all mounting hardware to ensure a fine experience.

Bottom Line

Durable, safe, and easy to install are the three words anyone would use for this bike hanger. The incorporation of adjustable hooks and a secure locking mechanism has built customers' trust in this product. It would definitely be a great addition to your garage.

Best for the Money:
Fleximounts GR48

FLEXIMOUNTS 4x8 Overhead Garage Storage Rack Adjustable Ceiling Storage Rack Heavy Duty, 96' Length x 48' Width x (22.5''-40' Ceiling Dropdown), White


  • Hooks and clamps are easier to work with
  • Compatible with wood and concrete joists
  • Adjustable height to hang your bikes securely
  • Suitable for holding other garage items as well
  • Heavy-duty steel construction makes it tough and durable 


  • Assembly can take some time 
  • Instruction manual is a bit complex

What Recent Buyers Report

This is a very well-reviewed product from customers. What they really loved about this hanger is its impeccable ability to save space in the garage. The weight capacity is just amazing, and the sturdy construction prevents accidental release. Moreover, its availability at a very pocket-friendly price makes it a go-to choice for budget-conscious people.  

Why it Stands Out to Us

The Fleximounts rack allows you to utilize spaces like the ceiling in your garage. Built from high-quality cold-rolled steel, the rack boasts a weight capacity of 600 pounds. Available in two colors, the rack is quite appealing to the eye.  

Since the wire deck and frame are welded together, there will be no risk of any damage during the shifting and storage of items. The package includes all the hardware of top-notch quality to ensure easy and stab;e installation. The hooks and clamps are pretty easy to hang to the bike, thereby making it a user-friendly product. Additionally, it comes with a very reasonable price tag.

Bottom Line

Those who are struggling to find a way to keep their spaces organized without spending a huge sum should definitely get this Fleximounts rack. Space-efficient, durable, and user-friendly by most standards, this product is probably the best deal out there. 

Best Ceiling Bike Rack For Garage:
Saris Glide Bike Storage Ceiling Rack

Saris Glide Bike Storage Ceiling Rack and Add-on Kit


  • Suitable for holding up to 4 bikes
  • A one-year warranty to ensure reliability
  • Versatile and compatible with all bike frames
  • Eco-friendly solution to get a clutter-free space
  • Smooth gliding system allows easy access to bikes


  • Tracks are relatively small
  • More force is required to take the bike down 

What Recent Buyers Report

The rack has succeeded in winning the confidence of most customers. They appreciate its sturdy build and secure design. It is easy to install and helps you organize bikes without cramping up the floor space. Moreover, its compatibility with a range of bike frames brings great value to your bucks. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

Who won't like a spacious garage with neatly organized items? Well, this Saris Glide rack is just the right choice for residential bike storage solutions. Manufactured from 100% recyclable and non-rusting materials, this product is environment-friendly as well. The robust construction is complemented by a versatile design that is capable of holding four bikes at a time. It has a weight capacity of around 50 pounds per bike.

The most prominent feature is the smooth gliding system that allows you to access each bike seamlessly. Similarly, the rack brings the bike in your reach whenever you are ready for a ride. The adjustable suspension hooks make the installation much easier. Moreover, you get to enjoy a one-year warranty on this versatile rack. 

Bottom Line

An extraordinary way for safe storage of bikes, this model is an ideal choice for big families. The amazing loading capacity and versatile design keep your garage neatly organized. All in all, with this rack, your ceiling will be fully utilized and will look good, too.  

Best Hanging Bike Rack For Garage:
RAD Sportz Bicycle Hoist

RAD Sportz Bicycle Hoist 2-Pack Quality Garage Storage Bike Lift with 100 lb Capacity Even Works as Ladder Lift Premium Quality


  • Ceiling bike rack to lift heavy bikes
  • Backed by a reliable lifetime warranty 
  • Safe locking mechanism ensures safe storage of the bikes
  • Rubber-coated hooks prevent any damage to the bike's paint
  • Incorporates two hooks to keep the bike in a balanced position


  • Might cause noise while pulling your bikes up 
  • Requires extra ropes to hang a three-wheeler

What Recent Buyers Report

Users quite like this rack for saving a lot of floor space and holding the bikes in a secure position. There are no complaints of any damage to the bike and any accidental release. It is also easy to install and operate and has a lifetime warranty to save additional repair and maintenance expenditures.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This bicycle hoist mainly stands out to us for its incredible rope pulley system. Designed for ceilings up to 12 feet, the rack allows optimum vertical storage of your bike. It can easily handle a bike of up to 100 pounds. The unique pulley system makes the whole process smooth and simple.

Similarly, the safety locking mechanism keeps the bike in place so you can even walk underneath the rack safely. You won't need to worry about scratches or abrasions on the bike's surface with the rubber-coated hooks. Lastly, manufacturers offer a lifetime warranty for further ease of mind. 

Bottom Line

The RAD Sportz rack depicts quality and versatility. Suitable for vertical storage, the model keeps your bikes organized. Not only is the build durable, but the design is also user-friendly, making the overall experience an unforgettable one for the user. 

Best Bike Rack For Garage Floor:
BIKEHAND Bicycle Floor Type Rack Stand

BIKEHAND Bicycle Floor Type Parking Rack Stand - for Mountain and Road Bike Indoor Outdoor Nook Garage Storage


  • Features a simple push-in system
  • Versatile and suitable for a range of bikes
  • User-friendly and stable in its performance
  • Dynamic stand base keeps the bike in place
  • Superior steel construction with powder-coated finish


  • A bit overpriced

What Recent Buyers Report

The lightweight yet sturdy design of the rack has received lots of appreciation from customers. They are in love with its versatility and durable performance. When it comes to installation, you won’t need any professional help. Moreover, you can always enjoy the lifetime warranty in case of any damage. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

Anyone who is looking for a simple storage solution should get his hands on this floor rack from BIKEHAND. Smooth and easy to use, this rack is crafted using heavy-duty steel, so there is no question about its durability. It comes fully assembled and ready to use right out of the box to save users from the hassle.

The rack holds on to your bike at three points, thereby offering greater stability. Thanks to the dynamic stand base, there is no chance of any tilt. One of the best qualities is its compatibility with a range of heavy bikes. Since it is foldable, you can take it anywhere in your car.

Bottom Line

This rack makes its way to our list for exhibiting an exceptional set of features. It is durable, lightweight, and portable, making it perfect for all-around usage. You can simply set it up in the garage for the efficient and secure storage of your bike.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Garage Bike Racks

When it comes to bike storage, there are a lot of options out there. So, you might find yourself wondering if a garage bike rack is a right option. Therefore, we have compiled a list of some of the major pros and cons of getting a garage bike rack. This can help you make a wise decision by the end.


Starting with the pros first, there are various benefits of getting a bike rack.

Secure Bike Storage

First and foremost, a garage bike rack ensures the safe storage of the bike. It saves you from worrying about your bike getting stolen.

Organized Garage

A bike rack comes in handy for a neat and proper organization of items in the garage. It keeps the bikes out of the way, thereby saving you a lot of free space.

Enhances Longevity of Bike

Leaving your bike outside at the mercy of the weather can cause significant damage to it. This may include rusting of the chain and substantial degradation of various parts if you happen to live in a humid, wet area. Storing your bike on a rack in the garage will protect it from any potential damage.


While there is a never-ending list of pros, a garage bike rack has some drawbacks as well.

Overwhelming Options

With so many options available, you may don't know where to start, or worse, you may end up getting the wrong product.


Depending on the model, some bike racks can be really heavy on the pocket.

Types of Garage Bike Racks

If you have seen our reviewed products, you know by now that there are various types of garage bike racks currently available on the market. It all comes down to the size and shape of the garage, as well as your personal preference. Let's have a closer look at each type to have a better understanding.

Ceiling-Mounted Racks

If your garage has a high ceiling with limited floor spacing, you should consider a ceiling-mounted rack. These hanging racks use a pulley system consisting of two hooks that are attached to the seat and handlebar of the bike to keep it in a secure position.

Wall-Mounted Racks

These garage racks are the most common types of racks used by people to keep their bikes properly organized. They can be installed on the wall using screws and bolts without much effort. All the hooks are normally rubber-coated in order to prevent any damage to the bike.

Free-Standing Racks

In case you don’t want to ruin your ceiling or walls by drilling holes, free-standing racks are just the right choice for you. With a simple setup, this type can be operated by both adults and kids. They are portable, and you can relocate them as per your convenience. Such racks are highly recommended for medium garages, residential areas, and family use. 

Garage Storage Rack vs Hook - Comparison Overview

Racks and hooks are some of the best ways for the safe storage of bikes. It is easy to get confused, especially if you have little idea about these products. We have drawn a detailed comparison between garage storage racks and hooks so you can decide which one will be really beneficial for you.


Racks and hooks share various qualities, including:

Bike Storage

Both these products are designed to store your bikes easily and conveniently at home or garage. They protect your valuable property and keep it in good condition till the next ride.

Space Efficient

They are a very good choice if you have limited space. Some of them are even capable of accommodating more than one bike at a time, thereby providing free space for other items. 


Though there are various similarities, they differ in one way or another as well.


Garage storage hooks, as the name suggests, feature a hook design. They are generally rubber-coated to prevent any scratches on the surface of the bike. On the other hand, a garage storage rack is generally a stand or shelf for indoor storage of bikes.

Ease of Use

Racks are relatively easier to use when compared to hooks. They don’t require much force to hang or take down a bike, making them suitable for even kids and women. 

How To Hang a Bike Rack In a Garage

The installation of a bike rack in the garage can be crucial and therefore requires some time to protect your bike and other items from any damage in the future. It might seem daunting at first, but all you need to do is to follow the steps carefully.

  1. First of all, plan out space. The rack should not be placed too high that your arms may feel pain. 

  2. Now, measure the bike’s height for a horizontal rack and its length if you are going to use a vertical one.

  3. Now, drill holes in the wall carefully. They should be deep enough to fit the screws.

  4. Insert a wall plug-in each hole for additional grip.

  5. Now, use the screws provided in the package to place the rack into the wall plugs.

  6. That’s basically it! Now just simply hang your bike on the rack until you are ready for the next ride.

If you still have any confusion, you are suggested to refer to the video below in order to have a full overview of what was just described. 


Nowadays, garage bike racks have become a good space-saving solution. Just like any other product, the first step in choosing a rack is to determine what you want and need. You should always think with an open mind and consider various factors like weight capacity, space, and design of the rack for an ideal pick. Hopefully, this article has helped you with that.

People Also Ask

Having proper bike storage can be highly rewarding. It not only keeps the space clutter-free, but it also protects your bike. You might have certain questions regarding these models. Well, here are answers to some of the frequently asked questions to help you clear all the doubts. Let’s get started!

What Type of Bike Rack is Good For a Small Garage?

A ceiling-mounted rack is just the right type for small garages with high ceilings. They provide an optimal space-saving solution for people who have many bikes. Though these racks are a bit complicated to install, the incorporation of the pulley system makes them relatively easier to use.

How Much Do Bike Racks Cost? 

Depending on the design and model, bike racks are available in a range of prices. They generally cost from $220 to $850. An expensive bike rack has impressive weight capacity, superior build, as well as exceptional features, making it worth the investment. You can go for any pick according to your budget. 

What Are Vertical Bike Racks For the Garage?

Vertical bike racks hold the bike at the right angle from the wall. Such types of racks are used when there is plenty of space to store your bike. Since they don’t need to be placed on the wall, you are at the liberty of positioning the rack anywhere in the garage. Similarly, you won't need to worry about screws and bolts.

Is it Okay to Hang a Bike By the Wheels?

Though it is possible to hang a bike by the wheels, it is not a good idea. Hanging the bike on a hook by one wheel results in too much pressure on the rim. This can cause damage to the bike and thereby alter its overall performance. You are advised to hang the bike from two points of contact on the frame for secure storage.

How to Hang Your Bike From the Ceiling

One of the easiest and pocket-friendly ways to hang your bike from the ceiling is by using high-quality rubberized hooks. You can hang the bike with one hook for vertical bike storage and with two hooks for horizontal storage. Make sure to get a durable and sturdy hook in order to prevent any accidental release.

How Many Bikes Can You Put on a Garage Bike Rack?

A garage bike rack is considered to be a tangle-free storage solution for bikes. The number of bikes a rack can accommodate greatly depends on its design, weight capacity, and composition. Generally, a high-end rack with a versatile design is capable of holding up to four bikes at a time.

Where to Mount a Bike Rack in Your Garage?

Bike racks are available in various designs. They can be wall-mounted, ceiling-mounted, vertical-mounted, and freestanding. It generally comes down to the space available in the garage and, of course, your personal preference. While a freestanding rack can be placed anywhere on the floor, the wall-mounted rack needs to be securely screwed to the walls.


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