Best Trunk Bike Racks of 2021 – Round-up Review

| Last Updated: January 23, 2022

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It is quite difficult to fit a bike rack in the trunk, especially when it's not foldable.

Well, this is where a trunk bike rack comes into play. It allows you to get your bike from your home to where you want to ride it without any troubles.

Investing in the first product you see is never a good idea. Take your time and do some research for the ideal purchase. Read on to know all about the trending trunk bike racks out there.

Comparison of the Best Trunk Bike Racks

  • Easily fits on a wide range of vehicles
  • For better stability side straps are included
  • Lower frame is padded to keep bike away from car body
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  • Lightweight and compact design to hold 1 bike
  • When not in use folds into a small compact size
  • Fits on a wide range of vehicles and models
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  • Best for the Money
  • Holds 2 bikes at a time for your convenience
  • Stability cradles included to prevent swaying
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  • Best Trunk Bike Rack For Sedan
  • Fits on a wide range of vehicles and models
  • Safe loading option with individual tie downs
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  • Best 2 Bike Trunk Rack
  • Very easy to assemble and install on vehicle
  • Easily fits on a wide range of vehicles
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  • Best Trunk Bike Rack For Suv
  • Quick snap setup for quick and easy installation
  • Distribute weight of bikes with extra large car pads
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  • Best 3 Bike Trunk Rack
  • Rubber cradles with rubber straps to hold 2 bikes at a time
  • Easily holds up to 70 pounds of weight
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What is a Trunk Bike Rack?

A trunk bike rank is a specially designed tool for safe and convenient carrying of the bikes on the trunk of a vehicle. It is very lightweight and connects to the hatch or the trunk of the vehicle with the help of straps, hooks, and buckles.

Once securely fit to your vehicle, this tool allows you to stack multiple bikes with great ease. Depending on the model, you can stack up to three bikes on the rack for efficient transportation. These are relatively affordable and easy to use.

Allen Sports Ultra Compact

Are Trunk Bike Racks Universal?

A trunk bike rack is a great addition to your vehicle's accessories for the bikes' secure transportation. You can find many of them on the market varying in their designs and features. Manufacturers usually make these racks compatible with a wide range of vehicles, from SUVs, or a minivan, to up to a sedan.

However, there are still some models on the market that show compatibility with a certain type of vehicle. For example, a trunk bike rack for an SUV is not appropriate for a small car. Therefore, trunk bike racks can't be termed as universal.

What Bike Rack Fits My Car?

The ideal rack that will fit your car depends on the model of your vehicle. While most bike racks are designed to go with all types of vehicles, you must check the compatibility of the rack with your car at the time of purchase. Some bike racks from Allen Sports and SportsRack can be a great fit for your car.

How to Choose a Trunk Bike Rack

Picking the right rack requires you to think with an open mind. It becomes hard to find the best one, seeing as how many of them fail and fall apart. Here are some key features that you must take into account.

Robust Build

The durability of any rack depends on the materials used in its construction. Therefore, you should always opt for a sturdy rack that will last in the longer run. It is also important that the rack is built of high-quality, high-strength material for stable performance.

Easy to Install

Nobody wants a rack that is difficult to install. Therefore, you should always check the design before making a final purchase. Go for a model that is easy to load and unload to save you from any discomfort.


What's the point of getting one of a rack that can't safely accommodate your bikes? The safety depends on various features, including a tie-down system, straps, and rubber feet. Go for a model that offers all such safety features and has reliable locks.


Another important feature to look for is the compatibility with the vehicle you own. Though manufacturers offer racks that are compatible with a range of vehicles, some of them fit only limited vehicles. Therefore, make sure your final pick fits well with your vehicle.

Saris Bones Car Bike Rack

Review of the Best Trunk Bike Racks

Getting a durable trunk bike rack is one of the best ways to transport your bike on a vehicle. To save you some time, here is a review of the trending trunk bike trunks that are worth considering.

Best Overall:
Allen Sports Deluxe Model 102DN-R

Allen Sports Deluxe 2-Bike Trunk Mount Rack, Model 102DN-R , Black


  • Easy to install, even for beginners
  • Compatible with a range of vehicles
  • Has a lifetime warranty from manufacturers
  • Lightweight and offers premium construction
  • High-quality construction makes it a reliable choice


  • Lacks locking system
  • Strap is not long-lasting

What Recent Buyers Report

Users are extremely satisfied with the performance of this rack. What they loved is that the model doesn't disappoint and performs just as promised. It is durable, user-friendly, and comes ready to use right out of the box. It works well with various vehicles, and the installation is merely a breeze.

Why it Stands Out to Us

Allen Sports brings a unique product to the bike rack industry with its Deluxe model. Crafted from high-end aluminum, this rack can take a lot of rough usages. Though lightweight, it can easily fit two bikes and bears a weight capacity of 70 pounds.

Installation is simple as the rack comes with a detailed instruction manual. Thanks to the side straps, the bikes remain right in place no matter how rough the terrain is. 

Additionally, all the sides are cushioned to prevent any damage to the bike's surface. Apart from compatibility with minivans and SUVs, the rack comes with a lifetime warranty as well.

Bottom Line

Best of all, the Allen Sports rack is built to last in the long run. It has some exceptional features that work brilliantly together to ensure a remarkable performance. Just install it on your trunk, and you and your bikes are good to go.

Allen Sports Ultra Compact

Ultra Compact Trunk Mounted Bike Rack


  • Foldable when not in use
  • Suitable for a range of vehicles
  • Package includes a carry bag as well
  • Incorporates an excellent tie-down system
  • Manufactured from high-quality steel to last longer


  • Fits one bike only

What Recent Buyers Report

The durable construction and stable performance of this rack have made it quite popular among customers. According to them, it offers easy portability with convenient storage of your bike. There is no complaint of any damage to the vehicle's surface during transport. Moreover, you get to enjoy a lifetime warranty from the company.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The second-best option on the list, this Allen Sports rack, mainly stands out to us for its heavy-duty yet compact design. It is manufactured using superior steel to ensure durability. With a weight capacity of around 70 pounds, this rack is lightweight and convenient for storage.

The foldable design allows you to carry it in the provided carry bag. Mounting the bike on this trunk rack is very easy. Similarly, the installation does not take much time. The incorporation of padded legs prevents any damage to the bike's paint during installation and transportation. Moreover, you can always seek a lifetime warranty in case of any damage.

Bottom Line

If it wasn't for the high price, this model would have been the best of the bunch. The durable build is well-complemented by a versatile functionality, making it the go-to choice for cycling enthusiasts. It is truly the ultimate bike rack for your needs.

Best for the Money:
SportRack Pursuit Anti-Sway Bike Rack

SportRack Pursuit Anti-Sway Trunk Mount Bike Rack


  • Suitable for holding up to two bikes
  • Easy storage due to the foldable design
  • Features a simple and minimalist design
  • Easy to use and a lot more affordable than others
  • Anti-sway stability prevents any contact and scratching


  • Straps can be a bit tricky to work with

What Recent Buyers Report

This is a budget-friendly alternative on our list. The pocket-friendly price tag of this model has lured many new customers. According to them, the rack secures the bike while preventing any damage to its surface. Both the installation and storage are pretty much simple and do not require much time.

Why it Stands Out to Us

Another simple yet effective rack for your bikes is this model from SportRack. The minimalistic design is made from high-quality materials and boasts a weight capacity of 132 pounds, making it capable of carrying up to two bikes at a time.

You will find rubber cradles to prevent any damage to the bike's paint during transportation. Additionally, the model features an anti-sway system to enhance the stability and protection of the bikes. It is easier to install and more flexible when compared to others. 

Since it folds flat, you can fully fold it for easy storage and convenient carrying. All in all, it is a brilliant choice for everyone.

Bottom Line

If you are looking for a reliable trunk bike rack without breaking the bank, this is just the right option. It can easily transport two bikes and keep them unharmed. With this rack, you don't have to worry about the storage and stability of bikes.

Best Trunk Bike Rack for Sedan:
Allen Sports Deluxe 103DN-R

Allen Sports Deluxe Trunk Mount 3-Bike Carrier, Model 103DN-R


  • Fully assembled and ready to use
  • Tie-down system is very easy to use
  • Designed to fit three bikes at a time
  • Padded frame to keep the bike safe
  • Incorporates side straps to maximize stability


  • Lacks an anti-sway system

What Recent Buyers Report

Users appreciate this unit for its durable and lightweight design. According to them, it is easy to mount the bikes on this rack and protect them throughout the journey. You don't have to spend a huge amount of time in its installation. Moreover, its compatibility with a range of vehicles improves the overall experience.

Why it Stands Out to Us

Allen Sports is an internationally acclaimed brand for providing user-friendly products to its customers. This bike rack is no less than other models from the company. Manufactured from quality materials, this product is very durable. It features a lightweight yet sturdy design to serve the purpose efficiently.

With its long arms, it is capable of fitting up to three bikes. There are rubber pads to keep the bikes unharmed during transportation. Similarly, the tie-down system helps in securing the bikes individually for maximum stability. The most interesting feature is its compatibility with various types of vehicles, including SUV, minivan, as well as a sedan.

Bottom Line

An extraordinary rack with some quality features, this unit is meant to serve you in the long run. With its high-end built and versatile design, it is the ideal choice for all-around usage. All in all, it promises great value for the money.

Best 2 Bike Trunk Rack:
Saris Bones Car Bike Rack

Saris Bones EX Trunk Bike Rack Carrier, Mount 2 Bikes, Black


  • Suitable for carrying up to two bikes
  • Installation and mounting are very easy
  • Articulated rubber feet keep the bike safe
  • Available in various colors to choose from
  • Manufactured from 100% recyclable materials


  • Not suitable for mountain bikes
  • Curve makes it difficult to fit some car models

What Recent Buyers Report

The rack has succeeded in winning lots of appreciation from buyers. Users are quite happy with the performance. They like its user-friendly design and long-lasting build. You can choose from various colors according to your desire. Moreover, reports tell us that you can install it yourself without any professional help.

Why it Stands Out to Us

Capable of carrying two bikes, this trunk bike rack incorporates various stunning features. It stands out from its competitors due to its arched design. With a weight capacity of about 35 pounds per bike, the rack is manufactured from recyclable materials. The molded arms prevent corrosion, making it a reliable option.

The unique design goes well with most of the vehicles. Moreover, the use of anti-sway technology ensures that the straps and bikes remain right in place while navigating through corners. The installation is pretty simple, and the rubber pads keep the bike's surface safe from any scratch.

Bottom Line

To conclude, the Saris bike rack is surely one of the few colorful models available on the market. Not only is it eco-friendly, but it also tends to last in the long run. It is user-friendly and prevents rusting, making it suitable to use in all weather conditions.

Best Trunk Bike Rack for SUV:
Allen Sports Premier

Premier Trunk Mounted Bike Rack


  • Highly recommended for beginners
  • User-friendly and comes pre-installed
  • Extra-large car pads to protect the bikes
  • Incorporates lower straps for a stable performance
  • Compatible with a wide variety and types of vehicles


  • Lacks any dedicated anti-sway system
  • Nylon straps might loosen up at times

What Recent Buyers Report

The high-end performance of this rack has made it a popular choice on the market. Users rave about its sturdy build and amazing weight capacity. They just love how user-friendly the product is. There will be no worries of sudden release during transportation as it holds the bike in position.

Why it Stands Out to Us

Another great rack from Allen Sports, this model is unbeatable, considering its durable construction, user-friendly design, and versatile performance. It is made from high-quality materials and equipped with patented straps to keep the bikes intact.

The soft straps are made to hold two bikes and are extremely powerful in ensuring stability. You don't have to worry that the bikes will bounce and damage the car with this unit. The super-quick setup makes the installation easy. 

Additionally, the incorporation of extra-large pads protects the vehicle's finish from any potential damage. Not to forget, there is a lifetime warranty as well on this rack.

Bottom Line

Specially designed for SUVs, this unit features a superior build and versatility. It is ideally known for holding the bikes in place while keeping them safe from any scratch or contact. Just install it on your vehicle and mount your bike for a comfortable journey.

Best 3 Bike Trunk Rack:
Hollywood Racks Express

Hollywood Racks Express Trunk Mounted Bike Rack


  • Foldable design is easy to store
  • Offers remarkable stability to bikes
  • Rubber straps keep the bikes in place
  • Backed by a generous lifetime warranty
  • Features a weight capacity of 35 pounds per bike


  • Not suitable for all types of vehicles
  • Does not work well with mountain bikes

What Recent Buyers Report

Most of the users like this rack for its over-the-top design that keeps the frame of the bike secure and stable. Its weight capacity is just amazing. With its simple installation, the product is user-friendly. Moreover, its compatibility with various bike frames brings great value to your bucks.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The last one on the list is an incredible unit from Hollywood Racks. Crafted from heavy-duty materials, this model is capable of accommodating three bikes at a time. With a weight capacity of 35 pounds per bike, the rack comes fully pre-assembled. The design folds flat, which makes storage much easier.

It features rubber feet to prevent any damage to your vehicle. The rubber straps hold the bikes in place while going through rough terrains. Moreover, it attaches to the vehicle at three different points to maintain the stability of the bikes. There is a lifetime warranty to save any additional expenditures of maintenance or repair.

Bottom Line

Overall, this trunk bike rack makes its way to our list for its durability, quality, and versatility. It is easy to adjust and offers maximum stability to bikes during transportation. Specially designed for providing extra security, this unit is the ideal choice for road trips.

Pros and Cons of Trunk Bike Racks

Trunk bike racks are the rage these days. However, you might still have confusion about whether to go for it or not. Here is a detailed discussion about trunk bike racks' pros and cons to help you make a wise decision. Let's get started.


A trunk bike rack brings lots of advantages to its users. Here are some of them.

Safely Transport Your Bikes

One of the most prominent advantages of a trunk bike rack is that it keeps your bike safe during road transport. Common knocks and bumps on the road can damage the bike's frame. Trunk bike racks are equipped with straps, rubber feet, and an anti-sway system to keep the bike immobilized.

Easy Removal of Bike From the Rack

The major inconvenience associated with roof-mounted bike racks is the removal of the bike from the cradle. However, with trunk bike racks, this does not become a problem, and removing the bikes from the rack is a lot easier. Even shorter height people can benefit from these racks compared to roof racks. 

Stack Multiple Bikes

Another important benefit of getting one of these racks is that they allow transportation of multiple bikes at a time, making them good for use by families and groups of cyclists.


While there are various advantages of these racks, we find some drawbacks as well.


Available in various models, some trunk bike racks come with a hefty price tag. It all comes down to your personal preference.

Comparison Overview

The market is currently flooding with various types of bike racks. Each type is suitable for certain requirements. Choosing the right one for your needs can become difficult, especially if you don't know enough about these models. Here is a detailed comparison that illustrates the similarities and differences between different types of bike racks.

Trunk Rack vs Roof Rack

Both types are designed to safely transport the bikes during a road trip. These are easy to use and ensure stable performance.

A trunk rack is placed on the trunk or hatch of the vehicle with the help of hooks and straps. Contrary to this, a roof rack is mounted on top of the vehicle.

The former hinders rear visibility and access to the trunk. On the other hand, since the latter is mounted on the top of the vehicle, it does not prevent sightlines and access to the back.

Allen Sports Deluxe Model 102DN-R

Trunk Bike Rack vs Hitch

A hitch unit connects to the vehicle's trailer hitch for safe loading and unloading of the bikes. On the other hand, a trunk rack connects to the trunk or hatch of the vehicle with the help of hooks and straps.

While a trunk bike rack is lightweight, a hitch rack falls on the heavier side of the weight spectrum.

How to Install Bike Rack on Car Trunk

Installing a trunk bike rack is not as daunting as it might seem. Racks come with a detailed instruction manual to help get the job done right. In this section, we have divided the whole process into some simple steps.

  1. First of all, mount the rack on the vehicle by pressing the upper support bars on the top of the vehicle and the lower support bars under the license plate. This placement greatly depends on the shape of your vehicle's trunk. You must refer to the installation manual for the best placement.

  2. Now locate the trunk's lid and harness the rack using straps. Make sure to tighten the straps for maximum stability.

  3. After securing the rack to the trunk's lid, make sure it is affixed to the vehicle. If it is, the rack is now ready to accommodate your bikes.

  4. Most of the latest bike racks are now equipped with a tie-down system that allows you to individually harness the bikes for ultimate stability. Make sure the bikes are securely tied and strapped.

That was all about it. If you still have any confusion, you are recommended to refer to the video below to have a full overview of what they just described.


A trunk bike rack is a very useful tool for safe and efficient transport of bicycles with your car, truck, SUV, or any other such vehicle. All you need is to find the right rack that can carry your bikes whenever you need to. All of our above-reviewed models are of premium quality and deliver the best price-to-performance ratio. Just remember to consider certain features for a reliable purchase.

People Also Ask

Having a reliable trunk bike rack allows you to carry multiple bikes at a time with great ease. It is common to have certain questions raised in your mind regarding these models. Let's look at the answers to some of the frequently asked questions.

How to Load Women's Bikes on Trunk Carry Rack

Mounting a women's bike on a trunk carry rack requires testing the strength of the rack by shaking it side to side. Then pull up the bike arms and lock them into place. They should be angled slightly upward. Now place the bike on the rack arms carefully to prevent any damage to the vehicle. Finally, clamp the arms down on the bike frame for a secure fit.

Which Way Do 2 Bikes Face With a Bike Trunk Rack?

While it does not matter, you can place the bikes facing the opposite way on the trunk rack. Just make sure the bikes are secured with the straps and affixed in order to prevent any accidental release. 

How to Open Trunk With Bike Rack

It is typically impossible to open the trunk with a bike rack installed on the vehicle. However, some of the latest models feature a unique design to make this possible. Just tilt the rack and access the trunk. However, manufacturers still do not recommend opening the trunk with a bike rack installed.

How Much Are Bike Racks For Cars?

Depending on the models, trunk bike racks are available in a range of prices. A reliable hitch bike rack will cost you from $220 to $850. Similarly, a roof bike rack usually ranges from $150 to $300. You can go for any of them according to your budget.


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