Best Retro Bicycle Lights – 2021 Complete Buyer’s Guide

| Last Updated: January 23, 2022

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Anyone who loves riding bikes and has a special place in their hearts for vintage bikes, understands the importance of retro bicycle lights.

Who wouldn’t love a new pair of bicycle lights to fit the overall aesthetic of their vehicle and carry the latest features to improve comfort and safety while riding at night? However, getting your hands on such a model is a tough job given the abundance of products in the market. 

Here, we have a post with all you need to know about retro bicycle lights, including how they are used, their best features, and a list of the best units available in the market. To learn more about these, keep on reading:

Comparison of the Best Retro Bicycle Lights

  • Kit comes with a USB cable to charge
  • Features 1 headlight and a rear tail light
  • Innovative design makes it the best overall
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  • Powered by 3 AAA batteries
  • Features a single bright LED light
  • The great money value it provides makes it the best for the money
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  • Has a total of 7 LED lights
  • Has a 160-degree visual angle
  • Features a special lens to provide optimum light output
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  • Has an all-metal body
  • Features a red lens and a 12V 10W bulb
  • Comes pre-wired to hook up on generator or battery
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What Purpose Do Bicycle Lights Serve?

You may wonder why we need bicycle lights in the first place? Well, they serve the important purpose of illuminating the way when riding your bike at night and give you a better visual and allow you to see any hindrances in the way. 

Cycle Torch Bolt Combo

They are crucial security measures one needs to have. Bicycle lights provide great security and are an important part of your bike components. They are also an added component to enhance the overall aesthetic of your bike by blending it into the entire retro classic vibe. 

They come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors, with a varying number of LED lights in them. Every feature they carry contributes to its overall performance.

How to Choose Retro Bicycle Lights

You might be wondering what exactly makes a retro bicycle light worthy of investment. What are the key features to place emphasis on when looking for the perfect unit? Here are all the factors which majorly concern the functionality and aesthetic of your product and are worth considering prior to investing in a unit.

Beam Distance

As the name suggests, this is the distance illuminated by a beam of your light. If you cycle mostly at night, it is important to have a larger beam distance, so you see your way more clearly and can spot any hindrance from quite a distance. 

Battery Life

Battery life is important to consider as no one wants to run out of batteries in the middle of the night only to be left to cycle with only your intuition, which can be pretty scary. Thus, it’s imperative to invest in a product with good battery life.


It is important to invest in a unit that is constructed with great, quality products that result in an overall sturdy and solid construction, so it isn’t fragile and doesn’t break easily. 


Bicycle lights aren’t the most expensive purchase, so it’s often easy to take them for granted and invest in the wrong product. It's always essential to compare prices and features prior to investing in a product.

Review of the Best Retro Bicycle Lights

Here are some of the best retro bicycle lights on the market. All of these are great, quality products that serve their purpose wonderfully and stay true to their claims. They are a reliable and safe option. Let’s take a look at them:

Best Overall:
Cycle Torch Bolt Combo

Cycle Torch Bolt Combo, USB Rechargeable Bike Light Front and Back, Safety Bicycle LED Headlight & Rear Tail Light, Bike Lights Set, Easy to Install for Men, Women, Kids (2 PC)


  • Universally compatible with all bikes
  • Easy to mount due to a simple design
  • Come with a one-year, money-back guarantee
  • USB rechargeable, making them more convenient
  • Great, quality materials give solid construction


  • Battery life isn’t the best
  • Lens left sticky due to the packaging
  • Not the brightest for clear viewing at night 

What Recent Buyers Report

Recent buyers have been extremely happy with the functioning of this unit. It performs well, looks great, and is of great quality. Also, it lasts longer than most available options in the market. The amalgamation of all these attributes make this unit a consumer favorite. It truly is an incredible product. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

The design of this unit is what stands out to us most. It is simplistic, yet aesthetically pleasing, and blends in with the overall vibe of the bike. It functions seamlessly without any hiccups and is long-lasting and reliable. You won’t have to worry about it suddenly not working at night when you need it most, like some of its counterparts.

Who Will Use This Most

Its overall impeccable design makes these lights unique. They are constructed to be strong and sturdy to increase durability and reliability. You won’t need to run to get repairs due to them getting damaged after the slightest incident, as they hold up against harsh conditions pretty well. 

Bottom Line

All in all, this unit is a great investment. It is one of the best units you can get your hands on and is very deserving of the top position on our list. Its overall construction, design execution, and performance make it a consumer favorite. 

Best for the Money:
Goodkssop 180lm

GOODKSSOP Black Chrome Metal Shell Bright Classical Cool Bicycle Headlight Retro Vintage Bike LED Light Night Riding Safety Front Fog Head Lamp Headlamp


  • Excellent customer service
  • High-quality metal constructed body
  • Easy to install due to the simple design
  • Aesthetically pleasing retro classic vintage-style design
  • Features a special lens that gives an incredibly bright output


  • Bracket isn’t the best quality
  • Switch can be greatly improved
  • Does not include any instructions

What Recent Buyers Report

Buyers are very happy with the purchase of this unit. They consider it one of the best they’ve ever used due to its simple construction and durable nature. It is not only constructed with great quality materials but also looks great, which is an added bonus.

Why it Stands Out to Us

It stands out to us for multiple reasons. This product is highly aesthetically pleasing, due to its retro, vintage feel, classy looks, and durable and reliable nature. There aren’t many products that carry both of those attributes and are also a budget-friendly option. Thus, it is an incredible product to place your bets on. 

Who Will Use This Most

This would be great for anyone who needs a good replacement light for riding at night. It has an optimal light output credited to the special lens it employs, which is a great feature. Furthermore, it's easy to install and provides great value for money overall. 

Bottom Line

All in all, it is a great product that truly is worthy of investment. Not only does it perform well, it also looks great. It is the best value you can get in a product, given that it comes with hardware to install, plus it is specially built to work well under nighttime and foggy conditions. 

3. BlueSunshine Vintage Retro Bicycle Bike Front Light Lamp

Vintage Retro Bicycle Bike Front Light Lamp 7 LED Fixie Headlight with Bracket


  • Easy to install due to the simple design
  • Provides optimum output for bright light
  • Well-constructed sturdy body for longer use
  • Ergonomic design that has an easy to access top on and off button
  • Waterproof design enables it to be suitable in multiple weather conditions


  • Doesn’t feature any instructions
  • Switch is somewhat cheap quality
  • Does not come with mounting bracket

What Recent Buyers Report

Recent buyers report this product to be exceptional. They are happy with their purchase. There is so little to complain about. The overall functionality is excellent, leaving people surprised as to how a product can work so well, be easy to install, and not be overpriced. It has a sturdy construction, as well as a pleasing outlook. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

It stands out to us for having a great design that isn’t just good-looking, but also highly functional. The aesthetics are great and it is incredibly well-built. Moreover, the unit has a waterproof design that protects it against rain and other conditions. The construction is sturdy and rugged. 

Who Will Use This Most

This would be great for those of you who have a hang of installing or mounting lights and need no external help with it. As easy as the process is, this unit doesn’t come with instructions. Thus, it might not be the best for beginners. The bright light it provides would be great for illumination at night while riding.

Bottom Line

Overall, it is a phenomenal product. There aren’t many products in the market with perfect shape and great functionality. This is one of the best available to consumers. The price, functionality, and design make it a truly excellent product to invest in. Therefore, it truly deserves a spot in our best-of list.

4. Lowrider Red Bullet Bike Bicycle Tail Light

Lowrider Red Bullet Bike Bicycle Tail Light


  • Perfect size and weight
  • Price makes it a great deal
  • Superior quality metal body and structure
  • Great quality construction ensures durability and reliability
  • Easy to mount, since it comes with all the required hardware


  • A 12 volt bulb won’t work
  • Might have to be adjusted according to size by modification
  • Requires electricity to turn on, making it suitable only for limited bike models 

What Recent Buyers Report

Recent buyers have been really happy with the purchase of this unit. They love its convenient nature, which allows it to be highly accessible to everyone. Furthermore, it is from a trusted brand that offers nothing but the best. Thus, it is highly reliable and trustworthy. It is also a consumer favorite. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

It stands out to us for, overall, being of great value. Not only is it affordable, it also proves to be durable and reliable. The metal chrome casing is highly aesthetic and stylish, yet also of great quality, ensuring there is not too damage by weather. It is perfectly-sized and shaped, too. 

Who Will Use This Most

It would work for anyone who doesn’t mind modifying it a bit at first, as this unit solely runs on electricity, which may be considered a limiting factor, yet has an easy fix. It is easy to mount and doesn’t require any help with the process. Furthermore, it is a great price range, which is excellent. 

Bottom Line

Last but not least, this is the last of our recommended products. This unit is another great investment for consumers. It is an excellent product, which isn’t just great value but also has excellent features. It is easy to mount and works well. Thus, it is a great unit to place your bets on. 

5. Pure City Rear Bike Taillight

Pure City Rear Bike Taillight, Silver


  • Great quality and sturdy construction
  • Easy to install due to the simple design
  • Batteries are included with the product
  • Flashes a solid red light with optimum intensity
  • Aesthetically pleasing and appropriate for the bike


  • Occasionally flickers
  • Doesn’t feature any weather-proofing
  • Needs some adjustments as the battery holder needs to be redesigned

What Recent Buyers Report

Recent buyers have been quite satisfied with their purchase. They deem it one of the best products they’ve ever invested in. The customer service is great, plus, the product itself is well-constructed and looks great, along with performs well, making it a great unit and a consumer favorite. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

There aren’t many products in the market which are this easy to install. Most lack any instructions, resulting in you requiring help or staying online with the customer service, which are both inconvenient scenarios that can be avoided. This unit relieves you from all such trouble with its simple design and ease of installation. 

Who Will Use This Most

This would be great for anyone looking for a quick fix. It is highly convenient and perhaps one of the easiest to install. It is of great quality and even looks wonderful with the overall aesthetic of the bike with ease. It doesn’t look odd and blends right in. 

Bottom Line

Overall, it is an excellent unit. It is well-deserving of the runner-up place in our list due to its quality construction and performance. There aren’t many products in the market which are as good as this one. If you’re too confused by the technical terminologies and require a product that would work regardless of anything, this could prove to be an excellent investment. 

Perks of Getting New Bicycle Lights

If you’re still not quite sold on the idea of investing in a retro bicycle light, then perhaps these perks will help you make a decision. All of these are some major pros of investing in a product like this, and give a peek into its lasting impact on our life.


It is an inexpensive purchase. It'll only cost you a few dollars, yet will make a lasting impact. These lights provide safety and security at a very small price, making them worthy of investment. Plus, they often come with hardware for installation, further making them a good option. 


It is important to opt for a product with some sort of weatherproofing as, at times, one can’t really anticipate the weather conditions and your light should be able to handle sudden rain or any other adverse weather without getting damaged. 

Durable and Reliable

The overall construction is often metal, which is durable and sturdy. This makes it strong and rugged. If the investment is made in a good product, it might also come with a warranty, which further ensures it is a long-term investment and doesn’t need constant replacements. 

Ease of Use

They might or might not come with instructions, but oftentimes, these lights are not very easy to install. Therefore, be mindful of the installation process, otherwise, your purchase will just be a waste.  


It’s clear that having the best retro bicycle lights is essential. The final decision of which one to go for is always yours, and to make the right one, you need to compare the products by features, quality, and value. A cheaper-quality product may look like the better option. However, in the long run, it’ll wear out, causing great inconvenience.

It could also be dangerous, as a retro bicycle light will serve as a great aid at nighttime and could be harmful if damaged or not functioning perfectly. Thus, think about this as a long-term investment and choose wisely.


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