Best Road Bike Mirrors of 2021 – Ultimate Review

| Last Updated: January 23, 2022

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All bicycle enthusiasts invest in good-quality protective gear that helps them stay safe while riding their bicycles. There are many accessories out there that you can get, specifically designed to enhance your overall cycling experience.

Bike mirrors are one of the prime examples of such valuable accessories that can help you improve safety measures.

Mirrors come in various styles and sizes and can be mounted on handlebars, front rod, helmets, and much more. If you love cycling and want to get yourself the perfect bike mirror, this article will help you out. Read the reviews to learn more about the most suitable product for yourself.

Comparison of the Best Road Bike Mirrors

  • Comes with an unbreakable lens
  • Can be fitted on a variety of handle bars
  • Can be used both left and right side
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  • Strong and durable construction
  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Comes with a convex mirror
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  • Best for the Money
  • Mirror is clear and anti-glare design
  • 360-degrees rotating for full angle adjustment
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  • Best Italian Road Bike Mirror
  • Comes with the vibration-resistant feature
  • Made from carbon fiber and soft rubber
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  • Best Road Bike Mirror Handlebar
  • Easy to install on handle bars
  • Able to provide greater visibility
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Are All Road Bike Mirrors The Same?

All bike mirrors have the same function, and all are designed to help improve safety features; however, some may vary in design and usage. Some variations include:


Handlebar mirrors are the ones that install directly to the handlebar or the mainframe of your bike. They allow you to easily glance down at them from time to time to see what's happening behind you without you having to take your eyes off the road.

Hafny Bar End Bike Mirror

Helmet Mount

A helmet mirror is one that clamps directly on your bike helmet or visor. They usually come with extended and adjustable poles, which allow you to place the mirror exactly according to your preference. They are very convenient and easy to use.

Eyeglass Mounts

An eyeglass or sunglass mount clips onto your eye gear. These are generally smaller and lightweight and don't weigh your head down.

Can you Really Find Quality Road Bike Mirrors That Are Affordable?

Many people have a misconception that getting bike mirrors can be very costly. However, that is not the case. You can get a decent, good-quality pair of mirrors at a very reasonable cost.

Some products range from $10-$20, which are generally smaller and sleek-looking than the pricier options. They let you see what is behind you and are typically made of plastic or aluminum and come with Velcro straps to ensure a good grip.

Products ranging above $20 are more advanced, and a bit more durable than lower-priced ones. They allow easy adjustability options and tend to be wobble-free, and some might even have anti-glare features.

It is quite possible to find quality mirrors that are both affordable and functional. In this article, we will discuss mirrors of different types based on design, flexibility, usage, and cost.

Keep reading ahead to find more about mirrors for your bicycle.

How Should I Choose New Road Bike Mirrors?

Getting a new pair of bike mirrors can be quite confusing due to so many options available on the market.

In this section, we will discuss all the factors you need to consider when investing in this accessory for your bike.


When it comes to any product, durability and quality should always be kept in mind. However, when investing in safety gear, you must try to be extra careful and invest in a product that promises durability.

When buying yourself mirrors, focus on construction quality. Materials like acrylic, stainless steel, and anti-glare, are some common names you will often hear. These are sturdy materials and units made from these last longer than low-quality mirrors.

Ensure that the mounting arms are made of steel or eco-friendly fiber or Nylon, which ensures stability and low weight.


Another important thing to keep in mind is the size and compatibility of the mirrors. Many mirrors feature long arms and clamps or screws for mounting. Some bikes are too narrow for standard bike arms, and some units require some extra effort.

You need to make sure that the unit you are investing in will go along with your bike.

Mirror Size

The shape and size of the mirror play a very important role in its usage.

 Some mirrors are convex and give you a great rearview vision while others are small and flat. Some products might rotate horizontally or vertically, allowing you to choose the best viewing angle.

Similarly, a large mirror might reduce blind spots and allow you to easily change lanes. It all depends on your preference and usage. Make sure you go for the size that is not too distracting but provides you enough view for safety.


Mirror position matters a lot when it comes to safety. You should go for easily adjustable products. Some units have a ball and socket mechanism that allows you to rotate it 360-degrees while others are mostly fixed. So, get a product that is more adjustable and foldable.

Review of the Best Road Bike Mirrors

Here is our list of best road bike mirrors that will get the job done and are among the best ones in the market. Keep reading more to find their advantages and disadvantages.

Best Overall:
Hafny Bar End Bike Mirror

Hafny Bar End Bike Mirror, Stainless Steel Lens Bicycle Mirror, Safe Adjustable Rearview Mirror, Cycle Mirror, E-bike Mirror, HF-MR083 (Black 62mm)


  • Easily fits handlebars
  • No plastic odor or feel present
  • Sturdy and robust construction
  • Frame made of Nylon plus fiber
  • Has lens made out of stainless steel


  • Features a short barrel and offers poor grip

What Recent Buyers Report

Recent buyers love how this unit has upgraded their bikes. They loved the easy installation and the safety it provides. They also said that this mirror is entirely adjustable and makes your cycling experience safe and secure. It is reported to be sturdy, easy to use, and looks good on their bikes.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The Hafny Bar End Bike Mirror is a useful and user-friendly product. It allows you to get a clearer view of its rotation mechanism. There are no adjusting problems reported by buyers. The stainless steel components make the unit more durable and very well-made.

This unit allows for 360-degree rotation and accessible adjustment features. Most cyclists want an eco-friendly product, which is exactly what they get with this unit. It is made of eco-friendly Nylon and recyclable glass. As a result, the unit is durable as well as eco-friendly.

Bottom Line

Hafny mirrors are very environment-friendly and have all the features one could ask for. They are foldable stainless steel products that add safety and extra class to your bike. They are a must-have for professionals and beginners.

Third Eye Bar End

Third Eye Bar End Bicycle Mirror


  • Well-suited for drop bars
  • Great warranty and customer service
  • Convex structure with a wide-angle view
  • Easy mounting with no extra effort required
  • Comes with two rubber-sized knurled inserts


  • Does not stay steady on long rides
  • Proper construction but durability is not guaranteed

What Recent Buyers Report

Buyers are in love with the Third Eye Bar End. They love the shape, and the overall feel the mirrors add to their bike. They require easy installation and are entirely adjustable. They are well-suited for those who travel short distances and are great in terms of safety.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This model by Third Eye is eligible and compatible with most bikes, making it a great product. It is easy to mount and looks great mounted at the end of the handlebar. The unit is small compared to others yet provides an excellent view due to its convex shape.

It is a simple unit that is adjustable and has little to no distortion. It requires no external bolts, screws, and clamps. The mirror has an overall minimalistic feel, making it look very classy and stylish on your bike.

Buyers also suggest that this product is one of the simplest and safest options to go for due to its easy usage and simple design.

Bottom Line

To conclude, this product is excellent for beginners due to the easy installation. It is cost-effective and gets the job done pretty well. The glass is scratch-proof and doesn't fade.

Best for the Money:
Venzo Bicycle Bike Handlebar Mount Mirror

Venzo Bicycle Bike Handlebar Mount Mirror Blue Lens 75% Anti-Glare Glass - Big Rear View Crystal Clear - Cycling Mountain or Road Bike Right & Left


  • Eco-friendly and ergonomic design
  • Polished steel lenses for sleek appearance
  • Comes with an amazing two-year warranty
  • Provides great visibility and has a foldaway functionality
  • Has stainless steel screws to minimize rust and corrosion


  • Not the best, clearest view

What Recent Buyers Report

The positive reports on this product show that buyers are amazed by their new mirror. They love its easy installation and sturdiness. It also has good flexibility and is backed by a generous two-year warranty. It has an extraordinarily strong build that is very tough and eco-friendly.

Why it Stands Out to Us

Durability is one of the most prominent features of this incredible bike mirror by Venzo. The lenses of this product are made up of stainless steel, which makes you worry-free about wear-and-tear. No crash or accident can break this unit, and even if it does break, they will replace the entire thing due to the generous warranty.

The stainless steel is polished, and the mirror promises 360-degree angle rotation. It is very easy to adjust, and the screws allow the unit to stay in its place. The anti-glare lenses are another top-notch feature.

Other than the A-grade auto glass and anti-reflective coating, this is an eco-friendly unit and is great for outdoor adventurists.

Bottom Line

With a reasonable price bracket and good reviews, the Venzo Handlebar Mount Mirrors are great for those looking for long-lasting, sturdy, anti-break mirrors for their bikes. These are highly recommended for professionals and for people with a limited budget to spend.

Best Italian Road Bike Mirror:
selle ITALIA Eyelink Mirror

Selle Italia Eyelink Italian Road Bike Mirror - Handlebar Rear View Mirror for Bicycles


  • Entirely vibration-resistant
  • Non-slip and a comfortable grip
  • Extremely lightweight and durable
  • Offers clear and a wide-angle view
  • Has a larger size with special pivot points


  • May become loose after some time

What Recent Buyers Report

Many recent buyers love their new product, as it is sturdy and well-built. It offers great flexibility and provides a great view. Many buyers love the overall look of their bikes after the installation. Some have said that it is very well-suited for long trips, especially in the daytime, due to the minimized distortion.

Why it Stands Out to Us

High rearview visibility makes this a great product that stands out in the market. The mirror is specifically designed to help riders improve their visibility and have comfortable and safe riding experience.

The glass comes in an extra-large size, made with a powerful combination of carbon composite and panoramic glass. It is highly durable and withstands vibrations. The best part is that it only requires Velcro for installation.

This product is great for SRAM/Shimano STI levers.

Bottom Line

Summing it up, Italia has built quite a reputation amidst all other competitors in the market today, due to its exquisite design and high functionality. These mirrors are great for rearview visibility and make your bike look even cooler.

Best Road Bike Mirror Handlebar:
Sprintech Road Drop Bar Rearview Bike Mirror

Sprintech Drop Bar Mirror, White, Pair


  • Resistant to shocks and impacts
  • Little to no blind spots reported
  • Simple and minimalistic structure
  • Design is very attractive and sleek
  • Fits well and produces sharp images


  • Not suitable for all weathers

What Recent Buyers Report

This mirror is reported to be one of the most stylish-looking on the market that is both well-built and suitable for a clear view. Buyers love how it easily mounts and has great flexibility. People also like the appearance of this unit.

Why it Stands Out to Us

If you own a road bike or a racing bike, the Sprintech Mirror is a must-have. It has an eye-catching design that fits well on almost all bikes. It has quite an easy installation and once installed, it remains intact.

Unlike other products, these mirrors are resistant to vibrations and therefore do not hinder your view. The unit is made of plastic, which means there will be no rust, corrosion, and minimal wear and tear.

They have the excellent build quality and weigh quite less too, which prevents your bike from becoming heavier. Even at a higher price, this unit will be worth your money.

Bottom Line

The SprinTech Drop Bar model is a well-built, and well-designed side mirror, which is perfect for everyday cycling. It fits sturdily on to your bike and is compatible with most vehicles. The report backing this product shows that it is one of the safest and most reliable choices.

Benefits of Investing in Quality Road Bike Mirrors

Safety is one of the most important things when you're on the road. Whether it's a car, truck, or a cycle, safety is the most important consideration.

A side mirror is a must-have accessory for those who use their cycles quite often. These units are helpful as they allow you a good view of the traffic around you in a single glance.

If you are into mountain biking and off-roading, you probably don't need rearview mirrors as you only have to focus on what's ahead. But when cycling on roads, turning your head from time to time can be very unsafe.

Here are some benefits of investing in good mirrors for your bike:


Side mirrors provide an extra edge to your bike, making it look classier and geared up. They make the vehicle look aesthetic, stylish, and fully upgraded too.


They offer tremendous assistance when on the road, and help improve your performance and riding experience. High-quality lenses give clear image quality. With these mirrors, you can monitor your position on the road.


As mentioned earlier, you should always prioritize your safety at all costs. These mirrors make you feel safe, and the safer you feel, the more enjoyable the ride will be.

How to Install a Road Bike Mirror

Many people find it troubling to install mirrors on their bikes. To help them with this process, we have broken down the process in simple steps.

1. First, you need to loosen the bolts on the mirror arm until the wedge section lays parallel with the rest of the arm.

2. Once it is in position, you need to carefully insert the mirror arm into the handlebar pipe's end. If the end of the handlebar does not have an opening, you will need to carefully make an opening to insert the mirror arm into it.

3. Tighten the bolts in the arm of the mirror until the wedge section is firmly placed inside.

4. You need to tighten other little bolts while adjusting the mirror. You will have to do this while standing or sitting on the bike to ensure you lock them securely.

5. Once in position, finally tighten the mirror bolt into place.

6. Carefully replace the wedge and the key for later use, and you are all set to go.

These are the simple steps you can follow to install the side view mirrors on your bicycle. If you still have trouble installing them, here’s a video to help.


As mentioned throughout this article, mirrors for road bikes are essential for safety purposes. Spending a little extra money on the best bike mirrors will save you from being in a dangerous position and make your riding experience worry-free.

You need to make sure you get yourself the best pair of mirrors in the market.

People Also Ask

Here are a few other questions people have when buying, installing, or looking for the perfect products for their vehicle.

Do I Need a Mirror on My Road Bike?

If you are driving the bike on the road, then it is vital to have rearview mirrors. These are significant safety upgrades and will give you a clear picture of the traffic behind you. However, if you are into biking sports, then these mirrors are not of much importance.

Are Bar End Mirrors Universal?

Most bar end mirrors are designed to be compatible with almost all bikes; however, some handlebars do not have an open-end. In that case, it is advised you take precise measurements and make upgrades accordingly.

Are Bar End Mirrors Safe?

Bar-end mirrors are very safe, and even professional riders use them. Having a clear view of the rear is essential when riding on busy roads. It Is advised to have mirrors for safety purposes.

What Kind of Mirror is Best For a Road Bike?

It all depends on your personal preferences and needs. You can choose the best type of mirror for yourself by assessing your bike's design and functionality.

In general, many people opt for handlebar mirrors due to their flexible and adjustable nature.


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