Best Road Bike Pedals – 2021 Complete Review

| Last Updated: January 23, 2022

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If you’re an avid bike rider, then it’s absolutely necessary for you to have the best quality pedals to complement your bike and give you a more joyful experience while riding.

However, buying road bike pedals can be a delirious chore since there are so many options available in the market. Do not worry, though, because this article will help you decide which one to get, depending on your needs.

So read on for more information.

Comparison Chart of the Best Road Bike Pedals

  • Aluminum body with barrel finish
  • Multi-purpose clip/clipless design
  • Equipped with a cleat retention adjuster
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  • Composite body designed for light-weight performance
  • Equipped with Chromoly axles
  • Available in 8 to 12mm tension sets
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  • Best for the Money
  • High-quality design with titanium axles
  • Two-sided entry optimizes freedom of movement
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  • Best Clipless Pedals For Road Bike
  • Made for pro-level performance
  • Light and durable design with optimized features
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  • Best Flat Pedals For Road Bike
  • Improved ball bearing system to provide better peddaling out-put
  • Sturdy Boron Steel axle is built to last
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  • Best Platform Pedals For Road Bike
  • Ergonomic aluminum construction designed for comfort and durability
  • Universal fitment design with simplified installation
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  • Best SPD Pedals For Road Bike
  • Innovative unified power transfer system provides top-class performance
  • Designed to provide superior mud shedding
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Are Specific Pedals Important While Cycling?

Yes, specific pedals for cycling can drastically change your biking experience. When you think of purchasing a bike, you need to consider the type of biking you will be doing, right? Similarly, when you ponder the type of bike pedals, you also want to consider the nature of your biking.

You could be doing road biking or mountain biking. You might also want to consider what is more important to you: power and speed, or ease of steering around comfortably. Specific pedals are designed to give you the experience you desire, as they are designed to give you the performance that you want. 

What Size Pedals Do I Need For My Bike?

Flat pedals had been ruling the cycling industry for a while. The introduction of alternative pedal sizes has complicated things somehow. For some people, bigger is always better, while others like small ones for the ideal clearance.

Choosing the right pedal for your bike depends on various factors, including the terrains you ride as well as the size of your shoe. While going down-hill, a bigger pedal gets the edge. Meanwhile, if you are riding through rocky climbs or trails, a compact pedal would be a better option. 

You can also compare the pedal size with your shoe size, as the ideal companion would provide better control and comfort during the ride.

What to Look For When Buying Road Bike Pedals

If you have decided to invest in good-quality road bike pedals, it’s a smart move to make. Ignoring the type of road bike pedals you use while biking can cause serious health issues and pain if they are not suited for your riding or body. Let’s look over the facts you need to consider before making a purchase:

Quality Materials

The durability of any product is determined by the type of materials used in its construction. Pedals are generally manufactured from aluminum or composite plastic. Whatever material you choose, make sure it is capable of lasting in the long run. Since you have to ride the bike through various terrains in different weather conditions, the pedals need to deliver their best.


Believe it or not, weight matters a lot in cycling. For some cyclists, the weight of the pedals creates a huge difference in achieving the fastest time. It is always recommended to go for lightweight pedals, so you don't have to push harder for better efficiency.

Wide Platform

While changing the pedals can improve the look of the bike, the design influences the performance as well. The bigger, the better mantra still makes a difference. Having a large space to put your feet on can help you achieve stability and consistency.


A quality product comes with a price. Try to look for a pedal set that easily fits your budget. However, don't compromise on the reliability to bring a bang to your bucks.


This is something you should consider if comfort and ease are what you’re looking for. The pedals should be reliable and secure and should be able to give you power and speed without being heavy and straining your feet or back. This is especially true if you are a beginner cyclist.


If you’re searching for durability in your bike pedals, you want to look at the float the cleat provides. Cleats can change your biking experience and they should be chosen according to your desires and how well they suit your activities. 


You also need to consider whether the bike pedal you buy provides you with consistent performance. If you constantly change the brand of your pedals, it can become difficult to get used to and may cause injuries, as well. Getting the best pedaling performance depends on how comfortable you get with your current set of bike pedals.

Review of the Best Road Bike Pedals

Now that you know how to choose good road bike pedals suited for your biking needs, let’s dive into the best ones available and their reviews.

Best Overall:
 Shimano PD-M324

SHIMANO Clipless Pedals SPD Pedal E-PDM324


  • Suitable for a range of purposes
  • Super comfortable to use and ride on
  • Robust and durable design of the pedals
  • Backed by a 2-year warranty for reliability
  • Dual-purpose pedals to ensure convenience
  • High-end metal construction to suit your needs
  • Superior craftsmanship to improve your overall experience
  • Less risk of your shoes slipping from the pedal
  • Versatile and able to adapt for different functionalities
  • Large platform for riding, even if you do not have cycling shoes on


  • They weigh a lot for a pedal
  • Falls on the pricey side of the spectrum
  • Off-weighted and always slip to the downside
  • Pedals do not spin easily and require a little getting used to

What Recent Buyers Report

Users find these pedals robust and supremely built. They are easy to install, too and are quite versatile. They are an effective pair for SPD cleats and are a fabulous choice if you want to transition to clipless. They are also flexible and can be used for many different riding purposes.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This product is a perfect all-rounder pair of pedals that enhance any road biker’s cycling performance. The brand name is also prestigious and can be used on a variety of different bikes. The adjuster equipped with these pedals is also quick and competent. Moreover, the aluminum body provides a strong and durable build.

Who Will Use This Most

These pedals are a great option if you are a beginner looking for good-quality biking pedals. They are also a good choice if you are heading for a long journey and need some security on your pedals. Lastly, they are excellent for everyday commutes to work or school, as well.

Bottom Line

If you want to bolster your riding game and get a versatile cycling experience, this pair of road bike pedals are the way to go. Since they are flexible, they ensure versatility of use.

LOOK Keo Blade Road Pedals

LOOK Keo Blade Road Pedals - Black 8


  • Installation is just a breeze
  • Suitable for a number of applications 
  • Flawless construction to serve you in the long run
  • User-friendly and improves your cycling efficiency
  • Wide platform provides great space to put your foot on


  • No information about any warranty
  • Not a good option for those on a tight budget 

What Recent Buyers Report

The Look Keo pedal set has earned tremendous ratings from customers. Almost all of them have admired the sturdy build and easy installation of this set. The most loved feature is its lightweight body that provides great hold and ultimately ensures great efficiency without requiring a lot of force from the rider. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

A great product from Look Keo, this pedal set is the second-best option in our opinion on the market. It incorporates high-end features to meet your everyday riding needs. First of all, the construction is truly amazing and tough enough to resist corrosion and rust. This means you can use it even in bad weather conditions without any damage.

Coming to the design, it has a nice super-cool appearance, which is extremely lightweight. It has a wide platform so you can sprint in confidence wherever you go. With this pedal set, you don’t have to call for any professional help to install it on your bike. 

Bottom Line

As the lightest pedal set in the line, this model improves your riding experience to a great extent. The quality construction, along with the user-friendly design, helped it in achieving the runner-up position on our list. All in all, it is worth consideration.

Best for the Money:
Speedplay Zero Cr-Mo 61200

SpeedPlay Unisex_Adult Zero Cr-Mo Pedalset INKL. walkable Cleats, Schwarz, 61200 Pedals, Black, Uni


  • Great build tends to last in the long run
  • Versatile pedals are an ideal option for racing 
  • Surely the most economical set of pedals on the list
  • Incorporates a sophisticated system for best biking experience
  • Ergonomic design helps keep your knees comfortable during riding 


  • Not recommended for beginners 
  • Requires frequent greasing for consistent performance

What Recent Buyers Report

The reasonable price tag of this pedal set has intrigued many new customers. The most loved fact is that you get to enjoy many features by spending too little. It is a versatile pedal set that can serve various purposes without disappointing you even once. Plus, you can install it without any effort. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

Are you intending to upgrade your bike pedals but can’t afford to spend tons of money? Well, don’t worry. This model from Speedplay has your back. Manufacturers have used stainless steel in the construction to prevent corrosion for a long time. It features a versatile and brilliant design that can easily take lots of pressure, making it a go-to choice for racers. 

The package includes walkable black cleats to add on to perfection. When it comes to installation, you can do it yourself without investing a significant amount of time and effort. Honestly, it is built to bring value to your bucks.

Bottom Line

For those who are on a tight budget, this pedal set is probably the best choice. It is versatile and durable that adds on to its value. Easy to install, these excellent flat pedals are well-suited for several applications.

Best Clipless Pedals For Road Bike:
 Shimano Ultegra PD-R8000

Shimano Ultegra R8000 SPD-SL Carbon Road Pedals


  • Engineered with high-quality components
  • Has really easy cleat installation and setup
  • Durable and long-wearing pedals for the price
  • Minimal decrease in weight and stack height
  • Large platform for foot support and power transfer


  • Requires more knee float
  • Highest retention settings can be like vice-grips
  • If you want to make float adjustments, it will cost more

What Recent Buyers Report

These pedals are super easy to clip into and provide high-end quality at a low price. The wide platform ensures more comfort and stability. They’re super-lightweight and hold onto your feet firmly. All in all, these are promising pedals with quick spinning and adjustable tension.

Why it Stands Out to Us

These are amazing pedals because of their wide carbon platform that brings in more power transfer and reduces friction. They are long-wearing, efficient, and eliminate hot spots for the feet. They have a slick but robust design that endorses a smooth float and minimizes flex.

Who Will Use This Most

These are designed for cyclists who are very weight-conscious and want expert-level performance from their pedals. They are also for those users who use a cycle as a means of transport to work or school. Also, they are well-suited for cyclists with a limited budget.

Bottom Line

This is an innovative product with hassle-free spinning features and is extremely lightweight and capable, making them one of the best sets of road bike pedals available in the market. The cleats included are also super-easy to install and provide stellar performance.

Best Flat Pedals For Road Bike:
BV Bike Pedal Set

BV Bike Pedal Set, Bicycle Pedals, 9/16-Inch Boron Steel Spindle, Pair


  • Nicely designed to go with your bike
  • Rigid construction ensures its durability
  • Lightweight and therefore requires less force 
  • Incorporates reflectors to improve the experience 
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty for added reliability


  • A bit tight on the spindle
  • Few concerns on the quality

What Recent Buyers Report

With the innovative pedal technology, this pedal set has marked its position on the market. Users are very happy with the comfortable experience they get with this model. The lightweight design allows you to continue your long rides without getting tired too soon. Moreover, its durable construction adds on to perfection. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

The BV pedal set mainly stands out to us for exhibiting a phenomenal set of features. It has a great boron steel construction that saves you from the worry of frequent damage. You can use it for long rides without worrying about pedal damage.

The sleek and stylish design adds on to your style game. It is extremely lightweight that enhances pedaling efficiency. You will find anti-skid nodes on this pedal that work brilliantly in increasing the friction. This way, there is no potential risk of foot slippage during a race. Its wide platform offers great support for your feet. 

Last but not least, there are reflectors on both sides of pedals to improve your visibility even in the dark.

Bottom Line

A remarkable model, this BV pedal set provides a smooth and comfortable stroke during your ride. It has a bigger platform to get a full hold. Moreover, you can use it for years without having to spend too much on maintenance.

Best Platform Pedals For Road Bike:
Toplimit01 Platform Flat Pedals

Toplimit Mountain Bike Pedals Bicycle Pedal, Bike Pedal Bicycle Platform Flat Pedals Cycling Ultra Sealed Bearing Aluminum Alloy Pedal for Road Mountain Bike 9/16' (Silver)


  • Works well with a range of bikes
  • Installation does not require much time
  • Capable of tackling whatever you throw at it
  • Improved steel build to serve you in the long run
  • Ultralight design provides a comfortable pedaling experience


  • Customer service is not fantastic 
  • A few complaints about the quality

What Recent Buyers Report

Quite popular among bikers, this pedal set has received lots of appreciation from customers. According to them, the quality is amazing, plus the lightweight design marks perfection. The installation is super easy and requires less effort. Moreover, its compatibility with some bikes brings value to your bucks.

Why it Stands Out to Us

These Toplimit pedals are surely the most comfortable model in the line. The pedals are composed of heavy-duty aluminum and stainless steel. This means there is no question on its durability. The design is stylish, and the best thing is its tremendous compatibility. It goes well with a range of bikes, from mountain bikes to exercise bikes.

They feature a flat surface with a wide platform to prevent foot slippage even when it is wet. The pedals have a low weight to ensure a smooth and comfortable riding experience. Its easy maintenance and installation save you a lot of time. You can use it in every weather condition, be it rain or a sunny day.

Bottom Line

In case you are looking for a reliable pedal set for your bike, this model is the one. Versatile in its performance, this model has everything you are looking for. It is excellent in its performance and built to last in the long run. 

7.Shimano Unisex PD-A530

Shimano PD-A530 SPD Dual Platform Bike Pedal


  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Super-easy to install and set up
  • Offers great stability during the ride
  • Great space to prevent foot slippage
  • Modern design to add style to your bike
  • Inexpensive for the features and functionality
  • Durable spindles require low maintenance
  • Superior construction makes it a reliable choice
  • Better stability and efficiency for improved performance


  • Platform is not wide
  • Offers relatively little grip
  • Paint chips off the pedal over time
  • Can be challenging to clip into SPD side
  • No studs embedded on the platform to ensure traction

What Recent Buyers Report

These pedals are sleek and have great finishing, giving that “roadie” look that cyclists want. They are flexible and lightweight. They do not have a tendency to rotate to the wrong side and are easy to install. They are also very versatile and affordable.

Why it Stands Out to Us

These are the best hybrid pedals that do not add a lot of weight and are flexible and versatile. They are good for early cycle learning and are easy to clip into. They are dual-purpose pedals and are small, so they do not interfere when you take turns, and can be utilized with regular shoes.

Who Will Use This Most 

This type of pedal is useful for learners, as well as professionals. They are a perfect choice for commuting to your nearby place of work, etc. but also great for tourism and recreational riding. Overall, they are a great option for those who don’t like to be clipped in all the time.

Bottom Line

These dual-platform bike pedals are sleek, lightweight, and sturdy, and you can ride around anywhere with these while wearing your regular shoes. If you like using your bike to commute to nearby places or traveling in the city, these are a great choice for you.

Best Road Bike Pedals For Beginners:
Crankbrothers Doubleshot Hybrid Bike Pedal

Doubleshot 1 Black / Black Spring


  • User-friendly and easy to work with
  • Highly recommended for beginners
  • A versatile pedal that is compatible with various bikes
  • Reliable construction that is suited for every environment
  • Comes with a warranty to enhance customer’s confidence in it 


  • Customer service needs improvement
  • Relatively heavier than other models on the list 

What Recent Buyers Report 

Just like our other reviewed products, this pedal set is loved by most of its users. User-friendly and stable performance are the major complements received by this brilliant product. These pedals are extremely versatile and work well in all conditions. Finally, you can also enjoy the warranty in case of any damage. 

Why it Stands Out to Us 

The incorporation of improved technology has made this pedal set stand out from its rivals. It has caught our attention for its quality construction that is sturdy enough to endure any extreme situation. It continues to deliver without compromising on the performance.

It comes with a competition-oriented design that allows not only stable riding but extreme power as well. To add on, these pedals are backed by a great warranty to save the user from any additional expense of repairing and replacement. There are molded ribs and pins that work flawlessly in providing the maximum grip during the ride. 

Moreover, the mud-shedding design ensures you don’t have to spend much time cleaning the pedals right before the ride. 

Bottom Line

Last but not the least on this review, this pedal set offers an ultimate riding experience to bikers. It is known for its versatility, durability, and phenomenal capacity. With this model, you would get everything you paid for. What else would you want?

9. Look Ko Classic 2

Road Bike Clipless


  • Super-lightweight and does not cause strain
  • Has adjustable spring tension ranging from 8-12
  • Huge surface area and wiggle room for foot comfort
  • Has a brand new bi-injected build for color and support
  • Easy to understand functionality 
  • Manufactured with KEO standards for compatibility with any shoes and reduces the size of cleat


  • Pricier compared to other models
  • Not interchangeable with Delta cleats
  • If cleats become dirty, they make squeaking noises

What Recent Buyers Report

Buyers of this model report that the pedals were super-easy to use and provided great power transfer. They are also simple to install,really lightweight, and comfortable. Moreover, they are durable and long-wearing, and clipping is a breeze.

Why it Stands Out to Us

These road bicycle pedals come with many advanced technologies embedded in the cycle that really make your biking experience so much more comfortable, powerful, speedy, and efficient. They are well-engineered and have a great surface to move your foot in, with supreme power transfer, as well.

Who Will Use This Most 

These pedals are designed for any rider who wants enhanced performance and comfort, and because they are so easy to use, they are designed for beginners who want to learn how to ride bicycles. They are, however, also fit for experienced riders looking for lightweight and good-quality pedals.

Bottom Line

If you want a high-quality, durable, and easily adjustable pair of pedals, do not hesitate to get these, as they have great performance and you will not experience regret once you purchase them. They give good power transfer and are a breeze to install.

10. Shimano PD-A600

SHIMANO PD-A600 Premium SPD Pedal One Color


  • Innovative design that eradicates toe clips
  • Recess cleat equipped to make walking easier
  • Stellar performance with SPD for higher power transfer
  • Mud-shedding feature where mud is swept out when rider steps
  • More control with the SPD feature that gives stability and efficiency


  • Shiny exterior can get scuffed easily
  • They require two-bolt mountain shoes
  • No stainless-steel plates for shoe tread

What Recent Buyers Report

These are great, lightweight pedals made of exceptional quality materials. They are also quite sturdy and provide a solid, stable base for pedaling. Moreover, the pedals eliminate hotspots on the feet and ensures a smooth, powerful ride.

Why it Stands Out to Us

These pedals have excellent quality and finish and have a sleek design with sturdiness and durability meshed together. The support platform is large and gives a high degree of free-float. The pedals also provide security and firm hold, while ensuring a range of tension adjustment.

Who Will Use This Most

There’s a lot you can do with these pedals, from running errands to racing, they are designed to be the best flat pedals in the market. They work perfectly if you have road bike SPD shoes. They are a great option for sporty cyclists and touring riders.

Bottom Line

If you’re looking for a beautiful, smooth ride with great performance and a sleek design, then consider the Shimano PD-600 flat road bike pedals. They work perfectly and ensure high durability and toughness at a really unbeatable price.

11.Shimano PD-M324

SHIMANO Clipless Pedals SPD Pedal E-PDM324


  • Effective for SPD cleats
  • Robustly built for durability
  • Clip is sturdy and performs great in wet or dry conditions
  • Easily installable on your bike because of the streamlined design
  • Simple clip in and clip out and provide a great range of adjustability in clip tension


  • Spinning requires practice
  • Pedals are heavy
  • Cage needs to be taller to alleviate shoe slipping

What Recent Buyers Report

The aluminum body is sleek and robust, which makes for great durability. These also come with cleats you can install and adjust according to your liking, which is a plus-point. They have great quality and work seamlessly, and the size is large enough for comfort.

Why it Stands Out to Us

These pedals are designed intricately and have a beautiful finish. They operate smoothly and are also easy to strip off, which is a great addition to these wonderful pedals. They also have a good range of tension adjustment and provide a comfortable float to most knees.

Who Will Use This Most

These dependable pedals are designed for commuting riders who want to transition between flats and cleats easily. You can travel long miles and tour the city with these, and they won’t disappoint. If you want to ride on the streets for finishing up your errands, then these are for you.

Bottom Line

These pedals are exceptionally well-designed and engineered to give stellar performance and versatility. They are dependable, capable, and are of great use if you want to travel around on your bike wearing your normal shoes. They are also reliable and durable.

12.Shimano SPD-SL PD R-540



  • Easy to clip into and out
  • Release tension is simple to change
  • Large pedal platform for pedal stability
  • Open design platform ensures easy cleat adjustments
  • Surface gives ample float and surface area to allocate the pressure


  • They are too heavy
  • Foot can slip during mounting
  • SPD-SL shoes have wide brackets which make them challenging to walk in

What Recent Buyers Report

Users found that these pedals are easy to enter into and exit, as well allow a perfect range of tension. They provide great security for your feet while riding and are well-built. They are also good for walking and the release tension is easily adjustable.

Why it Stands Out to Us

These pedals provide great performance and are of high quality. They require little to no maintenance because of the protected cartridge axle unit that hides dirt and debris. The adjustable cleat tension can ensure a seamless or more relaxed ride for calmer days.

Who Will Use This Most

These are good learner’s pedals, but can also be tightened for professional riders. These are perfect for commuters who change their shoes between home and work and can also be a perfect choice for expert bike riding, such as marathons and races.

Bottom Line

If you are a novice at road biking, these are a really good option for you. They are super-durable and can work in the harshest conditions. They are also great to clip in and out of and give you a sufficient degree of float, so you don’t feel like your legs have a lot of pressure on them.

Best SPD Pedals for Road Bike:
Shimano SPD Pedal Clipless Pedals

Shimano SPD PD-M520 Clipless Pedals (White)


  • Improved stability and performance
  • Easy and quick adjustable release tension
  • Durable and sturdy pedal with a sleek finish
  • Can work well with commuter cycling shoes
  • Clips located on both sides for ease of entry


  • Pedal may start clicking
  • Platform not wide enough
  • Can lead to foot discomfort because of small surface area

What Recent Buyers Report

This is a solid product that performs well in challenging weather conditions and the cleats slip easily and quickly into the pedals. They are quite inexpensive, provide superb value for money, and are quite reliable and durable.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The design and engineering of these pedals are phenomenal, with a lightweight aluminum alloy and sleek finishing. They also provide smooth transitioning of the front and back and maintains speed as ground-level changes. These are rigid and sturdy, making them durable pedals with a great look.

Who Will Use This Most

This product is perfect for travelers looking for a reasonable pedal with specifications, according to the commuter’s preferences. The SPD clip-on pedals are also compatible with gravel and dirt riding. They perform in all kinds of weather.

Bottom Line

These pedals have a minimalistic and sleek design that is dependable and capable of high-quality performance at an unbeatable price. If you want the best SPD pedals for a road bike, it doesn’t get better than these.

Types of Road Bike Pedals

If you’re a novice at riding road bikes, then you may not know the different varieties of bike pedal designs. There are several types designed for the needs of all kinds of commuters. Let’s take a look at these types below:

Platform Pedals

These types of pedals are what usually come with your bike when you buy it. They ensure a stable, flat surface to support your feet and can be used with regular shoes. They are also great for beginners and are quite inexpensive.

Toe Clips/Cage Pedals

These are a good option for long mile commuters and recreational riders. They, too, do not require a specific kind of footwear and offer more security compared to platform pedals.

Hybrid Pedals

These are designed for tourist purposes, commuters who want to travel long distances, and also clipless pedal beginners. They are flexible, depending on whether you’re a novice or an expert.

Clipless Pedals

These pedals are great for experienced or professional bike riders and triathletes, offering efficient pedal strokes and higher power transfer.

Road-Clipless Systems

These are fashioned for serious roadies who have time trial bikes. They are super-stiff and give good power transfer.

Off-Road Clipless Systems

These are almost the same as road clipless systems, with the only difference in the design of the cleat, which is good for off-road biking. They make it easy to walk off the bike and keep the grime and mud from blocking the cleat.

When is it Time to Replace My Road Bike Pedals?

With the passage of time, it is imperative to have rough pedals. Since they are not serviced every now or then, the bearings become worn after some time. Similarly, the plastic of the pedals might start breaking as a result of rough climbing and accelerating.

There comes a time when the clips are not able to release as they should. Whatever the case is, whenever you find the pedals becoming rough or start sounding bad, it's the time to get a new set for your bike.

It is better to immediately replace the old pedals with new reliable ones to avoid any potential accidents during cycling.

Road Bike Clipless Pedals vs. Flat - Comparison Overview

Clipless pedals or flat pedals, which one is the best? It has been a never-ending debate. Cycling enthusiasts are very much familiar with both the terms and choose the one according to their preference. 

For those who don’t know much about these cycling terminologies, don’t stop here. Before jumping into the debate, let's give you an overview of the two. A flat pedal is basically a standard bike pedal embodying a flat surface. Clipless pedals, on the other hand, comprise a two-bolt system.

Moving on, we have drawn a detailed comparison of both types of pedals and their use. Read on to know which one suits you best.


When it comes to the design, both these types vary a lot. A flat pedal, as the name suggests, comes with a flat surface. It is the most commonly used pedals on the bike. On the other hand, clipless pedals have a different system, including clipless pedals and cleats. Cleats allow attachment of the pedals with cycling shoes.


Clipless pedals come with cleats, so you feel kind of attached to the bike. This means more control, and there are relatively lesser chances of any foot slippage. Contrary to this, a flat pedal does not have any interface to clip your shoes into it. However, the flat surface allows you to quickly remove the foot and put it down on the ground for an emergency stop.


Clipless pedals are relatively faster and ensure cycling efficiency. Since the feet are stapled to the pedals, it becomes quite easy for you to go through the rough terrains and over rocks. 

How to Remove and Change Pedals on a Road Bike

Removing and changing your bike pedals does not require any rocket science. For beginners, it might seem to be a daunting task; however, it is not. All you need is to be vigilant and avoid some easy mistakes for a successful installation.

Let’s go through the step by step bike pedal changing process: 

1. First of all, rotate the crank arm to get easy access. You will see a port on the inside of the crank arm.

2. Now place the pedal wrench or the hex wrench into the port.

3. Start pushing hard to loosen the spindle and continue rotating it clockwise for removing the left pedal.

4. Repeat the process on the anti-clockwise until the right pedal is free.

5. Now apply some grease to the spindle threads of the new pedals.

6. Insert each pedal into their sides at an exact 90-degrees angle.

7. Now start tightening both the pedals by turning the right pedal in a clockwise direction and the left pedal in the anti-clockwise direction.


  • Don’t forget to tighten the pedals to the manufacturer's recommended torque to secure them properly. 

Hopefully, by now, you are capable of changing the pedals yourself. If there is still any confusion, you are recommended to refer to the video below to have a full overview of what was just described above. 


This article was aimed to give you insight on bike pedals, so you can easily distinguish between the different types and their features. Deciding which kind of pedal would be best for you can be difficult, and hopefully, this was a useful read for you. Ride safe!

People Also Ask

While upgrading your bike pedals, several questions might arise in your mind regarding the quality and functionality. It is always better to solve the queries first to get the best of the best. This section is specially designed to answer some of the frequently asked questions by people to help them make an informed decision.

Which Way Do Bike Pedals Unscrew?

There are different methods to unscrew left pedals. The right pedal is generally normal, so you can unscrew it by rotating it anti-clockwise until it is completely loose. On the other hand, the left pedal, being reversely threaded, requires a different method. While facing the crank arm, rotate it clockwise to remove it.

Can You Put Normal Pedals on a Road Bike?

You can use normal pedals for road bikes. Since these bikes do not come with pedals, you can choose them according to your taste. In general, flat platform pedals are used by standard bikers. However, you can improve your overall cycling experience by integrating clipless pedals for a smoother ride.

How Much Faster Do Clipless Pedals Make You?

It is a known fact that clipless pedals help you go faster. The reason is that they allow power generation not only to push them down but to pull up as well. According to recent studies, clipless pedals are known to be 20 to 30% more efficient. They are quite helpful in bad weather conditions. 

What is the Difference Between Clipless and SPD Pedals?

Clipless pedals use advanced technology and include two parts. The whole system consists of pedals and cleats. The attachment of cleats with the shoes has your feet locked into the pedals while riding. This ultimately improves your cycling efficiency while climbing. On the other hand, SPD stands for Shimano Pedaling Dynamics. These are clipless pedals used mostly for mountain bikes.

Do All Pedals Fit All Bikes?

Unfortunately, not all pedals go well with all bikes. There are different pedals for kid's bikes. You will find mainly two-pedal sizes, including 9/16" and ½." While the ½" is used less often, the 9/16"pedal size is considered as a standard and most commonly used in the majority of bikes.  


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