Best Recumbent Road Bikes of 2021 – Complete Review

| Last Updated: January 23, 2022

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If you are fond of riding a bike but don't want to go with upright models anymore, try recumbent road bikes. It's a great alternative to upright bikes that turns every ride into an effective workout.

Recumbent bikes offer comfort and make every user an insane fan. They have several advantages over other conventional road bikes.

Now, you must be curious to know the qualities these bikes own and which one to invest one. To make it easy for you, here are reviews of the best recumbent bikes you can get.

Comparison of the Best Recumbent Road Bikes

  • Equipped with a large spring cruiser style seat
  • Has a quick release height adjustment feature
  • Low standover Schwinn aluminum frame
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  • Heavy-duty electric cargo trike
  • Extended frame for better control
  • Comes with USB port for charging
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  • Best for the Money
  • Low to the ground three-wheel frame
  • Comes with a high-tensile steel frame
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  • Best Recumbent Road Bike for Seniors
  • Quick and easy size adjustment
  • No-maintenance chainless design
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What is a Recumbent Road Bike Road and How Does it Work?

If you have seen upright bikes, it would be easier to understand the build and working mechanism of a recumbent bike. In recumbent bikes, the placement of seats is such that a rider sits in a more reclining posture. Most of the weight is shifted from his lower abdomen to the backrest of the seat.

These bikes allow riders to steer the wheel or handlebar while sitting in a laid-out position. The versatile frame is designed to accommodate those who have joint or muscle pains.

What Should I Look For When Buying a Recumbent Road Bike?

We recommend you to be careful when selecting one of these bikes for yourself. Therefore, to help you make a wise decision, we have listed some important aspects to consider.

Construction Material

Usually, you will be required to sit on bikes for long hours. Therefore, the building material should be durable enough to sustain weight, frequency of usage, and resist quick wear and tear. Steel and aluminum are the main materials chosen for manufacturing recumbent bikes.

Both materials show immense strength in collision and resist rust and corrosion. However, aluminum bikes are slightly lighter than the steel ones.

Weight Capacity

If you are a heavyweight rider or are purchasing the bike for getting in shape, you should not forget to check the weight limit offered by the model you are interested in. Buying a bike whose load capacity rating is less than your weight may be a waste of your time and money.


When a recumbent model is not comfortable, it loses its purpose. So, never overlook the design and seat orientation. Reclinable seats are best to sit on as they make the rides more delightful, even for people who suffer from joints, muscles, or back pain.

The handlebars also offer variable angles that the rider can hold them in. Some of these recumbent vehicles also have adjustable or extendable bases.

Review of the Best Recumbent Road Bikes

The products listed below are all unique and extraordinary in their own way. They feature exceptional functionality and offer impressive performance. Make sure to read through them to find the product that best suits you.

Best Overall:
Schwinn Meridian Adult Tricycle

Schwinn Meridian Adult Tricycle with 26-Inch Wheels in Maroon, with Low Step-Through Aluminum Frame, Front and Rear Fenders, Adjustable Handlebars, Large Cruiser Seat, and Rear Folding Basket


  • Obese people can also use it
  • No frequent maintenance needed
  • Seat and handlebars are adjustable
  • Basket can be folded down when not in use
  • Wheels are sturdy and stop the bike smoothly


  • Weighs a lot
  • Not a portable trike

What Recent Buyers Report

All buyer reports highlighted that the product is one of their favorite workout machines. Many customers bought it for losing body fat and found it to be quite resourceful. It means that the tricycle's construction successfully sustained the weight of obese individuals and served them for a long time.

Why it Stands Out to Us

With an aluminum body, this recumbent bike exhibits amazing strength to withstand the rider's weight of up to 300 pounds. Moreover, 26-inch alloy wheels are mounted on it to ensure stability on roads.

The brake assembly is also no less than a bonus. The tricycle incorporates alloy linear-pull brakes at the front end and expander brakes at the rear. In short, the unit can release powerful and instant brakes without unbalancing itself.

The excellent options also compelled us to include this trike on our list. The configuration and height of the seat and handlebars can be customized according to your need.

Bottom Line

The aluminum frame, adjustable seat, and handlebars altogether make the product equally beneficial for people with a height of up to 6'2" and weight of approximately 300 pounds. The trike entails a foldable basket situated behind the seat.

In a nutshell, you can take this vehicle on a ride for grocery shopping, low-impact cardio workout, weight loss, and on a random outing.

Addmotor Motan Electric Tricycle

Addmotor Electric Tricycle Three Wheel 750W Electric Trike 20 Inch Fat Tires Ebike Lithium Battery M-360 3-Wheel Electric Bikes for Adult (Red)


  • Tires distribute the weight evenly
  • Operates on a rechargeable battery
  • Wiring is water-resistant, ensuring safety
  • Front suspension absorbs jerks efficiently
  • Features a throttle that allows to change and control the speed


  • Chassis is very bulky and occupies a large space

What Recent Buyers Report

A lot of the buyers liked the design of this vehicle. Due to the bulky construction, a few customers reported problems in storing the bike at their homes. Despite that, they seemed to be content with the strong and robust construction, and a well-thought-out design. The waterproof exterior allowed customers to use the bike on the beach and in rainfall as well.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The combination of a 750W hub motor and a Panasonic 16Ah battery enables this electric bike to run almost 65 miles on a single charge. Besides, only seven hours are required to fully charge the long-running battery.

The trike also includes a horn, headlight, adjustable five-inch LCD panel, and a spacious rear basket. Another significant feature of the bike is its adjustable seat. Also, at the front, you'll find a USB port, meaning you can charge your phones, Bluetooth handsfree, and any other handy device on your rides.

Coupled with the front suspension, the aluminum-constructed vehicle ensures the rides are relaxing and safe, even if there are potholes, or if the passenger weighs 300 pounds.

Bottom Line

Besides the incredible robustness of the exterior, this product encompasses an impressive deal of versatility as well. By adjusting the LCD screen and seat to an appropriate position, you can ensure a peaceful ride.

Moreover, you don't need to think about being overweight as long as you have this electric bike.

Best for the Money:
Mobo Crusier Mobito

Mobo Mobito (Purple) Cruise in Style (16')


  • Short-height people can also use it
  • Good load limit for heavyweight kids
  • Six angle options for the seat configuration
  • Joystick style steering allows for effortless handling
  • Responsive brakes allow smooth and quick braking


  • Very heavy to move or transport
  • Not efficient for a ride on a bumpy road

What Recent Buyers Report

All parents who purchased this bike for their children reported that it made its way to their hearts through incredible stability and sturdiness. They feel satisfied whenever their kids use this bike. Also, kids enjoy using it since it is lightweight and easy to handle.

Why it Stands Out to Us

We often see recumbent bikes offering limited adjustability of seat angles, but this model stands out exactly because of that. It is equipped with a seat that is adjustable to up to six angles. So, it's up to the user which reclining angle they feel the most comfortable in.

An innovation in this unit, which makes it a worthy product, is the steering handlebars' style. These handlebars are attached to the rear wheel and can be controlled without inclining forward to grasp them. As a result, the rider will have much greater comfort.

The dimensions are ideal for accommodating kids with heights ranging from 3' to 4'8". Likewise, it can support up to 180 pounds.

Bottom Line

Overall, we find the construction quality of this bike impressive due to its high-grade steel construction. Aspects like maximum load capacity of 180 pounds, height limit of 4'8", and convenient joystick steering increase its usefulness for kids.

Best Recumbent Road Bike for Seniors:
Mobo Adult Triton Pro Adult Tricycle

Mobo Cruiser Triton Pro Recumbent Tricycle for Men & Women. 3-Wheeled Bike. Cruiser Lowrider Trike, Silver, 28 x 29 x 48 inches (61†extended), Tri-501S


  • Includes inflatable tires
  • Has a weight capacity of 250 pounds
  • Very lightweight construction, easy to carry
  • Ensures great performance on bumpy roads
  • Features an adjustable frame that can be extended lengthwise


  • Not reliable for longer routes
  • Works at a slower speed compared to other bikes

What Recent Buyers Report

Most buyers of this unit were adult riders. Some of them used this vehicle for exercise purposes while also enjoying the smooth ride throughout the city. It's a lightweight bike, which impressed buyers the most, especially those who had to carry it. Teens also expressed positive feedback about the Mobo Triton Pro tricycle.

Why it Stands Out to Us

Suitable for riding through rough and tough terrain, the well-founded frame is paired up with inflatable tires from rubber. To top it off, these heavy-duty tires don't require maintenance.

Lightweight recumbent bikes are rarely found, so this product is truly outstanding. It weighs only about 44 pounds, which is quite impressive.

The brake system on this model is also pretty responsive and instantaneous. It attains an optimum grip on the road surface and handles sudden stops well. Women and kids can also enjoy this product as they will be able to extend the frame length, according to their physiques and heights.

Bottom Line

Overall, this bike's padded seat, in conjunction with a padded backrest, ensures stress-free rides for ladies and kids in particular. The rear-wheel steering puts less stress on the hands, ensuring that you don't put unnecessary strain. Overall, it has an incredible design that is also available at a reasonable price!

Recumbent vs. Upright Road Bike – Comparison Overview

Both upright and recumbent road bikes have unique features, some of them being similar, while the rest are different. Let’s compare both of these here. 


Here is how these two bikes resemble each other.

Ensure Low-Impact Exercise

In both types of bikes, your feet don't touch the ground. Therefore, these vehicles involve low-impact workouts and cardio.


Now let’s take a look at the differences.

Weight Distribution

The framework of recumbent bikes is widespread. As a result, the rider's weight is uniformly distributed throughout the vehicle. Eventually, it increases the stability of the unit on the ground.

In the case of upright bikes, the seat is arranged in an upright position, meaning the entire weight is concentrated on a single gravity point.


The major difference revolves around the design and placement of the seat. In a recumbent bike, the seat is oriented in a reclining position. The steering wheel is located near or in connection with the rear wheels.

Meanwhile, upright models have their seats placed such that the rider has to sit straight and upright. This might lead to strain on the back after extended hours of use. Also, to reach the steering or handlebar, the rider must lean a little forward, which can be uncomfortable.


Upright bikes have compact frames as compared to recumbent models. Resultantly, the former takes up less area on the road and in storage spaces too.

Pros and Cons of Recumbent Road Bikes

A recumbent road bike provides numerous benefits to avid riders. However, one cannot ignore a few disadvantages.


Let's see how recumbent bikes are beneficial to us.

Safe and Stable

The more the vehicle is stable, the safer it is to ride. Because the rider's weight is distributed over the framework, recumbent bikes achieve steady balance in both standstill and riding modes.

These bikes are also less prone to accidents just because of their unparalleled standing potential.

Comfortable to Ride

The reclining seat makes the rider feel like he is lying on his couch or sofa. Furthermore, some models embody advanced seats and handlebars that can be adjusted as per the comfort level or height of the rider.

Gentle on Joints and Shoulders

By allowing the rider to sit on a laid-back seat, these bikes exert no strain on the shoulders and arms, allowing one to keep on riding without any pain.

Recumbent bikes are advantageous to arthritis patients the most.


These kinds of bikes also have some drawbacks.

Large Footprint

The bulky frame makes the bike inconvenient to store in garages and limited storage spaces.


Due to the extra features such as adjustability and larger framework, these bikes are more expensive than regular ones.


Recumbent road bikes are, no doubt, a great innovation. It allows us to ride with ease of mind and body. The products we have added on our list are all worthy of the investment. However, to select any one of them, go with the product that best matches your personal preferences.

Some common features of these bikes include reclinable seats, extendable frames, easy-to-use steering bars, super-durable construction, etc. So, get rid of flimsy and dangerous bikes and switch to any of our recommended products.

People Also Ask

People have to know everything about the product they want to buy before actually paying for it. To clear up all your worries, concerns, and confusion about recumbent bikes, here are some common questions.

What's the Average Cost of a Recumbent Bicycle?

Recumbent bicycles are on the pricier side. The more you pay, the more flexible options you get in return. You can easily find one at as low as $500 while the most expensive models would cost around $1000. The prices of recumbent bikes and trikes innovated with advanced features go high up to $7000.

Are Recumbent Bikes Hard on Knees?

These bikes feature a design that allows your legs to extend towards the pedals horizontally. You don't have to hang your feet downwards like on an upright or regular bike. Consequently, your knees, ankles, and toes experience negligible weight and minimal stress.

Why Are Recumbent Bikes Not Popular?

A recumbent is quite costly, so not everyone can afford it, which is also why it is not so popular. Another reason could be the large structure. Due to its widespread body, people don't have sufficient places to store it, nor is it portable.

How Long Should I Ride a Recumbent Bike?

Several benefits of these bikes include providing a refreshing feel to your shoulders, body muscles, spine, knees, and hands. If you overuse recumbent vehicles, they start discomforting you and affecting the whole body adversely. That's why we suggest you avoid riding a recumbent model for longer than 40 to 50 minutes.

Are Recumbent Bikes Bad For Your Back?

For your back's health, there cannot be a better solution other than recumbent bikes. The seat's configuration allows the rider to rest his weight on the backrest. Ultimately, the spine feels relaxed on every ride.

Do Recumbent Bikes Have Gears?

Most recumbent models are single-speed vehicles and don't come with variable gears. But some high-end trikes come with gears. Those models make it easy to climb roads with gradients and slopes. Some units have internal gears, whereas some have derailleur gears.

Why Are Recumbent Bikes so Expensive?

Recumbent bikes are expensive since they offer a high level of comfort to the riders. When a person rides on a recumbent, he is relaxed and doesn't go through muscle pain or inflammation. The unique design and large structure of these bikes make them expensive. They are also not the most common.

Can You Lose Belly Fat on a Recumbent Bike?

After long-term use of recumbent bikes, you may notice a drastic change in your abdomen's shape. You can do various cardiovascular exercises on a recumbent bike and lose unwanted belly fat after consistent use.

What Muscles Does a Recumbent Bike Work?

Such bikes mainly deal with the motion of quads, glutes, hamstrings, calves, and tibialis muscles. These muscles get the maximum advantage from the workout sessions done on recumbent vehicles. So, if you are planning to build muscles or improve their movement, recumbent bikes are a great choice.


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