Best Road Bike Shoes of 2021 – Complete Round-up

| Last Updated: January 23, 2022

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When you’re riding a road bike, the most important part of your body that comes into contact with the pedestal is your foot. 

This is why it is essential to wear the right shoes when riding a bike, so that you may maximize your performance and stay comfortable.

 In this guide, we will give you a complete round-up of the best bike shoes. Let’s begin!

Comparison of the Best Road Bike Shoes

  • Buckle top and Velcro straps provide superior fit security
  • Versatile sole design that is compatible with all types of cleats
  • Made from breathable material
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  • Handmade in Italy
  • Made from high-quality materials
  • Made for incredible comfort and performance
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  • Best Road Bike Shoes for the Money
  • Made from breathable microfiber that fits comfortably
  • Features universal cleat compatibility
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  • Best Women’s Road Bike Shoes
  • Optimized design that combines comfort with performance
  • Fiberglass reinforced soles provide more power
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  • Best Road Bike Shoes For Wide Feet
  • Made from Eco Premium Leather
  • Carbon fiber sole provides excellent performance
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  • Best Road Bike Shoes For Beginners
  • Made from high-quality breathable synthetic fibre
  • Injected Nylon sole with universal cleat compatibility
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Are All Road Bike Shoes The Same?

No, not all bike shoes are the same. They differ in terms of size, material, and aesthetics. Moreover, different soles are designed for different purposes. There are also various kinds of closure systems used in shoes, with the most well-known one being Velcro straps. 

Most road bike shoes are designed for hot and humid weather so that they are breathable. This means that they do not offer much protection from the harsh winter cold. So, if you live in a place where the climate is extremely cold, you should look for road bike shoes that offer more protection and are robust. 

Can You Find Quality Road Bike Shoes That Are Affordable? 

Yes! You can find good-quality bike shoes in the market that are efficient as well as affordable. They work perfectly, too, and comprise all the necessary qualities that are needed to boost your cycling performance. You may need to compromise on a few things, such as the closure system, but other than that, you can find the perfect pair at a low price.

Along with that, you should go for the most important features that you’re looking for and cut out the thrills that you don’t need. This will help you get the most affordable shoes, providing you the most value for your money while not breaking the bank. 

What Should I Look For When Buying Road Bike Shoes?

Before making a purchase, you should go through several considerations so that you know what you’re looking for. To buy a pair that is best suited for your needs, here are the most important features you should focus on:

Fit and Size

When you’re looking for the perfect biking shoes for yourself, one of the most important factors to consider is the fit. There are many different options available in the market, such as wide fit and half sizes. There can also be slight variations in the sizes depending on the EU, US, and the UK sizing. In order to be sure, try them on before you buy them.


Another important consideration to make is the material and the way the shoes have been constructed. The durability and wear and tear are crucial factors that need to be considered, especially if you live in areas with harsh climates. Some uppers are made with synthetic materials, whilst others are made with genuine leather. You need to find the one that provides greater breathability and comfort. 


There are several choices when it comes to the type of fastening used in bike shoes. From Velcro to Boa dials, you need to find the one that is most suitable for your kind of bike riding. Laces are comfortable and adjustable but can get dirty easily and need a lot of maintenance. Velcro is also adjustable but is less long-wearing and secure.

Review of the Best Road Bike Shoes

Now that we have covered the basics, let’s review the best road bike shoes in the market:

Best Overall:
Santic Road Bike Shoes

Santic Cycling Shoes Road Bike Shoes Bike Shoes with Buckle


  • Ergonomic fit for extra comfort
  • Velcro straps are easily adjustable
  • Breathable materials for hot weather
  • Compatible with almost all cleats and pedal types
  • Synthetic material used is lightweight on the feet


  • Shoe tongue and ankle side is a bit stiff

What Recent Buyers Report

Users were thoroughly impressed with the quality and performance of these shoes. It fits well on almost all types of feet and is comfortable as well. They are also compatible with most pedal and cleat types, and they are sturdy and durable too. They also come in a range of exciting colors.

Why it Stands Out to Us

Santic is known to create some of the best biking shoes that enhance the fun of cycling. They constantly innovate their products to create a better customer experience for their users. Santic also provides professional and highly technological cycling wear for enthusiasts around the world.

This shoe is anti-slip wear resistance and has good ventilation so your feet can breathe. It also protects your feet from debris or dirt outside and comes with a road lock designed for professional riding. It is also equipped with a handy magic bandage, which is easily adjustable for comfort.

Bottom Line

If you are looking for the best biking shoes that would be compatible with most kinds of pedals and cleats, do check out this one. The quality and materials of this pair are exceptional, and they will not let you down.

Fizik R4B Uomo

Fizik R4B Uomo BOA Carbon, Black, Size 36


  • Superior performance and efficiency
  • Extremely comfortable and lightweight
  • Durable materials used in the construction
  • High-quality Italian craftsmanship with the world’s finest leather
  • Boa control shapes each shoe separately while providing the perfect fit


  • Not as breathable as other models

What Recent Buyers Report

Users state that these are one of the greatest cycling shoes that you can find in the market. They are lightweight, made with the finest quality leather for extra durability, and are super comfortable on the feet as well. They are the perfect kind of shoes for narrow feet and provide exceptional performance while riding.

Why it Stands Out to Us

These shoes stand out because of their stiffness and unique quality. They are crafted with the best quality materials and are designed to improve your cycling experience. The fine-quality leather used also allows you to use them in the harshest of weather conditions without them being damaged.

The shoes are also aesthetically-pleasing and sleek and come with a carbon composite sole for a better and precise fit for your feet. The leather is also flexible and can adjust according to your feet' size, which makes these shoes very impressive.

Bottom Line

Overall, if you want a pair of shoes that stays in its shape even during the harshest of climates, these are the ones that you should opt for. With its quality design and superior constructions, these shoes by Fizik are a worthy investment.

Best Road Bike Shoes for the Money:
Giro Men's Cycling Shoes

Giro Techne Mens Road Cycling Shoe − 47, Highlight Yellow (2020)


  • Comes in various attractive colors
  • Comfortable fit with breathable microfiber material
  • Universal cleat compatibility with die-cut EVA footbed
  • Nylon outsole with a synthetic upper for extra breathability
  • Three-strap closure system provides a fast and convenient fitting


  • Soles may scuff from a lot of use
  • Fit can be a little too snug for some users

What Recent Buyers Report

Users were quite pleased with the performance and the quality of these shoes. They are not only designed for improving your cycling experience but are also very lightweight and user-friendly. They are highly comfortable and come with convenient straps to provide an accurate fit.

Why it Stands Out to Us

Giro is known to provide some of the highest quality biking shoes for amateurs and professional cyclists around the world. These shoes are like no other; they are fashionable while also being efficient and impressive. Their quality is unmatched for the price, and many users recommend them.

Moreover, these shoes come with a classic three-strap retention system that overall offers great performance and timeless style. They are also quite convenient and comfortable to wear for long periods and are built with microfiber and carbon composite insoles for extra breathability.

Bottom Line

Those looking for the perfect pair of biking shoes that are impressive and comfortable don’t need to look any further. These shoes provide great value for money and are incredibly efficient.

Best Women’s Road Bike Shoes:
Tommaso Pista

Tommaso Pista Women's Road Bike Cycling Spin Shoe Dual Cleat Compatibility - Black/Pink - 41


  • Synthetic and durable leather material
  • Lock Velcro straps for easy adjustability
  • Comfort and performance both blended perfectly
  • Versatile shoe compatible with two and 3-bolt cleats
  • Fiberglass reinforced sole for greater breathability and performance


  • Sizing may vary according to the standard used

What Recent Buyers Report

Most of the users gave these shoes five stars in performance and comfort. The breakthrough technology used in them provides the best quality and comfort needed when cycling. They are also durable, stylish, and long-wearing as they are made with synthetic leather.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This pair of shoes stands out because it is equipped with a lot of impressive features that enhance your cycling experience. With the fiberglass-reinforced sole, you can find yourself feeling more comfortable and efficient while riding your bike. They are also versatile and can be used for a long time.

The Velcro straps in these shoes provide an easy and adjustable closure system. You can use these shoes for more than just cycling, which makes it an amazing investment. It is also ergonomic and easily transfers power to your pedal so that you can bike faster and more efficiently.

Bottom Line

To sum up, if you are looking for the best female biking shoes, these are the best quality ones that you can find in the market right now. With their impressive features and impeccable performance, they will surely leave you in awe.

Best Road Bike Shoes For Wide Feet:
Lake Cx237

Lake Cx237, Unisex Adult Cycling Shoes, Unisex_Adult, L3009576, Black, 39


  • Great adjustability for every foot type
  • Comes in many different colors for a wide variety
  • Highly durable and easy to wear throughout the day
  • Equipped with carbon fiber sole for improved performance
  • Premium leather quality used in the construction of the shoes


  • Breathability not as great as the other models

What Recent Buyers Report

These are awesome shoes that were loved by many users all around the world. They are nicely made with high-quality leather that fits well. They are also light and improve the performance of the user when riding a bike. They are also highly recommended by most cyclists.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This is one of the most highly recommended stiff cyclist shoes that are excellent at transferring power to the pedals. They are also constructed with synthetic leather to provide extra comfort and durability. The carbon fiber used in the sole also enhances performance when cycling.

Moreover, these shoes come in different aesthetically-pleasing colors for different kinds of users. The straps are also easily adjustable and have an efficient closure system. The fit of these shoes is also very impressive and highly comfortable. Overall, if you have wide feet, you will love these shoes a lot.

Bottom Line

If you’re looking for cycling shoes for wide feet, these are the ones that you should invest in. Their comfort level is unmatched, and they are known to improve your cycling performance. All in all, they are unique and highly durable.

Best Road Bike Shoes For Beginners:
Giro Men's Treble II

Giro Men's Treble II White Bike Shoe - 39 M EU


  • Made with breathable synthetic fiber
  • Medium arch support for greater comfort
  • Water-resistant and breathable microfiber upper
  • Classic 3-strap closure system for easy adjustability
  • Nylon outsole offers a stiff and stable pedaling experience


  • Not suitable for wide feet

What Recent Buyers Report

These are decent and comfortable shoes, which are great if you are just a beginner at road bike cycling. They are super affordable and durable and provide unmatched comfort and functionality. Moreover, they are breathable and lightweight, making them ideal for cycling. The straps are also easily adjustable.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This pair of shoes come with features that are exceptional and note-worthy. The shoes are highly versatile and can be used for almost everything. They are also designed to work well with a universal cleat mount and provide a near-custom feel with a snug and comfortable fit.

Along with those features, these shoes have a precision fit that hugs your feet without feeling tight or uncomfortable. They are highly breathable and water-resistant, which is a bonus as most pairs do not offer that feature. Moreover, the aegis foot-bed treatment acts as a barrier for any bacteria and eliminates odors as well.

Bottom Line

To sum up, if you want a good pair of biking shoes that are not heavy on the pocket and are also high in quality, then these are the ones you should go for. With their breathable insole and easy adjustability, they are the perfect pair for a beginner cyclist.

Best Road Bike Shoes Under $100:
Gavin Elite Road Cycling Shoe

Gavin Elite Road Cycling Shoe - 2 and 3 Bolt Cleat Compatible


  • Unique and attractive design
  • Synthetic microfiber leather construction
  • Designed for extra comfort and durability
  • Adjustable buckle for greater fit and comfort
  • Nylon fiberglass sole that provides greater comfort and breathability


  • Leather could be sturdier

What Recent Buyers Report

The fit and the comfort of these shoes are incredible, and for the price, they provide a lot of features that you wouldn’t even get in high-end biking shoes. They are comfortable, fit perfectly, and are quite breathable as well. They also come in a very unique and attractive design.

Why it Stands Out to Us

These shoes stand out to us because of their unmatched quality and performance for the price. The micro-adjustable buckle allows you to adjust your fit easily so that you can be more efficient at bike riding. They also have a stiff and rigid sole that has air vents for breathability.

Moreover, they fit snugly and provide excellent comfort. They are also perfect for clipless pedal systems as they can easily transfer power to them. The design and quality also make these shoes look like they would be expensive when they are not costly at all and are of high quality as well.

Bottom Line

All in all, this is what you should get if you want a good pair of bike road shoes without spending a hefty amount on them. With durable construction and comfortable fit, these shoes will not let you down.

Types of Road Bike Shoes

Many types of road bike shoes are available in the market. Before you purchase a pair, go through these types so you can understand better and know which one is suited for you:


Road bike shoes come in different soles. The most recommended type for any road bike shoes would be stiff ones. The stiffer and rigid the sole is, the more power is transferred to the pedals. 

Expensive and high-quality road bike shoes come with stiffer soles and lighter construction. The different soles used in road bike shoes are plastic, carbon composite, and full carbon ones. Plastic is more beginner-friendly, while the full carbon ones are the lightest and stiffest.

Fastening Systems

Fastening systems come in four different types, all of which are used for different purposes: velcro, ratchets, dials, and laces. Velcro is ideal for all beginner cyclists, and ratchets are used in conjunction with the Velcro straps for easier adjustability. Dials offer more precise adjustment than the two and are also the most efficient. Laces are not very efficient but are more aesthetically pleasing.


There are road bike shoes designed for warm weather, which means they have extra breathability and air vents for added comfort. For people living in harsh or cold environments, there are road bike shoes with greater insulation and minimal breathability. 

How Should Road Bike Shoes Fit?

The ideal kind of road bike shoes fitting would be in the heel area of your feet. The shoe should feel firm and comfortable when you walk or ride, and your feet should not at all slip out. When you seat the heel in the back, it should not move or come out when you walk or ride.

The shoe should also be snug around the corners and should not move or get loose. The upper area should cover your toes properly and firmly grasp your feet so that you feel comfortable and secure when you ride the bike. This is the adequate fitting criteria for wearing road bike shoes. 


Now that you’ve covered everything, we hope that you find luck in purchasing the best road bike shoes for your feet. Remember to keep these guidelines in mind so that you can have an amazing experience and also improve your performance when riding your bike. Happy Riding!

People Also Ask

If you have any concerns or queries, you should read this portion to clear some of your doubts. In this segment, we aim to clarify your doubts while also providing some clarity to your questions. This will help you get a better idea of the fit and comfort level that you should get from your biking shoes.

Do Stiffer Cycling Shoes Make a Difference?

Yes! The stiffer the soles of the shoes are, the better they perform. This is because stiffer soles tend to provide excellent power transfer to the pedals. They are also lighter in weight, making them easier to use and comfortable on the feet as well. 

How Do I Make My Cycling Shoes More Comfortable?

To make your cycling shoes more comfortable, you should soak them in some water and alcohol and wear them for about 40 minutes on a roller. This will make them softer and easier to walk around in. They will also make the shoes comfier and warmer so that they are easy to use when cycling.

Should I Buy Cycling Shoes a Size Bigger?

If you are a beginner at cycling, it is recommended that you buy road bike shoes that are a size too big as compared to your feet. This will provide you with more room which is perfect for training. Bigger shoes are also more comfortable and give you space to practice. 

Do You Wear Socks With Cycling Shoes?

Cycling shoes should fit your feet snugly when you’re riding. This is so that your feet don’t slip when you pedal. For this purpose, you should make sure that if you buy a size too big, you compensate for that by wearing cycling socks as well. They are thin, so they won’t stretch out your shoes and won’t ruin the fit.


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