Bikes 101 – Types and Their Uses Explained

| Last Updated: February 23, 2021

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Biking or Cycling is a great move as well as a great exercise for any aged men and women: it is free (after the initial bike purchase), it can be an easy way to keep you fit if you can’t give much time for exercise. It doesn't matter what types of bikes you are owning!

It can be faster than cars and public transport as well as it gives you a smooth and comfortable journey to your destination with a fresh mood. Biking with the best bikes for a commuter is becoming more popular day by day.

Different types of bikes take different types of approaches to bike manufacturing. Some of them choose to place an electric motor in the front or rear wheel hub for best efficiency, with ultra-modern torque sensors in the cranks that tell the onboard batteries to pass the power to the wheels for your desired speeds.

Others such as notably Bosch and Yamaha - opt for more advanced designs other feathers with the modern technology. Bosch is a very large multinational company and popular for bringing a whole manner of products to market.

They began their research and developed eBike systems many years ago, they have brought their first eBike system to market in 2010. Yamaha was introduced in 1955.

In the earlier period, they built motorcycles indeed for the Japanese market. Today they are making anything from eBike systems to “Jet Skis” with a wide product portfolio under their belt.

In 1993 when Yamaha released their first eBike system, the whole world was waiting eagerly for their modern breakthrough. This was a massive success for Yamaha.

In recent days, Yamaha manufacturer over 300,000 bike systems in a year and, to date, their system is implemented on over 2.7 million eBikes worldwide.

If you are not the owner of an electric bike, you haven't need to be upset. There are many well-known bike manufacturer companies are offering your desired bikes with a lot of up to date features.

Nowadays, the bikes have almost all the feathers that make your bike compact and amazingly comfortable for any purpose. Technologies make this thing more reliable and users are feeling more comfortable.

Before purchasing an E-Bike keep it in your mind that e-bikes are heavy and capped at 15mph. In many cases, that means the bike starts to feel like it’s actively fighting against you if you try to push the speed higher than that by pedalling.

If you are going to purchase new best bikes then you should have a little bit knowledge about: There are three important decision points to help you...

Types of Best Bikes: To choose the right type of bike for you depends on where you plan to ride the best bikes and your comfort.

Best Bikes Features: Bikes features like suspension, gears, and brakes determine how the best bikes perform.

Bike Fit: After completing two above points, it is important to make sure that the bike fits you properly.

Different Types of  Bikes 

Road Bikes (including racing, endurance, cyclocross, and touring bikes): Best for pavement.

Mountain Bikes (including trail, cross-country, and all-mountain bikes): Best for Rugged trails and gravel roads.

Hybrid Bikes: Best for pavement or moderate gravel/dirt roads.

Special Bikes (including cruiser, cargo, electric, and folding bikes): Best for pavement.

Road Bikes

Road bikes are suitable for multiple pavements uses such as fitness riding, commuting, long-distance rides, touring and bike racing. Usually, road bikes have lightweight drop-bar handles that turning downward, putting you in the best aerodynamic position for a comfortable riding. This is making them a good choice if you want to go fast or are most concerned with the proper efficiently transferring your energy into making the best bike properly move forward. They also allow you for a large number of bike riding and hand positions than bikes with the flat handlebars. Their more aerodynamic bike riding position can put more strain on your back if you feel less flexible.

Here Some Specialized Categories of Road Bikes:

Racing Bikes: These powerful and aerodynamic racing bikes are built for going fast as desired speed on the plane and charging up hills during a race or a group ride with friends. Their massive strong frames are usually made of carbon fibre or aluminium and they have a special design that’s intended to be as light as possible.

Endurance Bikes: Sometimes endurance bikes are called ‘sportive bikes’. This is because most of the sportives are long distance, all-day out affairs where the riders will benefit from the comfort of a relaxed geometry and compliant frame. Endurance bikes have most of the performance features of the racing bikes, but with its frame geometry that puts you in a more comfortable bike riding position.

They usually have taller head tubes, lower slacker angles and sloping top tubes intended to decrease stress on your back and neck. Sometimes they can be featured clearance for larger width tires for versatility and a softer, more comfortable bike ride.

Cyclocross Bikes: Cyclocross bikes are very lightweight and tough enough to deal with the super conditions of cyclocross bike racing. Cyclocross bikes can give you every possible advantage in a full lineup of its lightweight carbon and aluminium rides built to win in any kind of conditions. Cyclocross bikes can wring out best race performance.

Touring Bikes: Tour lovers can be longer or shorter bike tours will find the best solution for their adventures in this category, because here, this is all about the practical storage of luggage. Touring bikes are like small pack horses or mules while also athletic and comfy. Touring bikes are specially designed, that makes them very strong and ideal for long-distance bike tours for adventure lovers. They are designed with beautiful robust frames that capable of carrying heavy loads on the front and rear racks of the bike.

Touring bikes are also featured multiple attachment points so you can attach racks, fenders, water bottles, pumps, lights and more than you need during travel. Most of the touring bikes have a longer wheelbase than other road bikes and they tend to have a lower centre of gravity, which makes them easier to get full control with proper efficiency. Touring bikes have the variety of brakes for improved stopping power while hauling heavy loads on non-paved surfaces.

Mountain Bikes

Mountain Biking is the passionate sport of best bike lovers for riding bikes off-roads, often over rough dirt trails and the rocks. Mountain bikes are specially designed with shock-absorbing features and best braking systems. Mountain biking can be categorized as follows:

Cross country, Trail riding, All mountain, Downhill, Freeride, Dirt jumping etc.

However, most of the mountain biking lovers love Trail and Cross Country riding styles. Mountain bikes have to conduct with rough dirt trails and the rocks, roots, bumps, and ruts that come with them.

There are Several Categories of Mountain Bikes:

Trail Bikes, Cross-Country Bikes, All-Mountain Bikes, Downhill/Park Mountain Bikes etc.

Hybrid Bikes

How to find the best hybrid bike for the ride that you make a hybrid bike is a great option if you mainly use your bike to get to work or back, perhaps with the fun of cycling on weekends. We are really feeling proud of doing some hybrid bike reviews and share our collected data some of the best models.

Hybrid bikes are actually ideal for riding bikes: a good hybrid bike will capable enough to tackle all kinds of terrain without any hitch, hoping to help you ride a bike with the comfort and get more involved in this great sport of adventure.

Hybrid bikes are a great combination of the standard road bikes and the mountain bikes, this combination of two types of bikes creates a machine that is more comfortable on all kinds of terrains and surfaces.

The structure of the main frame of a hybrid bike should be sturdy enough and must maintain an accurate geometric diagram.

“Hybrid Bikes” is a mix of mountain, road, and touring designs. If you like to race your fellow commuters at the lights this is the bike which is perfect for you.

The super lightweight with a semi-upright riding position you can get your desired speed up with the highest comfort! Hybrid bikes usually a great combination of flat bar and heads-up ride for comfort and a better view when biking in traffic.

Special Bikes

Special bikes have very ultimate features and limitation of uses that set them apart from other bikes.

Cruiser bikes, Cargo bikes, Electric bikes, Folding bikes etc.

We did a survey about “Your Favorite Hobby “, we asked more than 200 university students about their hobbies, most of their responses were bike ridings, novel readings, listening to music, or watching movies, crocheting etc. Most of the students tell us about their favourite hobbies is cycling. Honestly, I like cycling so much.

I started cycling since the age of earlier thirteen. At that time, my father was the only person who taught me how to ride a bike, it was amazing. Therefore, riding a bike could be a combination of adventure, necessity, and hobby.


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